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3 Feb 2022
Love / Dating in Poland. I need tips. [9]

Hi! New to Poland from the US.

Haven't really attempted dating here yet. But I'm curious if it's any different than from my home country. What's the best way to meet a girl? Besides a bar or a club of course. Is Tinder the best way to meet girls or is it a waste of time?
30 Jun 2019
Life / Does anybody care about the elections in Poland? [26]


Are most Poles apolitical? Or do they just not like participating in elections?

So I've looked up the results of the latest Polish European Parliamentary Election results and it appears that not many people in Poland vote in these elections.

None of the major parties can garner higher than 50%.

Among Young people, it appears the latest couple of elections only had a turnout of 37% among them:

However, interestingly among the Polish electorate it seems that there is a political divide among men and women, especially for Young People.

More men lean to the right while more women lean to the left on politics. Both support abortion up to 12 weeks, but men support it less so than women.

This is the case in the big cities that is.

I wonder if the political attitudes are mostly found in the cities or if it is universal. Is the political divide among both genders mostly in the cities or does it apply to the countryside too?

Feel free to comment.