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24 Apr 2014
Work / Irish guy moving to Warsaw looking for work ( currently in Marketing sector ) [18]

Thanks everyone for your advice it is a real help. I am sorry but I'm new to the site and do not know how to quote people in my reply :/.

From reading the responses above it would seem that I need to at least get a CELTA if I want a hope at a teaching position and even then it's a long shot. I have also heard that doing private one-to-one English lessons with people can help supplement a teaching wage; has anyone any experience of this?

@smurf thanks for that man, would you know is there anything bar teaching that could be a viable option for a lowly English speaker? I am actually relieved that Poland is on a Nepotism buzz as well, my GF has contacts in Warsaw that could POSSIBLY sort me out; we just didn't know the situation with teaching.

@domenicB thanks for the reply, there was a load good stuff in there but unfortunately I will not be taking you up on your advice to ditch the girlfriend.
23 Apr 2014
Work / Irish guy moving to Warsaw looking for work ( currently in Marketing sector ) [18]

Hi my name is Owen and I'm Irish, I am planning to move to Warsaw in the next few months to join my Polish girlfriend. I currently work in marketing, in the branded food sector, and was wondering if anyone knew of any international company's who's office operate in English? I realise this may be a long shot but i have heard if you are a native speaker it is easy enough to find a job teaching. I also have a marketing degree so I'm hoping this will be enough to get me a English teaching position somewhere, however I am pretty much willing to work at anything. I've visited Poland on numerous occasions and really enjoy the culture, people, food & beautiful scenery; I only know some Polish words & basic phrases. Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for your help.