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19 May 2021
Travel / Transfer pets from Poland to Switzerland [2]


I am moving to Switzerland (Zurich) in this summer with my two cats. Having looked through the Internet, however, reading all Polish seems to be never ending for me. Have anyone experienced to transport animals in cabin from Poland? LOT and Air Swiss can allow pets in cabin. My cats have EU passports and all vaccinations are already done. One thing that I do not know is about EU Health certificates and where and how I can get them.

Thank you,
26 May 2020
Real Estate / An increase of 25% rent is legal in Poland? [5]

Dear people,

I need an urgent help regarding my rent.

I have rent a flat in krakow for the last three years and there was no change on rent since I moved in. Current tenancy agreement will expire at the end of June.

Last night, my landlord sent me an email with new tenancy agreement with an increase of 25% in rent and a few % increase of czynszy, in total 29% increase. Generally, 3-5% annual increase can be acceptable, but I was not prepared for this at all.

Are there any laws to protect tenants in Poland? Is one month notice right? Could I be against this with a lawful support behind my back?

Thank you in advance for your help.
5 Oct 2018
Classifieds / Lawyers specialised in Medical Malpractice in English (Krakow, Poland) [3]

Dear all,

I have been looking for a lawyer specialised in medical malpractice, who speaks English fluently, possibly near in Krakow, Poland.

It is a quite personal issue therefore I cannot give details what has happened to me, but is highly appreciated if you recommend some.

Thank you,
24 Sep 2018
Law / Permanent residence permit of the EU/Poland and language tests [10]

jgrabner, thank you for the blog, which is very helpful. Although he mentioned a school in Warsaw, do you know any (good) language schools which provide an intensive course for certificate B1? VARIA may be an option, but I have heard sometimes that they are not really good... Exams taken place in November in Krakow would be still a chance if I just add some more knowledge/techniques to pass the exams!
16 Sep 2018
Law / Permanent residence permit of the EU/Poland and language tests [10]

Thanks delphiandomine,

If I were a student having a plenty of time for studying, 1 year-long polish lessons would have been enough to acquire B1 level. But as a full-timer, having family, actually I took 2.5 years to finish an A2 level book with my private polish teacher. It still makes me feel unfair since I have paid tax a lot...

I wonder if there are expats who has had a similar situation?

So I will have to go to a language centres to take the test, right? Or any language schools in Krakow are available for just taking the test? Components of the test? Writing, speaking, listening etc? How is the test graded, per components?

Any information is very appreciated, thanks.
14 Sep 2018
Law / Permanent residence permit of the EU/Poland and language tests [10]

Dear all,

Since I will be living in Poland for 5 consecutive years soon, I would like to apply for a permanent residency permit in EU. As all non-EU foreigners have already concerned with, Polish immigration office requests us to acquire B1 level of Polish Language at least.

It is not fair because one of my American colleague got one last year without a language test although he cannot speak Polish. If we knew that language requirement, we could have leant Polish much earlier!

My question is, could the language tests be exempted for those who arrived in Poland before last year?

Thank you very much for your help!
8 Feb 2017
Real Estate / 100% LTV Mortgage on a purchase of an apartment in Krakow, Poland [4]


I wonder if someone can answer.

I have found a flat to buy in Krakow and visited my bank. To keep my financial state, I don't want to spend my saving a lot. Therefore, I asked my bank if LTV 100% mortgage was possible. They said no and paying 20% deposit is an obligation on customers. Is that true? Although I will contact some mortgage dealers/brokers, is it worth trying to have 100% LTV mortgage in Poland in terms of interest and margin? By the way, I am a foreigner who has been living here for 2.5 years.

I desperately hope someone can give me advice.

4 Jun 2015
Real Estate / Questions about what's standard or conventional in a tenancy agreement in Poland [21]

Thank you again, Harry.

Googling him first and seeing if you can find a phone number.

As you suggested, I googled his name and found it. I sent emails to his work address and LinkedIn account. Hope they will reach to him.

I have also asked my polish colleagues about this commission fee issue and they all rather criticised the estate agency. I completely agree with them. So if the owner does not reply to me or insists me to pay for it, who bothers me, I will move out.

My colleagues recommended to search flats on 'Gumtree', is that good? Because when I wan in London, 'Gumtree' was the one of infamous website as all problematic properties were on its list.

2 Jun 2015
Real Estate / Questions about what's standard or conventional in a tenancy agreement in Poland [21]

Merged: Renewal of tenancy agreement & commission fee


I appreciate your advice.

I have lived in krakow nearly one year and I would like to renew my tenancy contract. I have paid a commission fee (50%of rent) and a deposit to an estate agency when I entered in the flat last year. Now they have again asked me to pay the commission fee (100% of rent) for one year extension of the contract.

I think the commission fee is usually paid once only at the start of stay but not at every time when the contract is renewed. Also I think that 'commission fee' is an expense for marketing and advertising if my knowledge is right. Therefore when the flat has been rented, tenants don't have to pay any commission fees.

Am I right?

If so, I will claim that I am not going to pay the commission fee to the estate agency. Of course there is no written statement on the tenancy contract.

All advices are appreciated, thank you.