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9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]


I wish to express my experiences so others don't fall into the same trap.

Its now been almost 2 years since I arrived in Poland and still I am unemployed IT professional fully qualified. After two years its now invalidity so Poland has wrecked my career in IT as you know in technology changes happen so fast as to loose two year is to kill your career totally. Don't come talk guff about studding to stay valid as that requires money and since there is ZERO return on investment with ZERO income what do you think.

Lets start.
There are 2000 British expats living in working in Poland, a whopping 2000 out of almost 70 million Brits living in the UK.
To say the least this should be a ALARM bell as to avoid Poland. If your as silly as me to think your going to bring cash into Poland (Invest as encouraged by the UK government) Thinking your doing a good thing, Then your in for one hell of a ride or shall I say LOSS!

I started investing in Poland in 2012 and purchased a lovely development in Lodz only to realize the developer had no intention of completing. 2015 and the place still looks almost the same as it did when we purchased it... A WRECK!

(I almost did not purchase in Poland, after reading about Developers doing runners, but then the Polish Government reassured investors they have put special laws in place to protect investor) Clearly this was the biggest load of donkey poop anyone ever said.

After having a lovely chat with some of the workers who were doing some of the work for the other SUCKERS who purchased here it came to my attention that property in Poland is highly over rated. One conversation with the average polish citizen revealed the Polish home buyer is only interested in property for 40000pzl and what the state can offer for free. Hence there is no rental market here at all, making me the biggest sucker as the market we sell is so exclusive. Most polish people live in run down buildings but don't be fooled many of them are palaces inside and you will find a few nice cars in there. Reason is they don't have to fix these buildings so rent is cheaper at around 400pzl a month! With the amount of abandoned buildings around the polish people have their pick of cheap.

Dont forget there is a 20% tax if you sell before 5 years of ownership is completed. Lovely keeps you nicely tied in!

So now stuck with a LEMON I at least still had a job in the UK, oh wait redundancy and then with all the immigrants in the UK finding job was proving to be difficult. Yes seems been British in your own lands is a BIG NO NO, so off to the dole que what was the worst experience ever as I am not the type of person to ask for a hand out. Only too find, that owning property abroad invalidates receiving any help from the state as its seen as capital and needs to be sold first and the money used before any benefits can be received. After spending a rather large sum of my life savings in the UK it was time to go deal with the LEMON and try and sell it, or shall I say TRY REALLY HARD, PRAY and WISH

We packed up and headed to Poland, biggest mistake of our lives.
We arrive in Poland and renovated the developers stage apartment while staying with the in laws in the hope of getting it rented out to get some money back in.

Luckily my wife got some work a WHOPPING 2000pzl for a family with a out of work husband a small baby and bills! Needles too say we still were dipping into our savings. I was told to teach English... LOOK HERE get lost, I know there are jobs here and there are PLENTY of JOBS and ENGLISH companies and call centers what I will come too later, I wont even mention the rubbish problems with teaching English, Taxes and using your own car = NOT WORTH MY TIME or ANYONE, this crap is for hippies who are traveling the world and need to pay for weed!

We started advertising the apartment with a agent. 6 Months later NO ONE HAS EVEN VIEWED THE PLACE! We reduced the price with another 50,000 pzl!!!!! and still NOTHING! (This place is a joke, even the places for 40000pzl looks better than this appartment, the developer really done us in)

I have been apply for work and at agencies. I can tell you now they all will just flat out IGNORE you! Now I know a guy here in Lodz who went to promote their company at a job fair at the university, while walking around he asks one company what positions they have available....... Their answer....

Thank you very much that is all I needed to know. You do realize this is a racist statement I thought to my self and explains allot of whats going on here.

Well it always only gets better, I am sure you heard of the driving, well here is a few notes.
When in Poland the average pole does not drive the speed limit and well will try and intimidate you to drive faster or do some maneuver to get our of their way and nearly 90% of the time will cause YOU to almost have a accident or will. I now have taken it on to ignore the morons on the road. It works well as the honk and hoot and speed off in direction almost killing or maiming or destroying something and heaven forbid you are in front at the traffic lights if you dare drive off ahead of a polski, you would have given him the impression that you have challenged him or her to a race, and they very happy to participate while 400 pedestrians are around. I am sure your eyes will get bigger and a blank expression will come over your face, once I pulled away at a light to avoid the car with the hazard lights on in my lane a few meter up the road, to be block in by a girl, who thought it would be fun to keep me there. Narcissistic that's all I am going to say as it seems there are also some serious jealousy issues people cant get past. But don't worry, I am sure when you get a job in Poland (if you get a job) your clients and boss and work staff will not have any of these problems ;) There is no HIGH STAFF TURN OVER IN POLAND.. Not at all like at Infosys and other places. Its all just peaces.

Then there is the problem with the way we look, don't be fooled they know your a foreigner. No matter were you go people will watch you like a hawk! ALL THE TIME! We have to were sunglasses to get them to act normally! Its really off putting and sometimes very annoying and just like this film

Oh and then there are the THUGS who hang around the street corners, Yes even now! Regardless what people say and how nice they make it and the high street. There is still DOG poop all over the pavements, no one cleans and makes me worry what my kid is dragging around under his shoes, there is SPIT and GOB all over the place not to mention the few drinkers who have left their lunch or god know what it is on the pavement. The best is the STALKER CRIMINALS who actually try and follow you home to see where you LIVE! That is the creepiest stuff ever and make me and my family FEAR for our lives, this has happened a few times now, if it was not for my military training I would not even have noticed, but lucky they pretty dumb as you can spot them, its the ones I don't spot I worry about. Recently a bum broke into the building got access to a apartment not used and DIED there! Just lovely! Peaches.

You know we give this place a go, and it only gets better, after realizing the racist narcissistic polish are not going to employ me and that I am stuck here we need more income so we purchase another finished flat and rented it out in the hope to sell the lemon as this property was small and cheap and below the UK level.

So far we made 700pzl over 6 months! The average polish renter is very demanding, new washing machines wanted because the old one was too loud! I kid you not, fix this and that and this and that. ENOUGH!!!

I want out! I came to do some good an all you get is the middle finger.. rich foreigners TAKE TAKE TAKE

They never give a bloody thing other thank take take take, Now I am sure the people will start saying POLISH REALITY
That is all a load of toss, Reality is there is plenty of jobs here, just not for YOU foreigners, Reality is they want you to think that their reality is poor uneducated people don't get jobs and that is the level they see you at.. While the guy drives off in his new 4x4 or what ever new car you can think off. Reality is you dont have to teach English here there are plenty companies who are required to speak English only in Poland, sadly the recruiters in these buildings are Polish and offer Polish ONLY JOBS, I bet your CV will be filled in the TRASH! (Rich foreigners why they need a job in Poland, don't they understand polish reality, now where did I put my new SUV keys again) Do you really need to wonder why there is only 2000 Brits in Poland.

I cant even count the times I have heard the stories, BRITISH with POLISH, Polish gets job few years latter they back to England, USA and Polish again Polish gets job a few months later they back to the USA as each time is the same thing the foreigners DO NOT GET JOBS IN POLAND

The lucky few get pleb jobs and the other MAINLY GET A JOB from outside Poland probably because they used a recruiter in their own countries.

So where am I now, trying to get OUT, but with the UK so full its difficult, So here we are with the 1 million poles in the UK there taking our jobs and the 2000 of us here getting the middle finger even after investing here, bringing in money to the country, POLAND HAS NOTHING ON OFFER FOR US

We tried to sue the solicitor for not putting all the facts out but it seems no one will take the case, I am told if anyone sues the other they will never get work again, but hey its always cool to milk the cow dry before you shoot it in the head and eat it.

Now in the UK I read British people having problems integrating with the poles, I can relate to this, making polish friends is nearly impossible and just like in the UK they seem to prefer been with their own.

So this has been a lovely two years of chatting to myself, a baby and a wife who wants to relax and not talk after a long day at work, its OK the depression I had when I was in the UK is now totally gone, its actually transformed into some sort of shutdown hibernation as my mind barely able to cope with all the stress. Not to mention the great medical treatment what seems to be NOTHING!

I am sure you will think, go out and socialize... yes that cost money! Money requires having a job!
Marriage in runes, career in runes, finances in runes, family in runes, fearing for your life, life saving depleted, inheritance depleted, health depleted


the developer is now a renovator. Of course to avoid any problems with the law
Still he operates and continues to RENOVATE but just he cant give a toss to actually finish the job in our block

I am sure when you get a job in Poland (if you get a job) your clients and boss and work staff will not have any of these problems ;) There is no HIGH STAFF TURN OVER IN POLAND.. Its all just peaces. Some companies take pride in only loosing half their work force in a year, but hey no jobs for you,

The staff turn over is the reason there are so many jobs available, even the polish don't want them. But not for you, sorry

go back to the UK and send only the money and fly back and forth, don't worry about family life .... just send the money OK!

I was actually told to do this !!!!
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

Ironically I was personally recommended in several companies INTERNALLY by other polish people I have met.
NOT ONE CALL. I have a rare skill and the best joke of the year, I have seen a advert for a job placing requiring this skill.. YOU KNOW WHAT

I did apply and NOTHING, it seems they would rather train another polish person than give a job to a foreigner.

STOP your wining of all the people fleeing POLAND due the the POOR conditions and POLISH REALITY its BS, the amount of job hopping and jobs available here is shocking HIGH. There are signs on the bloody shops windows BEGGING for people to come work for them,

If you don't belief me I will take some pictures and post it here. The reality is all the people working abroad showing the locals how much money and free hand out from the social systems their getting has had a devastating effect on the youth in Poland. Coupled with working for and having Narcissistic issues, they have no plan of staying around Poland. I know this as FACT! There are plenty of jobs in Poland, tons the problem is its not enough to keep people here with the ATTITUDE, Here in Lodz they joke at the university about the kids heading to Warsaw and then when they realize the same crap is there for 1000pzl more in pay they get out the country for better pickings. Seems 4000 to 10000 pzl is not enough BLING (your forgetting I know people who are doing job fairs at the Uni to get the people to STAY!) It has nothing to do with lack in jobs or money!

I personally DID NOT come to POLAND, I am trapped in here! Thanks all I did was invest in 1 apartment and got trapped in a NOTARY what has no date of completion so as long as the developer / renovator takes his time finishing I AM TRAPPED HERE! Read the story my son its one of the many things you learned first in life. Hence the solicitors get shy when you mention sue the notary, they tell you strait, no one will sue and you will have a hard time finding anyone to take it to court. Its a CRONIES System.

I did not claim to rescue Poland, if you invest you do home work, problem is when people lie to you ALL OVER THE PLACE you get stitched up. Don't think I am alone in this, there is plenty people who got stitched up here. My neighbor is a POLISH Lawyer who punched two apartments! He is like me HANDS TIED! There is no dumb people here all very top class people, intelligent people and even other polish property investor got caught up in this.

This developer renovator started out in Krakow left people in trouble there, shifted operations to Lodz did the same here and now he has moved operations to Warsaw. You wonder how someone like this operates and continues.... Yet is you look him up you wont find any dirty words.

I use to think Poland is a slow recovery and one day things will be great here. Sadly that's all balls. The Polish people have had over 100 years to try and do something and in 100 years they have tried to SKIMP on every thing, where they could cut corners they have, waiting for a sucker to come alone or take something not belonging too them, I can safely say my wife's family property during the war was totally cleared out by other polish locals thinking they were not coming back after the Germans took them away. Even after they returned a few months later. They still refused to give anything back! That polish mentality IS STILL HERE alive and well! In another 100 years its still going to be here. THAT MENTALITY is whats keeping this place for changing. If someone is not pushing the place (Jews, Nazi, Russians and now the EU!) people will still be living in wood huts and farming the LAND, I am not saying this is a bad thing but THAT IS POLISH REALITY MENTALITY. Problem now is they have gotten such swollen heads of people kissing their ass that when people with skills and money comes along, they still feel they have suffered so much....the POOR polish people.

Get over it ..... Its that attitude and the blind NEGATIVE ENERGY what stops them seeing THINGS HAVE ALREADY CHANGED:
You hardly even see any old Bangers (cars) on the road, Money is flowing like sweet wine in these companies and into people pockets, people job hopping all over the place and and then they tell you ... the poor polish reality .. feel sad for me. NO the EU is pumping billions into Poland, the only poor people here are the ones who choose to be! Like in the UK they sit here expecting everyone to feel sorry for them and give them a HAND OUT.


2000 is a official British government figure, go look it up on their website.

BTW if you read I have more than one apartment. Do you really think I will buy another in the same place.. Uhh NO!
Different city... different problems. SAME MENTALITY
9 Jan 2015
Law / Any good business ideas - what Poland needs? [114]

Save your money, if you go bankrupt here and still have debt you will still be liable for the debt plus interest and it is transferred to your family.

Not to mention the 800pzl you have to pay per employee per month to the government.
You decide the risk.
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

shut it shills
So your saying its my fault.... so crime is everyone else fault RIGHT!
So what have they done in the last 100 years, Yeah I look at the older generations here, they all pretty well setup. Well looked after.

Now look at the youth!

I will post this story and hand it to all the media abroad.
That 2000 figure will be reduced to under 10!
Your actually on encouraging me to start a CAMPAIGN to Expose all the lies

Its called freedom of speech and if you dont like people telling the truth of POLAND then dont SCAM THEM!

Your attack in me telling the truth of how it works here will only strengthen my words as other Brits will see this.
Well done for confirming that mentality
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

I dont like them either! dont get your panties in a knot, not one bit do I like them, what i was saying is there were jobs , factories in the period for polish and many polish benefited and are still benefiting from the jobs they had, pensions extra, I am well aware of what they done we had family lost in Auschwitz.

But the fact remains, all these factories are closed down now, they litter the polish landscape, it only added to the missery, was it not so long again with the farmers begging Russia to buy their apples because the west could not care one bit.

I talk alot with the older polish generations and they had job security, they did not like the invaders, no one would.
But they have been shafted again and again, I can understand the mentality
No I am upset that I came here in all good attention only to be scammed along with others.

This is not the way forward for Poland and treating those who have faith in this country as some kind of cash cow... Wont help either.
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

No its more like Polish people here pretending to be British.
I understand you want to apply some damage control, It would not even surprise me if you work for the state.
I removed the Abdul statement as it was a figure is speech, one a brit would understand but a polish or other would not.

You clearly gave and continue to give yourself s away.
And there you have it folks.
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

I don't trust online IQ tests anyway, IQ only really test logical things.
I'm not here to poop on polish, I said what I see and experience. That been my experience in Poland has not been good and I am sorry my logical mind naturally finds problems and tries to solve them hence the reason I am well suited in Information Technology.

If you want to know, I also have coded programs in previous jobs, I wrote several pages of continued code only to find the average IQ of people were only able to follow about one page! Needless to say I had to then code one page for normal people to follow. That is all I am going to say, I am not some EGO driven person who needs to justify his IQ, that's a narcissistic value, one what only produces negativity, But if you feel I should heard some sheep, sure why not, I am open to new experiences. How else would you grow if you live with the mentality of not experiencing anything new.

I tell this story so other Brits don't fall into the same trap, If you understand anything it is WHY make the same mistakes others have and over and over, learn and adapt, that's what i GIVE TO MY COUNTRY MEN it has nothing to do with your ego... lol

I will continue to update the thread with my experiences until I get back home

And just to note, British people don't stoop to name calling, Its considered childish and I apologize for calling the crazy drivers morons. Thou it seem to fit the label at the time as upsetting is was still no one gave solutions other than attacking. I can tell who is shills on this site their clearly just baiting me and not British at all.

Please also don't send me messages saying I hope none gives you a job. Its laughable as no one has anyway so your statement is rather dull!
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

Lol Monitor you always make good sense. I am sorry I do ramble along sometimes, Consider me a blank canvas, the experiences and impressions left on me is me trying to make sense of my surroundings. It does not mean I accept what I hear or see, just just means I am open to different views as to get a clear understanding. So I can change my view at any time. This in turn does annoy me when people say its your fault. It comes across as the typical criminal who tells the judge "But she chose to wear the sexy cloths and that's why I raped her" Sorry more fact is required and fact is someone scammed people, so don't say its the victims fault for some lost patriotic cause because its a foreigner. "Uwaga" have some nice TV shows. Clearly very normal to scam.

Selling clothes in Lodz, never mind the rest of Poland would be to compete with 1000s of other shops, there is nearly one on each street corner not to mention all the markets! I have considered many options and to be honest, there is no viable options here. Even selling on allegro anything is met by people sending you messages. You can get this cheaper... Lady its 1 gross less there! These cloths shops open and close as many times as I change my kids nappies.

No I am looking to leave now, sell everything and get out. A good Polish friend in the UK told, either you all in here or all in there... I am all in the UK mode now.

Its funny how you talk about polish patriotic s. Funny how I helped out polish people in the UK with cheap rent and even found one or two a job there as well as gave them good advise and do and don't. But anyway I don't really care anymore, I want out, I had enough. Don't forget I have a family and I need to ensure they have the best tools in life. Clearly my only vision now is that my son will suffer going thou life here, thou he now talks polish, Its best he does not suffer like his daddy.

On another note. In our circle of friends we getting some disturbing stories coming out of Lodz, Its twice this has happens to some of the single girls going out meeting guy, someone buy them a drink and few minutes someone passes out! Not drunk... Passed out after a drink, That sounds like date rape pills too me.

And twice i have heard of this in Lodz. My wife asks me if she can go out with the girls but I do fear, normally I don't care and encourage her to go out with mates (Dont end up like me) What do you think, should I say no? are you hearing the same thing?
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

No, I have or had a great career in IT, I am not coming to clean your toilet, If you want professional people with qualifications to come, invest, train and give you very good experiences from world leading markets!! (Poland No 34, UK stands in the top 10! markets) Latest software, process and work ethic don't offer them rubbish, your just robing yourself from gaining value experience.

SO DON'T THINK SO, your attitude borders on narfness probable due to so many polish don't hack it in the UK, You have to realize when you going to the UK your competing with some of the best minds in the world for jobs so many will FAIL! Not my fault you had to clean toilets or found it hard, One thing about the Brits is Polish get jobs in the UK, They don't have a complex or issue about it, ask the 1 million plus there, If you can cut it, you get the job. If your experiences are low and education is low. You still will find a well paying job and benefits to help you out. In Poland....(I am just smiling)

I don't want STAIN on my resume... sorry if you wish to dirty your resume.. be my guest. See how the recruiters question you about that dirty mark on your CV, you will never be taken seriously as a professional, professionals just don't DO IT! Its better to having nothing on there or to LIE about been the CEO of a internationally successful polish retail business only to find out you been flogging second hand clothes in your converted container!
9 Jan 2015
Law / Any good business ideas - what Poland needs? [114]

Polish people hire garages for 60pzl where they live, I have seen others buying garages go out of business.
Storage hire is not so popular with the masses, large premises is not a problem in Poland so they likely store goods them self.

There is also the risk of burglaries. Likely if they not well monitored well they will be hit allot thus creating more expenses.
9 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

More baiting

No solutions just baiting, Its funny how some people here would rather debate on who I am when its a negative post to Polish mentality.

Rather than accepting the facts

On your horse Charlie!

My son is also born in the UK, or is he now polish because he did not spend 100% of his time there or is he not British because he is half polish? Stop your nonsense.

Actually the fact that you folks keep trying to find some bit of info or some bating into getting some response is really making me question YOUR NATIONALITY, You folks are not BRITISH! You keep trying to discredit this thread.

Any way keep up the good work, people will see what I am saying here. What a bunch of wallies.
10 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

More Baiting, you know this is getting rather pathetic!
and as much as it pains me to do this, but you lot of XPATS need to be put back in your place and be reminded of exactly what it is to be British.

You tend to think the people (locals) back home have some sort of connection to you, that your birth in OUR GREAT SHORES gives you some sort of right to be called BRITISH! But it does not! People back home see you as TRAITOR, YELLOW LIVER, WEAK MINDED TRAITORS

We see you beltching you venom all over the internet about how good a life your living abroad away from the sexpit you call the United Kingdom

Well WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY and its no sexpit to us, Its our home, but you THE WEAKEST of the crop running like the RATS fleeing this ship escaping the United Kingdom. Instead of helping us bail out the water.... YOU RUN! LIKE COWARDS!

You defend your choices of life here and how GOOD you have it and attack any fellow BRIT who say else wise!
Your nothing to me, your nothing to those who love our country and those who stay to fix our beloved home England.
I see now your yellow belly cowardice traitor colours!

No brit deserves to be called BRITISH or English for that matter who treats their OWN as YOU HAVE!
Yet here you are belching your rubbish of how ENGLISH your are and how much BRITISH values you have or know!
I have seen better invading hoards with more self respect and dignity THAN YOU LOT!
Some of you have been out of the UK for so long your your heads have ROTTED, some of you have TURNED YOUR BACKS on US and think your still English!

So keep wearing your rose tinned glasses
You think we are SOFT TOUCH BRITAIN... No more!
I love my country, My Island, its more than I can say for some of the snakes on here
10 Jan 2015
Work / Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland. [80]

So is the EDITOR who wrote "Experience and attitude of British toward Poland." going to come forward
I can see your attempt yet again to derail and bait people into something what was a warning to other Brits.
This sort of EDITING to discredit is another nail in your coffin.

I made it clear before, I have no problem with Poland or its people, I have problems with CRIME and crazy people and things I still need to adjust too.

Your clearly hiding now that your busted! I said before this is the impression I get in Poland, that I am a blank canvas as to the culture, and ways and that its my minds way of reasoning with my new surroundings and that as a canvas I also have the ability to correct and change my view of what I experienced and impressions I got.

No but your narcissistic EGO has lead you to indulgent in poor practices. None of you even offed a solution other than to attack. Except dolnoslask

He is spot on! 100%

Bye, never again.

Thanks Drinksout, if you really need to know, the notary got my wife to sign while I was outside the room attending to the baby.

Since then its been a onslaught to flees money. The latest the community looking to get cash to do what the developer is meant to do.

I put them all back in their place. Not one penny and I did it with a smile on my face and knowing how too.

Would it have mattered if I was in the room or not, I don't know, these guy's were pro's
I rather focus on getting back on track and our life's back to normal. Its not all about the money.
Could have left a long time ago, but not giving up without a fight and wife and child.

Out of here. Bye
11 Jan 2015
Life / Want to become an expat to Poland? Consider your options before going abroad. [18]

You have seen the attitude and mentality, Poland has been in the EU now for about 7 - 8 Years
Not much has changed at all toward foreigners and the west in this time.
It really worries me this, Poland is not growing fast enough, I am not talking about the cities and building the EU is pumping billions into Poland but the mentality of the people and now they are part of the west. Like it or not.

It worries me they have signed a deal with the devil (EU) and just plain out think its all going to be OK, its just like some kind of fleecing money out a foreigner.

We know very well what happens when you don't pay back your compounding interest to the west or deals. You only need to look East to see how the devil works. Poland to me seems a very young country but the self serving mentality is holding it back. They don't seem to be growing fast enough and when the elite call in their loans DEBT I have a feeling they going to do what they always do. Duck and dive or try and switch sides to avoid paying back.

I seriously advise people to think of what you getting into. If that mentality and attitude what sees many locals abroad, avoid coming back does not change , it can only all end in tears. It really difficult here, I noted a friend saying, a foreign team leader here, its difficult, the gossiping, the attitude, questioning why here and still suggesting to go teach language .... never ends.

Its a shame as I really like the place, its people but the mentality will keep holding it back, really is a shame.
But is more worrying considering the years its had to change, the last thing one wants to do is get caught up in things when it all goes Pear shape.

How much longer will the EU pump money into Poland before their loans are called in
12 Jan 2015
Life / Want to become an expat to Poland? Consider your options before going abroad. [18]

Monitor I think you are right there, most jobs don't even show what the salary is and you only find out when a offer is put on the table during the interview, I have heard allot of people expressing how this is has a very negative impact on company moral when you find out the guy next to you is getting 1000 more to do the same job.

This also gives the employer the impression people are willing to work for less, hence permanent contracts are less available, so when it comes to renewing part time contracts. guess what happens next

Your replaced or renegotiated. Its a terrible system driving down wages, the same seems to be happening now in the UK too, redundancies like me, I got replaced by a recruitment agency. The CEO called in a agency, gave them our details and asked were cuts can be made, of course all our jobs were undercut and positions renamed.

Bye bye too half the company staff.
12 Jan 2015
Life / Want to become an expat to Poland? Consider your options before going abroad. [18]

That's not even the worst
The way things work now is really bad, not just here but globally I have noticed a lack in older people getting jobs and who are in the work place.

38 to 67 is the new disposable age it seems in companies, with so many people willing to work for less and many having degrees and masters extra

Its now becoming the norm to ditch employees when they come to THE AGE
They think once you get to the age your slowing down and becoming to savvy to the tricks of getting the most out of you.

There is risk of getting sued or taken to employment tribunal. So its more favorable to employ young people out of uni
Young and dumb, most process in companies are now so well documented its easy to ditch them and later get the next sucker in. Full of energy and easy too fool. You hardly see old people now on company photos.

Take notes people when under this age, be sure to have a back up business or something planned for later. Else you will be flipping burgers, picking strawberries or driving a white van or cashier shelf packer will be your future regardless of your degrees or experience.

I remember my father only had high school and had a great job and career, then in my school years I started to see it changing, later it was bachelor, now its a master with 2 or 3 languages next its going to be what Doctorate? I know people already studying this to stay ahead of the curve and to have job security.

Its totally insane there are people with degrees packing shelf's in the super markets. A degree in my time was something people looked up too. Now its standard entry toilet paper.

Nothing works anymore, even the economies, no longer function correctly with all the funny money. I really think back to may father years and how easy they had it. Yes hard work but you got something out of it, these day hard work leads to burnt out employee who is replaced with the next willing person able to work for less and do more.

totally nuts world we live in.
12 Jan 2015
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he only surprising thing is that people tell co-workers what they earn

Many employees talk, companies try and stamp it out in the contracts but there is no loyalty towards company's as said they know they get replaces later.

When I was working I knew just about what everyone earned in the company manly from gossip, and if someone got a new car something of value of Xmas

Everyone knew who got a nice bonus. It was a dead giveaway

We even caught the boss paying some employees holiday expenses. Everyone knows everything, office politics ... oh the drama :D
12 Jan 2015
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Merged: The GREAT OIL crash


What are your views on oil collapse and whats petrol prices like in your area?
Do you think this will lead to a global market crash?
It is said the US markets are driven or backed by oil and the Saudi's are increasing production to stop US fraking companies but some say this is a result of the US sanctions on Russia.

What do you think?