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27 Feb 2018
Love / Marriage problems in Poland [50]

I had planned it looong before anything had started to happen so please don't jump to conclusions just yet.
Thanks a lot for your response.
26 Feb 2018
Love / Marriage problems in Poland [50]

@Dirk diggler
I am going to respond to you with 1 sentence only, :
You know your women Dirk, unfortunately can't say the same about myself :(

@ the rest,
thank you very much for taking time to respond, very much appreciated.
26 Feb 2018
Love / Marriage problems in Poland [50]

Thank you Johnny, appreciate it.

That is definitely a goodbye.

ouch :(, it seems I was right
26 Feb 2018
Love / Marriage problems in Poland [50]

Thank you so much :) We have been exchanging sms during this time, yesterday she wrote me (between other things which are not relevant).. somewhere in our road we lost interest in each other and now we don't talk like we used to and what worried me more was:Despite what happens remember you're a special and amazing man. It worried because it sounded like a goodbye, maybe we haven't talked a lot especially since the problems between her parents grew to a police call, her father's arrest, some court appearences for her to testify and finally the divorce of her parents, but mostly because she has been included a lot in her parents divorce or maybe I just wasn't taking care enough of her

I had planned a 2 week surprise holiday for this year and I have already booked all the hotels in the route I had planned every detail :( and now it's just crumbling not just the bloody holiday but my whole life ffs.
26 Feb 2018
Love / Marriage problems in Poland [50]

Thank you very much for your advice. It is not exactly what I had in mind but still I really appreciate it. As about the money, that's not really an issue ( I am not the richest guy of the city but I do ok , she's a also an experienced professional and does well too ) at least I don't think it is...
26 Feb 2018
Love / Marriage problems in Poland [50]

Hi everyone,
I know this should be the last place to ask for advice but unfortunately I don't have people close to me enough to share it with them.

I have been married for 7 years now, we've had a few bumps on our road but I always thought we will figure it out. 3 days ago my wife told me she needs time to think about her feelings about me( I should point out that she is currently at her mothers due to some problems of her mother with her father ).

You have no idea how much it hurt :(. I am really afraid I am going to lose her. Now I don't know what to do because I would give up everything to not lose her but on the other hand I don't want to be intrusive. Once again: I would do anything not to lose her.

Guys and especially the ladies in this forum, please give me some advice on what to do. To contact her ? To not contact her and wait what she says ?

I haven't eaten or slept in the last 72 hours and it's taking a toll on everything I do ( job,free time, everyday life )
16 Feb 2018
News / Poland versus Greece in economy [175]

how brave our ancestors were

IMO the world should've helped them in 1919 and today we'd still have the beautiful Smyrna as it was for thousands of years.
13 Feb 2018
Life / Poland safe for a Greek? [93]

Spare me that nonsense.

A lot of people begged him to do just that but he never listens. It's just Crow and his imaginary world.
About the banks, if you have income in euro just open an account in euro ( if you're going to be here for long ) and you can exchange the money in "kantor" and not at the bank where they have higher rates.
12 Feb 2018
Life / Poland safe for a Greek? [93]

And how do we know that?

There's an interview on youtube where he speaks about his campaigns.
7 Feb 2018
Life / Poland safe for a Greek? [93]

dark skin

I agree with dougpol1 on this one. Polska dla polakow is becoming a problem nowadays :( . And yes, Poles love Greece so that's an advantage.

fake smiling

Come on, there is a LOT of fake smiling here, not even close to Greece.
22 Jun 2016
Life / Poland after one year of living here [105]

if you will have some time, maybe we can make it in Krakow:)

I sent you a PM.

history of Poland

God yes!! My wife has a cousin who is the type you described: knows everything better, was there,did that etc and he studied european studies or something like that and we ALWAYS argue a lot :D. As soon as people around you will notice you know something more about Poland, I think they'll be more interested in what you say or think.
22 Jun 2016
Life / Poland after one year of living here [105]

You mentioned that your city is close by or "not far from it", what is the name of your city? Do you like it here?

Luke, I was mistaken about the place :D, I saw and wrote Chrzanow but for an inexplicable reason had in mind a tiny place called Czchow, I live in Nowy Sacz, south east of Krakow.About 150 km from Chrzanow, so not so close :D :D.

And here I like it ( most of the time ), there are places to hate and to love here like everywhere but mostly is ok :). I have a few friends, one very close friend and of course my wife who has helped me a lot in meeting new people.

As Paulina said earlier, imagine a cactus, that's how poles are. Once you get past the "spines" you're one of them, at least from my experience.
21 Jun 2016
Life / Poland after one year of living here [105]

Luke, the first year is the hardest, in my first year I almost left Poland for good ;). At that time I made my first friend here in Poland, he helped me a lot, at first with finding a job ( me and my wife were really struggling at that time ), working with him I met some other people who introduced me to some other and so on. Today, I'm a polish citizen, is my 6-th year here and honestly I am sometimes homesick but with everyday which passes I feel more connected to this country.

And I live in a city not much bigger than Chrzanow ( and not very far from it :D ), but even here I found some fantastic people who helped me settle and feel welcomed. Shame you don't drink alcohol, that would be a massive help in finding new friends. IMO, you should give it some time and don't try very hard because it will backfire on you. As someone said here before, when discussing something there is nothing wrong with being a bit stubborn if you know for sure you are right.

I wish you the best of luck :)

a labrador

If Luke takes a little puppy he's going to have a lot of female friends :D
14 Mar 2016
Law / Poland's Citizenship application - "Uzasadnienie" - what to write in this section? [12]

Cześć everybody,
I'll go on Friday to the offices of Wojewoda to fill the documents for the polish citizenship. I have everything I need but I have a problem, in the form I downloaded online there is a section which says : Uzasadnienie.

I don't know what to write there :(. Could somebody give me an idea what to write in this section ?
Thank you in advance
17 Feb 2016
Language / How well do Polish people understand Slovak? [77]

Polish and Slovak

Just don't "search" anything in Slovakia, or at least don't say you're searching/looking for smth in polish while being in Slovakia :D.
8 Feb 2016
Law / Am I eligible to apply for Poland's Dowod Osobisty? I am British. [11]

Am I eligible to apply for a Dowòd Osobisty?

Not yet. You need to get a permanent residence( you can apply for it after 3 years I think ) and 2 years after that you'll be able to apply for a polish citizenship.

After 5 years of being resident in Poland, you can apply for confirmation of your permanent residency

Nope delph,he's married so he can get it much earlier ;) ( 2 or 3 years from what I remember ).
23 Oct 2015
Love / Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ??? [39]

What sort of question is this ? It's a bit strange that I'm the 4-th bloke to answer to a thread that is supposed to be answered to by girls. Anyway, IMO your citizenship is irrelevant, love and respect is all the girls ( not only here, all over the world ) need.