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16 Feb 2018
Genealogy / Im looking for help with a place name. [8]

Thanks. The great grandfather named after Jan Nepomucen is a different one than the one that is referenced in that image above. Jan Nepomucen Wychocki lived on the Russian side. At gmima Aleksandoro

The one linked to the image above definitely came from Breslau. (Or its immediate area).

Josef Nadolny could not emigrate until after he completed his military service obligations in the German Army.

All this helps as I am having a friendly difference of opinion with my uncle as to which particular entry on the Hamburg list was our ancestor.

Again thanks.
13 Feb 2018
Genealogy / What does my Polish name mean? [327]

I'm sorry to say that I'm not familiar with him. Thank you for the information.

As far as I know, they were devout catholics. There is at least one nun and one priest in the various branches of my family.
13 Feb 2018
History / From Poland to America via HAPAG in the 1890s [2]

Does anyone know what the process was for a person to emigrate from the German or Russian side of Poland, pre-wwI, through Hamburg, to America?

Did they have to apply for permission first? From Whom?

Were there age limits for unmarried women (or an age limit for a woman married at the age of 16 or 17?)

How far in advance did they have to book the ticket / Contract?

Were their booking agents in larger towns in the country?

Were rail systems efficient enough then to be able to plan a trip to the port with any reasonable expectation of when you would arrive?

I am interested in the process that was involved.

13 Feb 2018
Genealogy / What does my Polish name mean? [327]

interesting. But as far as I know, they were nowhere near the Czech border. They were from Służewo, or more accurately, the nearby rural area of Aleksandrow
13 Feb 2018
Genealogy / What does my Polish name mean? [327]

I'm puzzled by this one.

My Great grandfather never made it to the United States. Both his sons emigrated, then after he died in Poland in the early 1920's, the oldest son returned to Poland and brought his mom back to live with them (tragically the son died shortly after they returned.) When my Great Grandmother died a few years later, her husbands name was listed as: John Niepomocyn Wychocki. or at least that is what Family Search says that it was listed as. I haven't obtained a copy of the actual document from the county yet, because they want $17 apiece for them, and I will very quickly wind up spending a lot of money.

anyway....I tried looking up his middle name and came up with "unhelpful person"

What gives?
13 Feb 2018
Genealogy / Im looking for help with a place name. [8]

Can anyone help me identify a location listed on a Hamburg Passenger list.

About a third of the way down, on the left side is an entry for Josef and Anastasia Nadolny, 1891. The last residence name follows the ages appears to be "Liszege" or maybe not.

I am looking to see if anyone can identify this location. It would have been on the German side, near Breslau (Wroclaw).


hold on. I have to crop it to fit the size limit. - done

23 Jan 2018
Law / Polish Citizenship by Descent Question - Polish Citizenship Acts [33]


USA declared alien status c.a. 1919 and Poland's citizenship

I have an obscure technical / legal question regarding the citizenship of aliens who immigrated to the US prior to 1919, who were naturalized after 1919.

Prior to 1919, to the US Government, Polish aliens were either Russian, German or Austrian. In my case, one branch came from the German side, three came from the Russian side.

If an immigrant who arrived before 1919 was not yet naturalized after the establishment of the second Polish Republic, did the US consider them Polish, or did they retain their original citizenship?