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3 Dec 2016
Language / Good Polish Music To Help Me Learn? [41]

Sasha Strunin - To nic kiedy płyną łzy
Monika Lewczuk - ty i ja
Natalia szroeder - domek z karty
2 May 2016
Language / Polish verb aspects: to memorize pairs or not? [8]

Merged: The best way to learn Polish verbs.

When it comes to learn Polish verbs, do you guys think that works better pair them up in flashcards like "Zostawać/Zostać", or learn them separately, like two differents verbs. I use an app called Anki, that allows to create decks with flashcards and I was wondering whether it's more effective to make differents decks for imperfective, perfective, frequentative or just put both forms altoghether on the flashcard. What do you think about it?