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5 Apr 2014
Life / Why is there such interest in Poland from the Asian population? A new wave of migrants possibly? [23]

Hey Claudia

While I agree with the observation that you have made about sudden influx of Asians into Poland, I am not sure if they are using Polish women as their work-permits :). Poland(Wroclaw particularly) is destined to be the next silicon valley of europe and that can only happen if the local skill-set rises up to the same level as what is currently the basic level in the western world. The current labour laws in Poland(8 hrs work, 30 day vacation etc) mean that there is a lot of demand for productivity(maximum work done in minimum time), this is where companies are sending people over specialists from Asia to setup teams and build on the local talent so that a self-sustaining model can be prepared for the future. There are lot of good courses in the universities in Poland but there is a lack of industry specific specializations which can get you a decent job on the certification alone. As for the Asians well, they come here for the whole european experience, the food is decent, cost of living is similar and people are not as aggressive and xenophobic as some of the other parts of Europe.

I do agree Love can drive you crazy but I would be highly surprised to know of an Asian man who would cross the seven seas hoping to meet a Polish woman he found on Tinder :)