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5 May 2015
News / Footie hooligan punch-up thwarted in Poland [47]

They've got no jobs, no perspectives, no money and plenty of time. All that mixed up and we've got troubles. No one cares about them and they don't care to make any change to their life. Those more intelligent, self disciplined at least left the country to try to set-up a new life, work hard and set a family.

(yes I know I've got typo in my nickname)
5 May 2015
Love / Are Polish men shy and take things slow? [116]

Despite the opinions that most of the Poles are plumbers or carpenters we know how to treat a woman and most of those who come here and take low paid jobs are often very well educated with plans and ambitions to make our life better and be valuable member of the community.

Obviously there are some exceptions to that but most of the Poles know that woman needs to be respected, and if we have a deep feelings towards woman we will treat them like princesses.

In that case we never rush for anything to let woman know that we respect her big time, that we can be trusted, that we are secured and she can be safe with us. That we are willing to give more that we expect to get in return. We are not selfish.

It is very nice to read the forum about British woman falling in love with Polish guy but in my opinion it is very rare and I would say that most of British girls not into Polish guys at all.
5 May 2015
Work / Does Poland welcome overseas workers as much as the UK does? [34]

We would never vote for a party like UKIP because their politics and expressions are often very similar to NSDAP ones. Britain never been invaded ( I talk modern history). Yes it was close but we helped Britain to fight it off. We have suffered a lot from racial segregation and Poland was totally destroyed. Most of the British will never understand that. So we are very cautious in regards of political parties like UKIP and would never put our vote for it. Despite our football hooligans being described as vicious racist I can assure the whole World that those are small minority. Don't forget that there is 40 millions of people living in Poland and overwhelming majority aren't racist. Also I wouldn't trust in mainstream media like BBC in regards to Poland.