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31 Dec 2018
Travel / Returning to Poland after 20 years in America [18]

MoOli-You and couple of other Polish origin Americans,who would criticize Poland every way

MoOli-Let me tell you big boy,its all jealousy

What?! What are you talking about? I only posted 2 messages on this forum. I am only criticizing the FACT which is air pollution in Poland. I looks like that toxic air you have been inhaling is causing you some mental issues. Guess that's better than cancer.

Anyway, what's that obsession with getting down your knees big boy? ...well, I better not ask LOL
29 Dec 2018
Travel / Returning to Poland after 20 years in America [18]

Ziemowit - No one has yet left Poland because of air pollution, brother.

Actually brother, YOU are incorrect. I left Poland because of the air pollution. I moved to Poland from the US for a job opportunity. However the air pollution, especially the ever present smog in the Winter and Fall months was the main reason for me escaping as soon as I could. Air pollution in Poland is one of the worst in the world and by far the worst in Europe. Ridiculing this problem does not make you seem cool but rather quite primitive and uneducated.
7 Sep 2016
Life / Daycare / After school care? Warsaw [3]

Merged: Private Elementary School and Daycare recommendations in Warsaw

Hi Everyone,

We are looking for a good bilingual Elementary School and Daycare for our kids in the area of Mokotow, Wilanow, or Ursynow/Kabaty.

A little of background about us. We're a family of 4 moving to Warsaw from the US in a few months. The kids are 6 and 2 years old. We are planning to stay for at least a couple of years or hopefully permanently if things turn out fine. Both my wife and I were born in Poland and emigrated to the US while young kids. The easy part is we speak fluent Polish and generally get around pretty well while in Poland. Although breaking out of the 'vacation' mode things still feel awkward sometimes. We have some relatives and friends in Warsaw but they are not much help when it comes to small kids and schools.

We're not strictly limited to a specific location in Warsaw but would like to settle somewhere in the Mokotow, Wilanow, Ursynow area. The school location will be the deciding factor here. I work remotely and my wife will probably just take it easy for the first year or so. Quality education and diversity is very high on our values list. We are looking for a good bi-lingual school preferably with a decent enrollment of international kids. If it also included Daycare that would be a big bonus. I am familiar with the American and British schools but I don't think they would be a good fit (the tuition cost not being the only factor :)).

P.S. Can anyone recommend a good Warsaw apartment rental website?