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Paluszki Pete   
2 Jun 2014
News / Capturing the centre-ground of Polish politics [4]

I couldn't see any threads on the recent European election results or discussion about who might win the next general elections in Poland and how.

Law and Justice lost again. Their supporters might argue that they didn't lose by much but in European elections I think you'd expect the opposition to win fairly easily, especially against a party who's been in government for seven years (a very long time in Polish politics).

We could compare the situation with the Labour party in Britain in the early 1990s - I would argue that PiS need to abandon the "one more heave" approach and try to win over voters from the centre-ground.. but how? What kind of policy emphasis would win them the election?

Another problem they might have is that it's very difficult to see who they'd go into coalition with after the election bearing in mind they don't just need to beat PO, they probably need to beat a fairly formidable combination of PO and the SLD.

Also, what would happen if they lost again? Would Jarosław Kaczyński step down from the leadership and if so who would take his place?