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20 May 2014
Law / Married to a man from Poland, moved abroad - Polish citizenship? [14]

Merged: Married to a Polish woman, moved to Austria - Polish citizenship?

DzieƄ dobry. :)

I am from Brazil and I got marry with my polish wife on 04-07-2010 (Bochnia).

I am a computer programmer and in 2011 we decided move to Austria to work and collect money. Because of this moving to Austria I lost the Resident Permission in Poland and now I have it in Austria, but we plan in future come back to Poland.

I know that the "quality" of life is better in Austria, but we want have close family, so the choose is Poland.

My question is: - Do I have the possibility to apply for the Polish Citizen now? If yes, how? One, someone in Krakow told me about a way that I need send a letter to the President.

Thanks for the attention.
Best regards,

Dante Dantas