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Faris Ahmed   
8 Jan 2016
Study / Polish Language Classes in Rzeszow [12]

Merged: Polish language course for foreigners in Rzeszow?

Hi everyone! I am new this site but from what I have read on other posts it seems very helpful so I am hoping it is helpful to me too. :)

I have just moved to Rzeszow to work.. So far my experience has been good although I just arrived here 4 days ago and I am hoping it can only get better. There is just one thing that worries me here and that is the language.

I know over time (as I am here 6 months-1 year) will pick up on it but I dont want it to be months and months into my stay here so this brings me to my question: Do any of you know of good, decently priced language schools in Rzeszow for non-Polish speakers?

Thank you for all the help you can give me! :)