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30 May 2016
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Daesh adhere to Wahabi/Salafi schools of Islam...

Saudi Arabia spends hundred of millions to finance mosques in Europe..

Eventually the two will intersect.

Terrorism has no religion

Yes but most terrorist attacks are vastly caused by Muslims. The number of jihadi terrorist attacks versus right wing, IRA, FARC, whatever. It doesn't even compare. Over 20k people a year are killed due to Muslim terror attacks every year now. There's terror attacks every single almost every single day in the Middle East.
30 May 2016
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

non white ≠ muslims, there are white muslims (from Syria even), and catholics who have darker skin tones (also from syria), you can also find similar or other variations in other countries.

I know and we accept them. We've taken in Tatars and recently we've been taking Chechens - which many are fine in all honesty and assimilate.

Also, Poland has said that they wouldn't mind taking in Catholic refugees from the Arab world - Syria, Iraq, etc. A few have came in but not too many - most people in general though go for the west because it's richer and the culture is friendlier to them.
28 May 2016
Travel / Mosques in Krakow? [131]

We have a mosque in Wroclaw and I know there's one in Warsaw as well. The Tatars in eastern Poland and around Warsaw I don't mind - they are very well assimilated, they speak Polish, they contribute taxes, and are not welfare leeches who push their extremist sharia agenda like those in the 'special urban zones' (aka no go zones) of Western Europe or the Somalis in the US.

Saudi Arabia is the one who's funding all these mosques being built all over Europe. The country won't take refugees, won't spend money to build new centers, but gladly donates hundreds of millions of dollars to build mosques all over Europe. In the 90's and 2000's, the Saudi government funded terrorist groups operating out of Bosnia. The European center of jihad appears to now be Belgium and France.

I like how the Russians deal with migrants and mosques. Russian police were called to a mosque because there were explosive materials inside. Well, the police decided that it was too much trouble transporting the explosives so they decided to detonate the explosives inside the building. Kills two birds with one stone - explosives are disposed of and so is the mosque. Genius.

The last thing we need is more mosques in Poland to appease crazy migrants. Again, I don't have a problem with the Tatars - throughout history many of them have even defended Poland against foreign enemies. However, the migrants there we've been seeing from Africa and Arab countries for the past few years and entire different violent, supremacist, freeloading breed.
27 May 2016
UK, Ireland / A new mayor in London: opinion of Polish people in the UK? [317]

women covering their faces

I thought this was illegal in France - apparently the cops don't bother to go into no go zones, I'm sorry I meant 'special urban zones' to enforce the law.

Sounds more like London took a time machine to the previous millennium. What a dump.

Democrats and liberals say that Republicans and conservatives will turn back women's right 50 years...

Yet, the liberals love to kiss the Muslimes' collective asses even though their women's rights are even worse than medieval Europe's.
26 May 2016
UK, Ireland / A new mayor in London: opinion of Polish people in the UK? [317]

I think it's funny how a good portion of Poles who want to have their cake and eat it too - they want Britain to remain in the EU so they can contribute funds into the EU - billions of which went to Poland but at the same time want Poland to leave as they feel Poland has given up it's sovereignty and kow towing to Brussels's political bullying in terms of the migrant issue.
26 May 2016
Love / Arabs: "Polish women are easy and stupid" [132]

Saudi clerics released a how to video for husbands on how to properly beat their wives... if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million..

I have mentioned this a few times also and still no response defending the Muslim practice.

That's because it doesn't reflect 'moderate Muslims' according to the multi kulti lovers.

However, Pew research did an extensive study which showed that the majority of citizens of Arab countries support Sharia law. Many support terrorist organizations, killing infidels, and other 'moderate' actions.

Islam is an aggressive political religion - much like Zionism... There's a reason why Saudi Arabia won't take in refugees, won't give financial aid, but has no problem spending hundreds of millions of dollars solely for the purpose of building mosques in Europe. The Saudi government use to fund terrorist groups in Bosnia during the 90's and 2000's as well.

The worst thing is there's so much Muslim influence on western nations. Even Common Core textbooks are sponsored by Arab countries like Qatar (a big Hillary donor by the way).
25 May 2016
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Leadership of Poland that recognized Kosovo didn`t betray only Serbians but also betrayed Poles

I'm sorry Crow - at least know that me and my family will always see Kosovo as Serbian. This was Serbian land and it was only thanks to the invading, head chopping massacring Turks that Muslims came to that area.

It's only because Poland is trying too hard to be like the west and imitate what some other western countries are doing in this regard.
25 May 2016
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

Disgraceful refusal to contribute to the refugee crisis in ANY tangible way - drawing world-wide condemnation.

What are you talking about? Poland has taken in tens of thousands of Chechens and Ukrainians. Poland is a sovereign country and the democratically elected government can decide who they want to or don't want to take in. Don't forget that PO didn't want to take in migrants at first either - namely because the majority of Poles don't want Arabs and Africans in their country.

Badmouthing US presidents who saved the Balkans from wider genocide

Actually, much of the Serbs were proven not guilty. Also, the fact that Croatia attacked Serbia first, Kosovars were killing Serb cops left and right, and that thousands of Serbs were massacred near Srebnica BEFORE July 1995 is somehow avoided.

Attempted coup of the highest law in the land

Kind of like how PO illegally put in it's own justices and PiS refused to accept them? Yes, they shouldn't of removed all of them, but the fact remains PO pulled a fast one before they were elected out.

Manipulating the media

You do realize that in many cases the government is the one who pays the people - hence, as their boss they can decide who to hire and fire

Xenophobic rhetoric

Polska dla Polakow!! Again, according to the University of Warsaw, 69% of Poles do not want non-white immigration in their country. That means we don't want Arabs and Africans that carry diseases and protozoa = ) The government is actually listening to the people who elected them. Don't forget - PO was very much against taking in migrants too till they gave into to EU pressure like a bunch of pu$$y lipped b!tches

Ridiculous audit claims as to financial "mismanagement"

You obviously don't know who owns most of assets in banks in Poland - it's foreigners. 60% of bank assets are foreign owned to be precise. The Warburgs literally WROTE Poland's bank privatization bill in 1991. Our banks are owned by international Zionist bankers - much like the banks of England and the US. It's time to change this for the good of the country and the people. Poles are sick of all these claims of a rapidly growing and healthy economy (which it is - no question about that) while the people are still poor compared to their western counterparts. Poland has been exploited by westerners and Zionists and used as a land of cheap labor - we're like the Mexico of Europe and it's time to change that.

Banging on about the sovereign importance of a medieval religion

Catholicism is supremely important in Poland and to Polish people. If you don't like Catholicism, Poland isn't the place for you. We are a religious conservative proud people. Catholicism will always remain a part of Poland. It is far too important to us and represents our history, our culture, our customs, and our traditions. Catholicism is one of the most important, arguably the most important, aspect of Poland's identity. (FYI - I'm referring to actual Poles - not the Jewish Poles like Michnik who's loyalties lie with his tribe and Israel)


We don't like gay people. Again, see the section about Catholicism. There's a reason why you see 'Zakaz Pedalowania' signs. According to a CBOS survey, the majority of Poles would not accept a gay teacher, priest, child minder, or even a gay boss. Poles do not believe in gay marriage and do not want gays to adopt children. We do not want to legalize deviant behavior - if that is what you seek - go a couple thousand km to the west. We don't want gay propaganda and gay marriage here.

Nationalists on our streets (2 blackshirts offered violence to me a week ago and kicked my dog)

Good. Serves you right for bad mouthing my country. Take it as a hint that you don't belong here and your beliefs are not welcome here - we don't want a multicultural, pro gay, race mixed, anti-Catholic society.

You have NO respect in Western Europe and they are laughing at you and your sort. And no, you do not behave decently in any meaning of the word

In case you haven't noticed, PiS along with many Poles is finally starting to realize that they don't really care a whole lot about what Brussels thinks about us. We finally have a government that is standing up to the EU and it's hegemony. A significant minority of Poles is even calling for Poland to leave to the EU because of how much they don't want migrants to come in.
25 May 2016
Law / Statistics of crime rates in Poland [26]

No, people in Poland are pretty much against such laws.

This was a while back - like around 2003-2004 I believe when there was a push for decriminalization of possession. Most older Poles and those in government, both on the left and right, still have a pretty unfavorable view of drug use even if its soft drugs like marijuana. Some even still believe in the 'reefer madness' view of marijuana. In Oborniki, there was like 4 people in Oborniki that would always get high on kompot and take relanium. They were doing it when my parents got married, when I was a child, and still would walk around begging for change and stealing stuff last time I visited there. One of them has since died but from the town gossip it appears the other 3 are still going at it. No one socializes with them and they were viewed as total scum. There's been a bit of changing attitude towards marijuana but most drugs are still viewed very negatively especially by the older generations.The youth is ever more into marijuana though as they watch MTV and it's all Polish rappers rap about (i..e Borixon, Popek, Ganja Mafia, etc.). Amphetamines are popular among some students and working class as well.

The Czechs decriminalized possession in small amounts of ALL drugs - yet hard drug use is pretty low there. The government argued that it would boost tourism and that Prague would be seen as like an 'Amsterdam of the East'

I think if a person wants to do drugs, liberal laws or lack there of aren't going to change that. Iran has the largest percentage of heroin addicts despite having very strict laws and being pretty much a theocracy. Same with Saudi Arabia -much of the wealthy youth sits at home and gets high because there's little else to do. On the other hand, marijuana is just about everywhere in the Netherlands, yet the rates of marijuana use by locals tend to be lower than France, Czech, Poland, etc.

Ewa Kopacz came up with a clever solution to this - instead of banning them, the sellers get prosecuted under food safety laws. I

Good. Those synthetic drugs like bath salts are just awful. There's been so many cases where people have gotten seizures, ended up in hospitals overdosing and needed to be restrained by 5 people

If they can do it, you can bust the big guys while the small time guy gets a fine and nothing more. Makes sense to me.

In US that is common. Oftentimes, police won't even charge a person for possession if they agree to work as an informant. Likewise, if a person is in jail/prison or facing a lengthy sentence, they can become an informant to reduce their sentence or even get out of jail/prison in some circumstances. I don't know if this is 100% accurate as I'm not an expert on this topic, but to my understanding that in Poland the police don't really do controlled purchases or use informants in the manner that the police in the US and other countries do.

Yep, .02 it is. Must say, it's a good law - Poles are idiots on the roads, and letting them have any more than 0.2 in the system is asking for trouble.

The craziest thing I've seen on Polish roads is truck drivers driving in the opposite direction - going into incoming traffic to avoid paying tolls.

I agree though, the last thing the roads need is more drunken Polish drivers.
25 May 2016
Law / Statistics of crime rates in Poland [26]

Yes marijuana is becoming much more popular in Poland. Apparently, not just among the youth either. In fact, I've read several statistics that Poland consistently ranks in the top 3 in EU for percentage of people who smoke marijuana in the last year. France, Czech, Netherlands and Poland consistently rank at the top. Even before Poland joined the EU, a lot of the 'vice' shops like the sex shops, head shops, etc. were popping up everywhere. There use to be a bit of smart shops that would sell synthetic chemical drugs made in China, India or even some locally (i.e. Mocasz - which means strongman) but those are like the synthetic marijuana, bath salt, etc. type of drugs that people freak out on. Poland has outlawed these shops and much of the synthetic drugs. They really are terrible - people go crazy, act violent, develop tremors, kidney problems, and all sorts of other issues. The problem is that the chemists are really entrepreneurial and already have the next analogs lined up to hit the market once the existing ones become banned. It's a game of catch up that the cops and medical professionals play. I don't know why people would even use drugs that are made in some lab in China or bathtub in an abandoned house and have basically no history of human consumption nor medical testing.

However, possession laws are still pretty strict. I know someone who's in jail right now for 1 year because he was caught with a joint in his car. However, he had a previous record and didn't bother getting a private attorney (I don't think he could afford it). It's kind of ridiculous because in Poland if you're caught with say like 100 grams of marijuana, you'll get a much harsher sentence than you would in the US - jail is pretty much inevitable in that situation unless you have an excellent attorney, have an absolutely clean record, pay enormous fines, and do tons and tons of other stuff. In the US, if it's all in one bag, you'll probably get probation in most states. While in others it'd be a ticket - like in Ohio it'd be a $200 some dollar fine you wouldn't even have to go to court for.

I believe there was some push to decriminalize personal possession of small amounts but I don't know if that passed though or not. It's ridiculous because small amounts of even soft drugs carry far worse penalties than in the US or in the west. However, if you're caught with like 10 kilos of cocaine, heroin, or some hard drugs - you'll probably do like 5-7 years for that. 8-10 at the very most. In the US, you'd be looking at at least 20 years, potentially even life if you've had a previous trafficking or intent to sell charge.

which relieved judges from the duty of investigating the case themselves.

Isn't that the prosecutor's job?

in fact if the person is just a bit over the limit, they don't even lose their licence.

It really really depends on the cop, locality, how hard they're cracking down, and if cops are just arresting people to boost their arrest rates up and make themselves look good. For example, the bishop, cardinal (forgot his exact title - RCC hierarchy) of Warsaw got a 4 year license suspension and a bunch of community service for driving drunk - and not just a few beers, like he was wasted. In some areas, the police conduct sobriety checkpoints and they'll almost always nab at least one person a day. If you look up the charges of people who are in jail, you'll find that quite a few are there because of driving or biking while intoxicated. The limit is far less than in the US too - I believe it's like .02 or .04 or something... not exactly sure but I do know for a fact it's less than the .08 in the US.

Both very ineffective, corrupt and incompetent.

100% agree. It's a mix of old commie vestige with hastily changed laws to make Poland appear more democratic and EU friendly while still retaining a strict Catholic conservative stance. Some aspects of crime and punishment were actually far more lenient under Communism - but of course freedom of speech, press, assembly, etc. was limited and a person could be charged with 'crimes against the state' for something that would be considered normal today. However, things like abortion though were legal in communism.

- and have you often heard Poles admit they're wrong?

No, of course not. We're always right
25 May 2016
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Most Poles don't want Muslims in their country.. plain and simple, end of story. Even University of Warsaw backs this claim up (69% of Poles surveyed are against non white immigration).

Even the PO government hesitated to take even a few thousand in until Brussels began to threaten and blackmail them.

Out of all the Poles I know in Poland, both on the left and right, I can say that only a tiny amount want Muslims to come into their country and these tend to be the ones who work or volunteer with foreign NGOs.
25 May 2016
Law / Statistics of crime rates in Poland [26]

Jadinero I wrote above that minor crimes like a DUI or possession of marijuana typically result in very harsh sentences. It's common for a person to get 2 3 years in jail for having like 10 grams of weed. Even riding your bike drunk can result in jail. A first time DUI results in 4 5 years license suspension and possible jail time. However, serious crimes like murders do not have as strict punishment as in the US.

DUI laws are very very strict in Poland and you will find that a significant portion of the prison population is there for DUI. Riding a bike drunk in Poland can result in jail, while in Germany there are no people in jail for riding their bike drunk.

Although yes I do agree that the court system and police is slow to help victims, even after the perpetrators have been caught and there is plenty of evidence for a conviction. I know this through personal experience due to being a victim of a property crime that resulted in very expensive damages. The justice system is essentially half former commie vestige and half haphazard changes to be more democratic and eu friendly.. so yes it's a mess.. government beuracracy in general is insane in poland
24 May 2016
Law / Statistics of crime rates in Poland [26]

Crime is rather low in Poland - at least the more serious crimes like murder, rape, arson, etc. There is some financial and property crime but not nearly to the same extent as the west. Corruption - perhaps, but again, to a much lesser degree than any other countries. It also depends on what your definition of corruption is - I consider giving millions in donations to a politician in exchange for special treatment for some company or industry to be corruption or bribery, but of course that is common practice in the US.

There is a bit of increase in drug possession, trafficking, and manufacture in Poland as the market has become more open. A lot more marijuana is grown locally, amphetamines are produced locally as well as exported for use to the west or even further processing in Netherlands especially. Cocaine use has grown quite a bit too. This is just par for the course though with more western influence on Poland and an expanding market - it's not only legit business that grows in a newly opened market...

Crime is punished rather harshly in Poland. I believe a DUI results in some 3-5 years of licence suspension and possession of a few ounces of marijuana can even result in 2-3 years in jail. However, serious crimes like murder don't carry as hefty sentences as in the US - which can result in life imprisonment or the death penalty. In Poland, some people with the right connections can even serve as little as 6-7 years for a murder if the victim was another male also engaged in criminality. Usually 10-20 years is standard though for a murder sentence.

The police are also pretty inept in Poland. They will only conduct investigations and put forth effort if someone above them essentially forces them. Aside from doing serious investigatory work, they're content with just writing tickets day to day. If your home is robbed, your business vandalized, or car stolen - don't expect the police in Poland to do much about it. Also, the attitude towards law and justice is a bit different in Poland - people are more likely to handle issues themselves. If two guys get into a fight, there's a good chance the police won't get called unless someone really got seriously injured. In that sense, people aren't a bunch of vaginas here and don't resort to the police to solve their issues.

In summary, serious crimes are rather low in Poland - this isn't western Europe or the US where Muslim gangs (black and hispanic in the US) control entire areas and openly deal drugs, beat people up, commit robberies, etc. Organized crime was much higher in the 90's - especially car theft, extortion, money laundering, etc. Now it's less organized and will usually just be a bunch of small groups dealing drugs or participating in some sort of scams..
24 May 2016
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

See the headline: POLITICO asked leading thinkers, politicians and policymakers to weigh in on the Polish question.

If you bothered to read it all, you would see it is the opinions of many different, all respectable people. It is not one article written by just one person...

There are some people calling for the EU to go outside of the EU treaty to punish Poland for not following a 'liberal democracy.' A lot of these people don't understand that Poland is a sovereign nation and that PiS is a democratically elected government.

One of the articles says the following regarding the whole 'attack on media' by PiS versus how PO treated them when they were in charge:

It's hard for us at Wprost to treat seriously accusations, levelled by politicians from the former ruling party and the radio and television chiefs they nominated, that the new government is attacking our freedom of speech. These are the same people who, hand in hand with disgraced politicians, accused Wprost...

24 May 2016
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

"Our country is now run by politicians accountable to Polish voters, not to German, British or French left-wing intellectuals."

But, ironically, in the eyes of some European commentators, it is Poland that "violates the foundations of democracy."
24 May 2016
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

How's Wroclaw stand in terms of PiS/PO support?

I know my dad's side of the family was partial to Komorowski as we're from the same town - that was a while back though..

I was impartial to Komorowski's regime till Marek Belak (JP Morgan employee, World Bank employee, ex-PM, ex-Finance Minister, arguably a Bilderberg member, Director of the Zionist IMF Mafia) was exposed giving control of Poland's bank to foreigners, admitting Poland isn't really a sovereign nation, and other abuses of his positions. A tape exposed a conversation between Belka and Minister Sienkiewicz and shows ties to the Zionist Rothschild banking family.

'...Mówiąc po prostu jeśli w drugim półroczu gospodarka się zdecydowanie nie przyspieszy to będzie problem. To będzie być może konieczne tego rodzaju niestandardowe działanie. A wtedy trzeba serdecznie ze wszystkimi, jakby to powiedzieć, możliwymi tymi różnymi lanserami podziękować hrabiemu von Rothfeld-Rostowskiemu i powołać technicznego niepolitycznego ministra finansów, który znajdzie ...'

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

And you silly goys thought that the Zionists had nothing to do with Poland's banking system...

The Rothschilds have been planning this takeover of Poland's banking system since the 90's - (Polski Fundusz Prywatyzacji Banków - PFPB) and even set up an office in Warsaw, according to documents from NM Rothschild and Sons Limited (Strategy For The Privatization of Banks Final Report). Polish politicians, like Belka, were more than willing allow Zionists to control the banks. This is why I am so happy to see PiS finally putting some control on the 'foreign' (aka Zionist) influence on our banking system.

From - - original conversation also published in Wprost

According American organization Global Financial Integrity it shows that Poland is in the top twenty countries most exploited by foreign capital.

According to GUS (the Central Statistic Office of Poland, nonetheless a UN Agenda 30 organization), in 2004, the year of Polish accession to the European Union, the national average salary before taxes could purchase 1,990 cubic meters of gas but in 2013 only 1,386 cubic meters. In 2004, the average salary of a Pole could purchase 818 liters of diesel, while in 2013 only 663 liters. Sure, we have new roads, new airports, and lots of foreign companies. The economy appears to be growing rapidly. However, according to many statistics, the standard of living for the average Pole is actually going down - thanks to the Zionist Rothschild, EU, and IMF plundering of Poland.

The western world will punish Poland and it's democratically elected government for going against the EU, the Zionist IMF, and reducing Rothschild shares in our banks.

From NY times - 1991 -

Mr. Lewandowski said that talks with foreign institutions would begin in July and that the Government had held talks with a dozen concerns, which he declined to name. One investment bank that helped draft the privatization plan was S. G. Warburg & Company of Britain, which is expected to receive...

24 May 2016
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

Adrian, perhaps you'll want to apologise to Wrocław's Muslim community?

For one, it didn't specify if he was Polish, Catholic, Muslim, whatever. The Boston bombers looked as white as just about any other college kid in Boston.

They should apologize to me for building a disgusting Saudi funded mosque in the middle of my city. At least the local Polish Defense League and soccer hooligans keeps the muzzies on their toes. You'll never see the Muzzies in Poland pulling the same kind of crap they do in western europe - setting up ghettos, sharia zones, marching with sharia 4 poland signs
24 May 2016
News / Article on the West's propaganda war on Poland - Commies, 'apolitical' KODists, and G. Soros - Oh My [22]

There's plenty of the old commie guard active within PiS, and many of the leading people in PiS came from nomeklatura backgrounds.

PiS wanted to pass the lustration laws back in 2007... PO fought against it... Unlike PO, PiS wants to get rid of their commie past once and for all - this is why Solidarnosc ended up splitting up and these two factions continue to fight to this day... left of center and old commies vs conservatives who sought to expose and limit the Commie's influence in poland

There is no propaganda war against Poland.

B.S. I see it almost everyday - all these Zionist owned outlets calling Poland a land of nationalism, xenophobia, and saying that we've decided to go the Putin route and not have a democracy just because Poland is standing up to the left and to the EU forcing them to take in darkies
24 May 2016
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

As in Poland, people have finally seen through the slick, glib lefty propaganda.

That's why we have PiS now - people were sick of commies, traitors, elitists, Zionists, extortionists, and people who had no problem selling the country out to the EU and US...

It's funny how much PO and Soros financed KOD complains about this yet they won't talk about how they illegally appointed 2 justices prior to their departure.

I just hope that Poland can keep the Zionist and Commie influences both in and out of the country at bay. Patriotism and Catholicism are their largest enemies that why there is such an attack now on the church and calling anyone with conservative values a fascist.
20 May 2016
USA, Canada / Certificate of Good Conduct (no criminal record) from the USA [11]

criminal background check and not a character of good standing certificate.

Ah okay. Just wondering, why did you have to go through it if you don't mind me asking (PM if you don't want to share publicly).

I've never heard of a 'character of good standing certificate' but the Kazakh government did ask me to get a FBI criminal background check sent over to them if I wanted to work there.

Some counties have searches available online as well. It's a big mess because like if you go to the DMV, you can get a printout of your driving record, some counties while have an electronic search or you'll have to go to the courthouse, whereas others only allow certain people access to these types of records.

I do know that there is a national criminal database that contains state and national records.

You can also consider a background check company - might be cheaper.. don't if they'll accept it though.
20 May 2016
Life / Poland is safe to visit - "Daily Mail" [100]

According to the French, you are incorrect -

Many of the "no-go" zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law.Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services

I believe the Gatestone Institute - headed by various government figures including John Bolton the US Ambassador to the UN, knows a bit more about the existence of no-go zones than you do.

An official inquiry found that for sixteen years, 1997-2013, a ring of Muslim men sexually exploited - through abduction, rape, gang rape, trafficking, prostitution, torture - at least 1,400 non-Muslim girls as young as 11. The police received voluminous complaints from the girls' parents but did nothing; they could have acted, but chose not to.

Another example, also British, was the so-called Operation Trojan Horse that flourished from 2007 until 2014, in which (again, according to an official inquiry), a group of school functionaries developed "a strategy to take over a number of schools in Birmingham and run them on strict Islamic principles."

Maybe 'No Go Zone' is a bit of a stretch - I'm not saying that a white Christian European will automatically get killed or raped if he or she goes into one of these areas. However, the fact is there are numerous (over 700 in France alone - called Special Urban Zones) neighborhoods that have a majority Muslim population, high unemployment, high crime, problems with extremism where the neighbors won't report on ISIS supporters and sympathizers, and have set up Sharia courts and Sharia patrols - that is fact.
20 May 2016
USA, Canada / Certificate of Good Conduct (no criminal record) from the USA [11]

So since I have no problem to get this certificate from Poland, my question is how can I get this from US?

There is a 'National criminal database' which includes state and federal crimes (not county). When an employer does a background check - this is usually where they search.

I would recommend starting with the FBI.
20 May 2016
Life / Poland is safe to visit - "Daily Mail" [100]

In London, on the other side, if you walk on the wrong districts where Sharia Law is observed, and hold a beer for ex, the Muslim Patrols can beat the hell out of you.

This has been reported in the media many times - there are religious police in London, Marseilles, and loads of other European cities. Sharia is the predominant form of law in certain European neighborhoods...
20 May 2016
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

onduct of the police in Wroclaw should be examined

Hah don't even get me started on this...

Leaving an explosive on a bus doesn't fit the MO of Muslim terrorists

HAHAHA that's laughable... perhaps you never heard of the London bus explosions, the multitude of bus explosion in Israel (21 killed in just the one in April 2016 alone) - Jaffa Bus bombing, Beersheeba Bus bombing, and many others...

By the way, the bomb found was a pressure cooker bomb filled with nails and such - the same kind that the Boston Bombers used for which directions are easily accessible through Al-Qaeda's online magazine.

Lemme guess, next you'll say that cutting infidel's heads off doesn't fit the MO of Muslim terrorists..

There was already one picture of a Muslim released a few months ago standing in the Wroclaw square who was known to have come from Syria and fought for terrorist groups...

Thankfully, the Muslim population in Wroclaw is still small... although I fear it will grow. Too bad the Polish police won't do like the Russian police did - find explosives in a mosque or Muslim prayer hall, decide that it's too much trouble to take the explosives outside, and just detonate them inside the building getting rid of the mosque once and for all.
20 May 2016
Life / Poland is safe to visit - "Daily Mail" [100]

The shocking reality of racist bullying in British schools

From many different media reports, it appears that white european students are the ones being attacked by the Muslims and black students..

Should they also have to pay the price for Anglo-Franco-Hispano-Portuguese greed, grnadeur and aggression?

The EU commission would argue yes - if you're a part of EU, then you also took part in such practices, albeit indirectly, and hence must pay the price...
20 May 2016
News / Article on the West's propaganda war on Poland - Commies, 'apolitical' KODists, and G. Soros - Oh My [22]

Here is a wonderful detailed article by Breitbart describing the west's propoganda war with PiS and Poland. It describes how KOD formed, and how although this group said themselves to be 'apolitical' it clearly shows that it is PO leaders fighting to retain a piece of the pie. It describes relationships - such as Washington Posts' Anne Applebaum's, who has covered this situation painting Poland is a very negative manner, is married to former Finance Minister scandal ridden Radoslaw Sikorski of PO

This wonderful article points out a few facts that the western media as well as anti-polish media (like our Zionist friend Michnik) do not talk about. For example:

If the government is their boss and pays their checks - they can decide who gets hired and fired - that's only natural...
The first is a media law passed by the new government that gave control over the hiring and firing of employees of the public media to the government, which is the entity that pays their paychecks.

Breitbart argues that the tribunal hasn't been reformed his 1986 - the Commie days...
It is important to note that the tribunal was an unreformed vestige of communist times that was launched in 1986 under the rule of the Soviet designated dictator of Poland, General Wojciech Jaruzelski, to act as a symbol of Westernization during glasnost and perestroika.

PiS wanted to expose and remove if necessary the Commies who were still in power, now under the banner of PO and other parties...

But as clearly evidenced by the actions of Rzeplinski, and many of the court's decisions, including the blocking of the Lustration Law introduced by Law & Justice the last time they led in 2005-7 (which would have made transparent the names and records of all those who collaborated in the crimes of the pre-1989 Communist regime)...

The media fails to mention that PO stacked the benches before they left office as well... arguably illegally...

The media lied about how many people demonstrated - KOD says 240k, BBC says 240k, but the Polish police said about 40k... 200k short..
The police in the meantime say the protest had 45,000 people in attendance. But the BBC, in a recent interview with "free market" banking cabal shill Ryszard Petru, also plastered the 240,000 number on the screen despite having no proof of such scale.

I don't want to copy too much but please read this artcile - it has some wonderful videos in it as well. It later makes an accusation, which has yet to be factually determined, whether George Soros' Open Society is funding KOD and attempting to bring down a democratically elected government.
20 May 2016
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

Don't you believe in freedom of expres

I do, unless it gay propaganda. That should not be allowed as it is neither natural nor normal. However, that would be unfair - if we're going to allow freedom of expressiona nd freedom of speech then surely all types of freedom of expression and freedom of speech (with the exception of perhaps yelling fire in a crowded building) ought to be accepted. However, that is clearly not the case as nationalist, anti-immigrant demonstrations, speeches, and statistics that paint migrants in a bad light are censored all over western Europe.

Yes, my grandpa had a few drinks with our neighbor - he just happened to be SB... If he was a farmer, waiter, or whatever it wouldn't of made a difference. That's what people did in Poland - they socialized with friends, families, neighbors, etc. Komorowski also lived in our little town and bought meat from us, yet you don't seem to applaud our socializing and business relations with him... I don't apologize for any of my families' actions - I am glad that they prospered during a time when it was difficult. They did their part in making their own lives but also the lives of other locals better by providing meat and other unavailable goods - hence proving the inefficiencies of the Commie system which helped to brings about its ultimate demise.

Actually, freedom of speech and freedom of expression is highly limited in Europe - it has been proven that the media has not accurately reported on migrant crimes, the rapes in cologne, covered up crime statistics caused by migrants, refused to cover a demonstation in france by generation identitaire, and now even Merkel wants to censor anti-migrant posts on facebook... that's what the world has come to... in Germany, you can't even give the Roman salute without risking 3 years in jail - and you're going to talk to me about freedom of expression?
20 May 2016
News / Adam Michnik awarded for integrity, professionalism and high standards. Poland's No. 1 fascist? [321]

Adam Michnik is a Zionist PC liberal who criticizes Poland but will never utter a single bad word about Israel. For example, in an interview he stated that the Poles were responsible for killing Jews in WW2 because they 'didn't get to know their neighbors.' However, when the reporter compared the situation to that in Gaza - where Israelis are killing Palestinians, Michnik said 'It is nonsense.'

He says wonderful things about Polish people like this: 'We are the illegitimate children, the bastards of communism. It shaped our mentality.'
From wall street journal:

And in 1968, he was jailed for a year after student protests in Warsaw. and later says:Mr. Michnik himself broke with Lech Walesa in 1990, and to the horror of the political right, befriended Gen. Jaruzelski and other leading communists.

And you silly fools argue he wasn't a commie...

They forgot to mention Stefan Michnik who killed Polish WW2 figures and his mother an avid Stalinist.

This just proves how dumb Michnik is: he considers "Obama and America the best chance the world has today." Don't forget Michnik supported the War in Iraq.

I believe this guy barely even resides in Poland anymore - to my understanding he's spent most of time in the US in the past 20 years..

This is the best Michnik can say why the Poland should've helped the US attack a sovereign country: .' Even though we are not sure of the links, Iraq was one of the countries that did not lower its flags in mourning on 9/11' Pathetic fake Polish Zionist operative supporting nothing more than the Oden Yinon plan... He has no problem criticizing 'his own country' of Poland - but will NEVER utter a word of criticism about Israel or the genocide of Palestinians - he says that topic is 'nonsense.'

This man is no patriot - he is a Zionist Council of Foreign Relations member that undermines Poland's sovereignty, the wishes of Polish society, and Poland's democratically elected government. A person who thinks that Obama and the US is the best chance for the world and support the Iraq was is clearly a fool.