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Speaks Polish?: Not fluently; Haven't been to Poland since I was 2 and I only speak it with my immediate family

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9 Feb 2017
Travel / Returning to Poland after 20 years in America [18]


I have been living in America since I was two years old. My mother, father, sister, and I traveled here. With the current climate and some other, private matters regarding my American residency, I don't believe I can stay in the United States. Now, I'm not trying to say that Poland is my ONLY escape but it's the only one where I was BORN and have my birth certificate.

The question is, how would I go about starting to move/transfer to Poland? My Polish is shoddy but my mother is fluent and she's still alive. (She doesn't like Poland so much so it's not going to be easy to convince her but she'll go anywhere I go. No, I'm not 100% sure why she doesn't want to besides general "no work" but I struggle with that in America so...). I'm also currently legally married to a man born in the United States but that isn't going to save my residency problem. :) (And yes, he's willing to go. I've found some opportunities for some tech companies looking for Spanish speaking reps that are willing to relocate to Poland, so we are going to try some of those to land a job for him as it will be tougher to get him to come with me.