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17 Jan 2015
Life / Should I expect racism as a 'black' woman in Poland [149]

lublin is very provincial....its in a poor corner of the country.....rather go to the major prosperous cities where you will be appreciated for whatever you are.....dont worry,you will have plenty of polish flavor even there......there is no history of racism in poland simply because there have been few people of other colors living have a tabula rasa so make of it what you like....i dont know why you assume you will be met with racism in poland....from what i can see,the poles at least in the cities are enthralled by outsiders and are flattered that you have visited....nota bene.....i as an white polish american will attract stares in small villages and towns, but this occures less and less nowadays...if you are of polish decent,i'm sure you will be greeted warmly once they find out....get a big polska t shirt and wear it!