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11 Mar 2016
Law / File complaint against Poland's police [97]

Is it possible to file a complaint against the police in a foreign language like Dutch.

I have an issue with the police in Bogatynia. A year ago the police wanted to question me about a case and i requested a interpreter in my mother language Dutch. I wrote a request and leaved my polish adress/phonenumber behind. One month ago i have been stopped by the police for passport control at that moment the police told me that i was wanted. I went to the policestation with the officers and they made an appointment at the prokatura office 3 days later. I went to the prokatura office they told me i was a suspect and they made a appointment for questioning at the policestation in Bogatynia. The night before my appointment they cancelled it by sms and moved it to the week after. . . one week later the appointment was canceled 3 hours before the appointment. One week later the police where in front of my house because i was wanted, my girlfriend explained everything and showed them documents that i was at the prokatura office 2 weeks before.

I don't know what to do now. I dont have any information about the case (requested for it 4 weeks ago) i get every document in Polish wich i dont understand. This all has effect on my personal/bussines life. Does someone has some advice what to do next and where i can file a complain.
11 Mar 2016
Law / File complaint against Poland's police [97]

After the first cancelled appointment i went to the office to get a signed proof that i was there at the time of appointment. I am being very carefull right now, my trust in this office is very low. I also did some research and saw that this office also was questionable at there reactions after some problems with the election of the new mayor.
11 Mar 2016
Travel / The best and inexpensive way to travel from Prague to Warsaw? [15]

There are several options like bus to wroclaw and plane to warsaw (wroclaw-warsaw ryanair €5,-) but if you look at time and price i would say plane a little more expansive but way more relaxed. It depends on the date that you have to go but prices for one way are 50-100 euro's.

Polskibus is ok but if the trip takes to long horrible. Wizzair cant complain you can compair it with ryanair.

p.s you can always take a look on blablacar for carpooling
11 Mar 2016
Law / File complaint against Poland's police [97]

Im sorry to hear about your story it seems like a common problem with the police. You as victim have a great story for the media and hope that will wake up to arrogant police. Unfortunately there is still a lot of corruption.

I think my case involve my girlfriends dad. This case which is already in court for the 2th day but until i dont receive any information from the police i cant know for sure. The case is very complicated. For about two years ago there was a confrontation between my girlfriends dad and my girlfriend/mother/sister. He attacked them with his friend and they offcourse tried to defense theirselfs at this time i was not around i arrived shortly after.

When it ended he walked away and shot with a gun (i think a airgun) in their direction. Shortly after that he played some theater called ambulance and he layed down on the ground. He was picked up by the ambulance and at the same time the police came. We showed the police the bullit holes in the wall but they where not interested. We went away after it and when i was at home for an hour of 2 i received a call that the house was on fire (i live 20 km from them). At the time the fire started we were at home my mother in law at work and my girlfriends dad in the hospital but his friend was arround. My girlfriends dad did not live in this house only my mother in law with her daughter,

the parents where in proces of divorce. The case about the confrontation and his major injuries (little scratch on his head) is now in court. The judge was very angry at the police for not investigate the shooting and promissed them that there will be consequences for them, what is a great thing. It's also troubling that they admit the shooting but there is no further evidence.

Now i know that there is some talking about me at the court if i was presence or not but there is still no request of my presence at court.

The story are some headlines, there is a lot more that i could write a book. As from now i still dont know a thing about the case what they have against me. I dont think they make me a suspect out of nothing. I am also going to think about the media can be a good story.

Here is a link about the fire there was already a topic about it in the local newspaper
no English translation - link deleted

Sorry about my grammar but think understanding is most important.
11 Mar 2016
Life / Why are Poles always so miserable? Why do they never smile? [510]

Don't agree when there is a reason to smile they smile. Why should people smile all the time?
Polish people are very open and warm people when you start/try a conversation especialy when you try it in their language.
12 Mar 2016
History / How come Poles like Russians but not Germans? [216]

I live at the border of Germany Zgorzelec/Görlitz and i have seen the hate against Germans growing after the problems with immigrants. When i first moved here i lived in Germany and they where afraid to cross the border at night (offcourse not all). At that time 8 years ago there was always tension. This al depends on regions because i live at the border i think the hate will be bigger than other regions