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21 Aug 2014
Off-Topic / Ukrainian language [42]

This thread is old, but I still want to answer it, maybe my post will help smb. The thing is that I AM Ukrainian, and I do speak Ukrainian with my friends, my family, moreover, I'm proud of it, and I'm proud when foreigners want to learn my mother tongue :) I'm from Western part of Ukraine, and yes, almost all Ukrainians speak Ukrainian here, but we also understand Russian, and no, we won't beat you if you speak Russian in my town :)
21 Aug 2014
Work / Is it possible/difficult to find a job in Poland for Ukrainian citizen? (B.A. in English) [13]

I have a Q to those who's been in Poland for some time. Is it possible/difficult to find teaching job for a non-native English speaker with B.A. in English and teaching experience in China (2 years)? My level of Polish is basic, though I want to improve it. I would really love to live in Poland :) If no, what other job is possible to find for me? I have experience only in teaching. Any information would be appreciated :)