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11 May 2018
Love / What Do Polish Women Think Of French Men? [26]

Hello everyone. As a French male preparing to visit Warsaw later this summer, I am rather curious to know what the Polish women generally think of us when it comes to French men? I ask because I must admit, I think Polish women are among the most beautiful and interesting women in the world, and I would very much like to make a good impression when I eventually visit. :)
8 May 2018
Study / Studying in Poland without speaking Polish? [13]

I would certainly think that knowing at least some Polish would be of great help, especially if your are going to study there. When I visit Warsaw, I intend to know at least the basics in order to get around. :)
8 May 2018
USA, Canada / Would you live in California, USA? [240]

Well, as a French, I never been to California, but from what I have heard conversing with other Americans online, it doesn't strike me as the most desirable place in the U.S. these days.
8 May 2018
Life / Are Women Allowed in Poland Army? [6]

Well, during the Nazi occupation, thousands of women were in the resistance movement as members of the Home Army as well as the People's Army. And according to Wikipedia, as of June 30, 2007 there were 800 women in the army, of which 471 were officers, 308 non-commissioned officers and 21 other ranks. In addition 225 were also in military training schools. (Though this is information is obviously out of date). There are also plenty of videos on YouTube of Polish women (very attractive ones, I must say), in the army as well.
17 Apr 2018
Travel / The definitive list of things to do and see in Warsaw. [11]


I'm French and traveling to Warsaw this summer. Recommendations?

Hello. I am a French from Lyon, France and I am going to visit Warsaw, Poland this summer. It's been a place I have wanted to visit for a long time and now I am finally going to get a chance. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good places and sites to visit while I am there? I will be staying for two weeks, and I am trying to learn some basic Polish before I go. Any help would be very much appreciated. :)