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6 Jul 2018
Work / 18000 zloty (before tax) salary enough to save to live normal life in Krakow with wife and a 1.5 yr old kid? [5]

Hi Guys,

Apologies for submitting this question as a new thread but I could not find an option to respond on the existing thread (new to this forum) so opening a new one.

I am on verge of getting an offer from a Product based international company organization in Krakow.

I will be getting around 18000zl per month (before tax) and planning to move with my wife and son who is 1.5 years old.

Is it a decent salary to live with family in Krakow?
How much can I save monthly?
Is it really difficult to survive in Krakow without knowing the local language?
How easy it would be to get a job for my wife with an IT experience of 5 years.

Some additional information:

I am an Indian with an IT experience (Specifically in SAP and Risk Compliance) of around 10 years.

Your guidance will help a lot as it's a big decision for me to make.