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26 Jun 2017
Life / Advice for an American from Los Angeles moving to Bialystok [7]

Hey my name is Rio im a fashion designer here in Los Angeles.I work with high end clients and Im moving to Bialystok in August to live with my girlfriend.I need some advice guys.Im mixed race of white and asian and i want to know what i should look out for.Is this safe for me to live there?I plan on working in Warsaw but i would love to get to know where she grew up and spend time with her family which lives in Bialystok.Im currently learning the language.Can anyone help me or share their experiences,what to watch out for.and what its like working in the fashion world/entertainment in Poland.Thank you very much
27 Jun 2017
Life / Advice for an American from Los Angeles moving to Bialystok [7]

Thanks Nathans!Im totally cool with country living now that im a little older haha but I also know im gonna stick out there like a sore thumb..Im a blonde half asian skateboarder that works in the fashion industry and I understands its a pretty small town.I grew up with tons of Polish people my whole childhood in Chicago and we are still practically family to this day.Are you saying my race would be an issue amongst the Poles there?
22 Oct 2017
Classifieds / Trying to learn Polish language in Bialystok [16]

Im moving there in a few weeks.Im originally from Los Angeles.I want to learn the language to communicate and work.Any recommendations as to where to take classes or meet others trying to learn aswell?
23 Oct 2017
Law / Overstaying Tourist Visa and not getting deported from Poland? I'm from USA [13]


How to stay long time in Poland? I'm from US, my girlfriend is Polish.

So my GF is a Polish citizen and im coming from the US to live.She says the laws are alot more chill there about staying but i just wanted a second opinion.I have had multiple interviews and requests even though im still currently learning the language.Im not really familiar with the law and I want to stay for the next 5 years.Any help and input would be appreciated,thanks!