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30 Jul 2015
Law / Retirement laws in Poland [11]

you can probably just claim it when you turn 65 years old, from the polish government.
30 Jul 2015
Life / Which Dentist is the best for Bridges & Crowns in Poland ? [13]

Hi Fellow Expats!

I need to get some extensive Bridge & Crown work done on my teeth,
and wanted some real life experiences from people who had bridge work done
in Poland, Any recommendations would be super appreciated !!!!!! :)

19 Nov 2014
Travel / Cool Hipster Areas in Warsaw ? [11]

Thanks! :) just looking for some interesting vibrant areas,
not boring Old towns where pensioners hang out :)
19 Nov 2014
Travel / Cool Hipster Areas in Warsaw ? [11]

I am visiting Warsaw for just 2 days and
would like to know where the hipster areas
are with cool coffee shops and restaurants
where young people hang out ?

I only have 2 days, so just the best spots. Thanks!!
12 Nov 2014
Life / A good dental clinic of the state, in Krakow? [6]

Merged: Best Dentist in Krakow ?

I am looking for a top quality dentist in Krakow!
I would be grateful for any suggestions!


Can anyone recommend a great dentist in Krakow ?
8 Nov 2014
Life / Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Poland ? [9]

Does any know a good Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Poland ?
I'm looking to get Lasik Eye Surgery to correct my vision.

Any recommendations would be great!

17 Oct 2014
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

Does anyone here have experience in owning rental investment apartments in Krakow ?

I am thinking of getting into some rental investment apartments in Krakow and wanted
to ask if anyone knows some of the pros and cons of this game ?

i have looked at prices and rental income and tried to figure out if it's worth it or not.......

it looks like a nice 1 bedroom apartment rents for 2400 PLN if it's in a central location.....

thanks for any advice!
16 Oct 2014
Travel / Getting from Krakow to Warsaw [99]

Merged:Bus or Train from Krakow to Warsaw....What's better & cheaper ?

i need to travel from Krakow to Warsaw.......

What's better considering price and comfort, Bus or Train ?

15 Oct 2014
Travel / Getting from Krakow to Warsaw [99]

Merged: Train or Bus from Krakow to Warsaw ?

I am going from Krakow to Warsaw soon and wanted to ask
what is better , to take the Train or Polski Bus ? price and comfort are the factors :)

can anyone tell me what's more comfortable to take the Train or Polski Bus from Krakow to Warsaw ? thanks!