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16 Feb 2018
Real Estate / A tenant in Warsaw asked to leave [3]

I am a tenant in Warsaw. If I was told to leave the flat can I insist on staying because my agreement is up till the end of the month? What are the consequences of not complying?
6 Feb 2018
UK, Ireland / Why are Polish people, especially women, so disrespectful toward the English? [437]

That's right. History says it all. Poles will defend. Not just honor, dignity but also reputation. It's important that the world thinks that Poland is not racist. And that is why other races that are not white should be treated with more respect and be more gentle with them. Well, at least we don't have to wash their feet. ;)
5 Feb 2018
UK, Ireland / Why are Polish people, especially women, so disrespectful toward the English? [437]

Yes, Poles are right in being disrespectful. But they are very nice and respectful towards the "colored" people such as the blacks and the Indians. To the extent that I have the thinking that Poles are very desperate to show the world that they are not racist. Just a thought.
22 Jan 2018
Real Estate / Landlord accuses of not paying rent. Poland. [6]

And by the way be careful of extra charges, especially when the landlord or landlady is not happy with you for the slightest things like for example using an electric kettle. They try to compound you with extra charges especially when they know you are leaving, and therefore try to suck out as much money from you as possible before you go. So, they try to find even the slightest/small things to complain about and then ask you to pay. Serious. It happened to me in Warsaw. One word to describe them is : greed.
9 Jul 2014
USA, Canada / Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people? [226]

I've learned over the past several years regarding polish people. they are far more racist than any

Have you been to Poland? The ones you see in NYC are just a minority. They don't reflect the majority. And just like how they want to be treated well in NYC, their people also treat people well in Poland.
9 Jul 2014
Work / Muslim woman in Poland trying to get a job (do Poles like hiring 'different' people?) [17]

Religious people are dimwits

i don't think people who abide by the laws of god or of any god for that matter are "Religious".

for example people who obey the law in any country, like us, you and me, abide by the law, but that doesn't make us the same status as Lawyers. The lay people like us (who are not lawyers) know the law enough, just not to break it and get ourselves into trouble. But we are not lawyers.

Just like the women who prefer to put on the burqa or hijab or habit, does not mean that they are "religious" or "very religious". And from what I read the women who wear like that, do not want to be treated(or looked at) as sex object, and to prevent themselves from committing adultry because they are very faithful to their husbands.

They are just simply obeying their God's law to avoid getting into trouble in the next life, just like we here on earth avoid getting into trouble with the man-made laws in any country, in this life.
12 Jun 2014
Work / Living in Katowice (programmer, 3000 PLN) - is it enough? [65]

hi, biscolo92, did you even negotiate? IT salary is higher than that(assuming that you are getting hired in the IT sector). They are giving you the minimum for a foreigner to be hired in Poland.
12 Jun 2014
Language / Learning Polish Language is very easy with the Polish Bono Vox [3]

dear people learning Polish language..

greetings all, Initially it's easy, but after that when you start to move up the ramp to A2 and transition into B1, now that's when you start to feel the pinch. It's basically a breakthrough if you can get that high because at that point you'll be learning things like the genetive case, instrumental, accusative, etc. And not only that the plural, masculine, feminine, and their endings all different. Plus there are also exceptions to some. Big headache. Aaaaa..

I've had my fair share of those rugged terrains while learning the intensive course. But take it as a fun process, and focus more on your strengths. My personal favourite is learning dokonany and nie dokonany (It's something that has got something to do with the time and completion of a verb). And also another of my favourite is czas przesły. (past tense). I like Polish music too.

People think that my favourites are difficult too.

You'll have to find something that turns you on.

If you go to clubs you may on occasions hear of this music: It's called "Ona tańczy dla mnie". I used to like it but after so many times of listening to it in clubs, you know, you'll get sick of it. But anyway here it is:


ps. May I add that the singer looks a bit like Bono Vox. Don't you think? Ok. Maybe the Polish version of Bono Vox. How many of you agree?
11 Jun 2014
Life / Driving Offences in Poland - How Fast can you go without being arrested? ;) [56]

I think governments need to be stricter when giving out driving license as well as tighten up traffic rules. For example. In Poland vehicles may or may not choose to stop for pedestrian crossing. Sometimes the drivers in Poland start speeding at the sight of pedestrian crossing. However in another Asian country, the moment the driver sees a pedestrian starting to cross the street, the driver will have to stop. It happens in this particular country because the rules are very strict.
11 Jun 2014
Life / Help me find this Polish band and song.... [117]

Hej Sokoly. One of my favourite Polish songs. This one, I learned the song complete with the lyrics translated into English, during some intensive Polish course in a university.
10 Jun 2014
News / Poland one step closer to visa waiver by US Senate [59]

I think the problem lies with Polans who don't come back after "visiting" the US.
Like in the UK, they too have problems with illegals from Poland.
I could be wrong but perhaps the rational is that they can't afford to give out visa waivers for citizens of
countries whose people do not honour the visa expiry. It happens in every country.
5 Jun 2014
Study / Warsaw University starting September, advice needed on expenses [4]

Hi AhmedAly. It really Depends on you and your preferences. What is your budget monthly? You can find apartments or room as low as 1400 pln per month. Anything lower you'll likely be sharing a room. As for food. If you eat out you spend more than if you cook for yourself. If you party or drink more, you pay more. Anyway it's the experience that counts. If you come, and not experience what you have to experience, then, your stay in Warsaw will be pretty much limited and boring. Aim for moderation.

-Thanks Monitor. Nice to see some bunch of links there, one of which came from my home country univ ;)
5 Jun 2014
Law / Moving to Poland from Australia what taxes if any do I pay [3]

hi coveynova, i suggest you get the help of a Polish finance lawyer based in Poland. They will know how and what you need to pay for, because after all i'm sure you don't want to be paying for something that is not necessary right? It will cost to get the assistance of such a lawyer but in the long run, you save a lot.
5 Jun 2014
Life / Do Polish people have a temper? [53]

It depends why and when i think. I think people are angry because of rising costs of living, and yet wages are not going up. Working hours are longer too. So, people look sad, angry and find something to lash out about.