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19 Apr 2018
Work / South African wants to move to Poland, please provide some input? [59]


I am a ex-South African, living and working in Poland. I have to say that it will be difficult to find jobs for both of you without picking up the Polish language. The exceptions being of course if you are working for a big international company - but these sort of companies in Poland are mostly in IT, banking/finance and customer service. Poland is a growing country though, and that means lots of opportunity for entrepreneurs. When it comes to where to work, Katowice may be a option, but also Wroclaw, Poznan and definitely Warsaw will offer the best options. Krakow has big problems - smog, traffic jams and high cost of living. It is also not the easiest to get to from other cities. Warsaw is better, except the cost of living is high. Poznan, Wroclaw and Katowice all have good connections with Warsaw and with either Germany or the Czech Republic. Drop me a message if I can be of any further help.