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29 Jul 2018
Love / Moroccan / Polish Dating, we need some informations to reunion [2]


first of all i'm a moroccan citizen, i have a polish gf, we have been texting each other for a long time, she's 19 yo and i'm 21 and we decided to make it a long distance relationship, and as much as everyone knows it's quit hard to maintain these kinds of relationships !

so as a result of distance pressure and lack of direct communication between us. it lead us into some arguments. and we both didn't like it ! so we thought that we should be together in reality by next may (2019) because she will finish her highschool and i would already have my computer sciences and networking diploma (bac+2) .

even though it might sound weird because we're just texting and sometimes we use voice calls for hours, but we really fell in love with each other, and we talk daily, from the moment we wake up, until we sleep ( difference in time between morocco and poland is only 1 hour ).

i saw this decent polish forum and i decided to write few lines about my situation because i'm confident that i would get the help i need and the answers to my questions.

and i would love to get some answers soon enough.

1/- how can we make sure that we will be together by next may ( my gf would want us to live in poland ), because i have no experience and no idea about what documents should we both assemble or what are the procedures that we both should make in both our countries, step by step to make this happen as fast as possible ?( we can get married if that's an option because we both want a long time residence )

2/-what's the easiest and cheapest way that will allow us to be together ?

3/-when i get there, is it easier for me to get a regular job before i run out of money that i would bring with me from morocco or should i get a work permit ? if yes than how ? and how long it's gonna take ?

4/- is it necessary to learn polish in order to get a job ( any job, i can speak english, french, arabic ) ?

5/- i would love to have an idea about how much all this gonna cost( because i might be able to pay for her flights too if it's necessary for her to come here for some documents or something )

Thanks :)