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7 Feb 2018
Life / Why are Polish people so strange & unusual? [51]

I'm pretty sure Polish are one of the most humble loving and honest people you will meet in the universe!! just after Italians, Mexicans, Filipinos !! <3
7 Feb 2018
Life / Poland Boxing Discussions [10]

LMAO there's a british boxer too? or you mean like underwear fruit of the loom? im not so sure but there would be poop touched underwear like that ;)
23 Dec 2017
Study / Studying in Poznan for an Arab student. [25]

@Michele Haddad
Yes that correct, I mean Polish people were so racist toward me, in kinder garden I was always ignored never had friends from school, it`s like parents of the kids were warning not to get close to this homeless Jew ,I`m Syrian Jew BTW ;(
21 Dec 2017
Work / Master's degree and job opportunities in Poland [7]


Master's Degree in Poland

If I go to Poland in the future and I highly doubt it for financial reasons, I would like to know if I can get a master's degree and maybe start teaching in public. Although I'm strong believer that I will never have the time to do this, but just out of curiosity. I have Business Management Diploma(2 years) and Real Estate Certificate ( 6 Months). will that be enough to