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1 Jul 2016
Real Estate / Polish Owner refusing to sign the rent contract, Katowice; temporary address registration in Poland. [4]

Well, I saw a flat through the olx website to rent in katowice where I am currently working. The Flat is located in Sowinskiego. I finalized the flat as I liked it and when I was about to sign the rental contract with my owner. I told him that I would be using this rental contract for my temporary address registration in Poland. Immediately he back stepped in signing the contract.

I am not sure why he was refusing to sign the contract..

The agency who was assigned from my company to take care of my work permit, Visa etc. They had to close my file successfully completing my temporary address registration in Poland.

I liked the flat so much but I cannot accept the fact he refused to sign for a simple reason. Please suggest how can I convince the owner that temporary address registration is a simple thing.

Note: My polish colleague was speaking on my behalf as the owner doesn't speak English.
28 Jun 2016
Real Estate / Paying 1800 pln including media at Padereskiego, for a 2 room apartment in Katowice is worthy? [6]

I work at A4 business park and have saw one apartment in padereskiego, its a 2 room apartment with all the facilities. Was wondering if someone could tell me if 1800 pln per month as rent is worth.

1. Close to office nd easy to commute and i save my transportation expenses.
2. I can go home for lunch and save money i spend on having lunch outside.
18 Jan 2016
Law / Pros and cons of giving birth in poland compared to India [3]

Hello Poles,

Me and my wife would be migrating to Poland in a month, If suppose we plan up for a kid in Poland:

Does the baby hold a Indian Citizenship by default?

Does the baby gets any kind of benefit in his/her education being born in Poland?
31 Dec 2015
Life / Cricket in Poland - Wroclaw, Katowice, Warsaw (casual group) [15]

Merged: Cricket in katowice


I know football is a very popular game in Europe. Being an India and a huge fan of cricket, I would be relocating to katowice, Poland in Feb 2016. Do you know if there are any cricket clubs in katowice?

Thanks in advance!!
26 Dec 2015
Travel / How to go to Frankfurt from Poland? [16]

Merged: Frankfurt to Katowice by train

Hey Everyone,

I am heading to Katowice, Poland from India, If I take flight till Katowice then its getting a bit expensive - So I am planning to get to Frankfurt, Germany and then take train to Katowice. Would you recommend to travel from Frankfurt to Katowice by Train as I need to save money? I have enough time and love to travel by train. However, if I have schengen visa then can I land in Germany and take train to Katowice.

-> Are there any direct trains from Frankfurt to Katowice?
-> May I know any website name to book train?

Please help, Thanks in advance!!
23 Dec 2015
Real Estate / Need some information about Katowice (starting to look for accommodation) [6]


Thanks Levi, The reason I was looking at a place where Indians stay is because I cannot speak polish, so socializing with poles would be a bit difficult is what I believe.

Don't why it display me name as Raksh1ta, ( char 'i' is being replaced by digit '1')
23 Dec 2015
Real Estate / Need some information about Katowice (starting to look for accommodation) [6]

Merged: Residential areas/apartments in Katowice


I have accepted an employment offer from an IT organisation in Katowice, Would be moving there by late Jan/Early Feb 2016 with my wife.

Can you please recommend which is the best residential area as per my below criteria:

- For me and my wife, recommend me should I go for 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment?
- My work location would be Ul Francuska 36 Building B Katowice and I don't mind commuting for approx 30 mins.
- Looking for a furnished apartment and my budget would be between 1000 to 1200 PLN (looking at the previous threads)
- As an Indian, I would like to stay at a place where most of the Indians are living.
- What facilities does the Land Lord provide in a Furnished apartment?
- If possible close to park, restaurants, pubs, tram/bus station.
- I saw some ads in the ( Is it a recommended site?)

Thanks in advance!!
23 Dec 2015
Work / What salary can be asked at IBM Poland? [67]

Finally, I have been offered 11,500 PLN (gross) - Is it a good take for a 5 years experience in IT?

Around 8000 PLN net and other allowances around 500 PLN..
2 Nov 2015
Travel / Hotels near to Ul Francuska 36 Building B Katowice? [14]

Hello Everyone,

Can you please suggest any economic hotels near to Ul Francuska 36 Building B Katowice, as I would be working for a week staying closer to office and search a flat within that time.

11 Sep 2015
Work / What salary can be asked at IBM Poland? [67]

Merged: IT professional salary expectation in Katowice!!


I am from India, Bangalore and I have an interview in the pipeline from an organization in Katowice, Poland. I saw some older threads for the queries which I would be asking below but those threads was for different cities. As I am interested to hear about katowice, Please help me answer the below queries

1) I am married and what would be the competitive salary of a 5 years exp IT professional in Katowice? (Considering the fact of 30% tax)

2) How much would be the monthly expenses for daily life (1 bedroom apartment, Gas, Electricity, Groceries, internet, Transport, etc)

3) My wife is an interior designer, Are there any jobs for interior designers?

4) Does people in katowice speak Polish and English too?


To be specific my job role is IT specialist in IBM Tivoli Monitoring.