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6 May 2018
Study / Tuition fees at American School of Wroclaw? [13]

@MiraBella - We are in the research phase and would appreciate any updates that you could offer about the schools. Which one did you end up choosing and are you satisfied with it? Our teenagers are in advanced classes currently (English, math, science, gifted classes, etc), but do not know any Polish. Have your children experienced any bullying or anything else that might be concerning to you?

@ Dominic - Thank you for the feedback. Is the consensus on the American school still negative? What are your thoughts onthe children attending the Wroclaw International School for 1-2 years before switching to Ekola? We are open to the idea of a private tutor, but would definitely want to have them in after school activities that would allow them to assimilate and make friends.

Thank you both!
6 May 2018
Work / What salary can be asked at IBM Poland? [67]

I've seen a half dozen negative comments about IBM's typical salary offer. Are there other companies in Poland that are known to pay in the mid to high range?