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1 Jun 2020
Love / Do Polish Women age well? [153]

I am 47 and many people think I am in my mid 30's. I always say us Polish women are like a bottle of fine wine, we get better with age. I see people who are salads (have 3 or more nationalities in them) and age is not friendly to them. I don't even have crows feet around my eyes, still tight skin. I attribute this to my genes and being a vegetarian and also I do my best to not get upset over things I cannot control. I have that "f-k it" attitude...I won't let others upset me so easily. I am quick to throw back the insults....I guess I have "thick skin".
1 Jun 2020
UK, Ireland / Why are Polish people, especially women, so disrespectful toward the English? [407]

I have been on some forums where SOME English called Poles "parasites" and said we are not White. But I know a female from England whom are very nice. Before I met her, I had a bad disdain for the English. I have traveled to many countries and never wanted to visit England because of it. Even though I am American, I still find it insulting.
1 Jun 2020
Life / How is red hair viewed in Poland [37]

I am 75% Polish and 25% German...I usually have brown hair. Everyone in my family is blonde-haired and blue eyes. But my 100% father, I inherited his green eyes. I dyed my hair a dark blonde with red. I wanted something different....if I only have my brown hair, the greys show more so I always highlighted my hair....but with this CCP virus, all hair salons are closed! But despite whatever hair color I have, people ALWAYS guess me for Polish or ask if I am Slavic...they said they can tell in the facial features; my round head.