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4 Apr 2019
Language / Spelling of a Polish name? [38]


Polish spelling of Skimanski or alternatives

Is there an alternative spelling of Skimanski during the 1844-1900 period? Maybe Shimanski??

I ask because on searching this site "" only 2 Skimanski appear. I thought this would be a more common name so am i spelling it correctly?

Thanks for any help.
17 Mar 2019
Genealogy / What does my Polish name mean? [389]

Jucewicz name meaning
Anybody know the origin of the name Jucewicz? I am told it is from the north. I have found two towns (different areas) named Juciai in Lithuania. Is it possible the name is from this area?
17 Mar 2019
Genealogy / Did Polish fathers name their first son after their own name? [23]

Oh wow. I have been away for two days.....I thought this was a straight forward question. Love the passion here.
I only ask because i read that (About the Russians naming boys somewhere). In Siberia my father and his Uncle were both named after their fathers (Both first boys). Although from parents of exiled Poles sent to Siberia (1864) they appear to have embraced/forced (Probably totally wrong word choice) the Russian way of life with the exception of religion where they stayed as Catholic.
5 Mar 2019
Genealogy / DNA Testing in Poland. Is it popular? [81]

Nice thread-Lots of varying opinions.
I did the 23 and Me test just for some fun. What a rabbit hole i fell down. My Father always thought his father was Russian. Left Russia in 1911 and came to Australia. And that was that.

But our DNA testing showed us as being Baltic with zero Eastern European. With much research-Turns out two generations called Siberia home but that is because the previous generation was exiled due to the 1863 Polish insurrection where they had their land money confiscated (Just found the Military court records) and sent east, a long way east.

I know some people dont care about their past and i probably didn't as a young adult, but this has been a lot of fun anyway. The only problems i see are if your ancestors have not lead honest (with their partners) lives or had "little surprises" along the way. With DNA they will come back and bite you.
2 Mar 2019
Genealogy / Jucewicz - Crest from my Polish ancestry [12]

Excellent site- i found another four generations on my grandmother side (Polish). Still not much on Jucewicz, i probably need to find a good Litwa site.

Thanks again kapys.
1 Mar 2019
Genealogy / Jucewicz - Crest from my Polish ancestry [12]

I am in Australia so trying to translate Russian, Polish and Lithuanian is intense work. I have, with the help of some others, found Court records from the 1863 Insurrection stating that they were from a Nobel family. I dont think they would make that up in Court? They were sent to Siberia.

I am having trouble finding birth records in the RC churches. I would love to go back further in time but without more birth details this may be impossible...
1 Mar 2019
Genealogy / Jucewicz - Crest from my Polish ancestry [12]

Newbie here.
I have been researching my Polish ancestry that descended from the Jucewicz family. From what i can work out they were Nobel's in what is now Lithuania. I think i have found the family crest (in two versions attached). Dues anybody know if the cross on this crest is related to the Jagiellonian Cross?

Any help is appreciated.