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13 May 2018
Work / I want to teach English in Poland and I don't know where to start! PLEASE HELP! [23]

Thank you guys for your advice! You honestly are helping me so much

If you can get one that will qualify you to work as an elementary school teacher

Do you feel drawn more to one than the other and if so why?

I honestly feel much more drawn to teaching adults. I want to teach people who want to be taught and I get excited thinking about helping people achieve their goals. However, I assume that there are not many jobs to teach adults, since the older generation probably has little interest in learning English at this point in their lives, while younger adults probably are able to speak English already from learning in school. So, the main reason I even considered teaching elementary is simply because I know there would be great demand as Delph said. The idea of teaching school age kids freaks me out a bit though, but that might just be nervousness/fear of the unknown?

Also I would like to move to Krosno ideally, not small but not huge either. Krakow is also on the table depending on where my husband ends up working but we both would prefer to live in Krosno if we can.

And as for timing, I did some digging and my university does offer the option to take BEd as an after degree on top of my BSc and it would only take 2 years. However it looks like that would only be for primary & secondary education and so far I only see masters options for adult education :/ I'll have to keep looking though
10 May 2018
Work / I want to teach English in Poland and I don't know where to start! PLEASE HELP! [23]

My husband and I plan to move to Poland in 3 years. He is Polish and I am a Canadian. I am trying to determine what I will do as a job when we get there and would like to take these next few years to prepare myself appropriately. It seems like the best option for me to be successful is to be an English teacher. I would be interested in teaching adults or conversational English preferably online, and I have also considered teaching in a preschool.

I have my BSc in Kinesiology which is completely unrelated. I don't know what to do next. My husband suggested I start trying to give lessons over the internet but I know nothing about teaching or grammar yet. Also, there's so many certifications I could pursue: TEFL, TESL, TESOL, CELTA etc. Every certification recommends itself as the best and all the information I am finding about them is contradictory. I was thinking about getting my TESL Canada certification and doing volunteer ESL assistant teaching for a year until I can apply to get my MEd in TESOL. However, I don't want to just overqualify/qualify myself to teach English only in Canada (TESL) since my goal is to teach in Poland (TEFL). But then TEFL seems so easy to acquire that I question its legitimacy. A professor recommended I get my BEd but I don't want to get another Bachelor unless its totally necessary. Do you have any advice for the route I should take? Do you know what is most recognized in Poland? Would you recommend something else?

I feel so lost and I would really appreciate any help!