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5 Mar 2017
Genealogy / Why Polish aren't white?? [272]

[@Ironside ... That means that Poles can call black people niggers. No racism there. Sorted.]

Ask @joepilsudski - he is more knowledgeable on this subject - But hey! You want to be called this - so be it! After all, as joepilsudski has clearly said .. under your outer skin, you will find that true colour .... you can hide it no longer.
4 Mar 2017
Genealogy / Why Polish aren't white?? [272]

[joepilsudski✉ Polish are Actually Descended from West African Hausa Tribe

Around 750-800 AD, a fairly large number of Hausa tribesmen and women (region of Niger, Mali) emmigrated north over the Sahara Desert, crossed the Mediterranean, then continued their migration until the reached the region of the Carpathian mountains...]

There is some well confirmed truth in this. After much research a senior anthropologist in Uni of Warsaw has confirmed the findings.