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8 Oct 2013
Genealogy / Are Bavarians by any chance, related to the Polish people? [30]

There is no location in Poland as dark as Bavaria, even in the South of Poland they're lighter than Bavarians. Bavarians are even darker than your average Brit. Only the East of Germany are "slavicized Germans" Bavarians have nothing to do with Slavics and ultimately tend to look North Italian.

Its because Germany has been influenced by many.....Romans, Celts etc. Poland didn't have influence from a majority of these people.

Only the Northern region next to the Danish border are Germans really "Germanic", genetically they're as mixed as the British are. And in some cases some Germans even cluster close to the French like so.

@ Lyzko very true.

R1a is present in Bavaria at a mere 9.5%. It reaches as far as 25% in the East of Germany. Bavarians are mostly Y-dna R1b as the bulk of Germans are. Southern Germany actually has one of the highest counts of R1b in Germany. Which is a minority in most Slavic populations. Its best not to listen to people who don't know a thing about genetics and just rely on cultural stereotypes to define a people lol.

Also chuckled at the height and bone structure thing. Oh there's that subtle racism again, and again noone protested it as expected. Ancient Slavs were described as being tall by the way. Germanics were not the only tall people in Europe. And someone being tall doesn't mean they're Germanic. Secondly i didn't get the robust comment, because your typical Russian is far more robust than a German or Scandinavian. Scandinavians are mostly Batlid/Nordids they have much more slender faces than your average Russian.

8 Oct 2013
News / Poland and Germany should unite, says Lech Walesa [70]

If being dumb means not wanting the culture of your nation destroyed or allowing it to become a liberal hell hole like Germany, Britain, as well as Sweden is becoming limiting freedom, with its forcing of neutral genders and all that crap on people. Then i guess so. Sorry keep the west out of the East.

Save the crap this forum is full of nazi ideals you guys masturbate over Germanics and make subtle racist comments towards slavic people, yet i don't see any protest coming from any of you when this happens. But say something negative or TRUE about Germany oh the protest come flooding. Why are you on a slavic/polish forum. Why not one of your own.....why not? because your forum is like your cities are dominated by Arabs, Africans, & Turks? perhaps?

Stick to your EU, we don't want nothing of it.

We have seen what you have become with our own eyes. Your culture is dying and you replaced it with a generic pan-American culture worshipping materialism & pop culture. We don't need or want your "help" in the East, thank you. There's enough of Little America's running around already.
8 Oct 2013
News / Poland and Germany should unite, says Lech Walesa [70]

If that happens Poland will become a multicultural crap hole without a culture just like Germany is becoming.

And LOL @ Wulkan talking about German Science.

Most of the best German Scientist were Jews.

Germany has the highest amount of German Jewish inventors of all the European nations. Notice how after the holocaust, and the forcing of Jews into America the scientific production of Germany slowed tremendously. The majority of their most famous scientist are Ashkenazi Jews.

German Science and engineering has always been overrated. The French, British, Italians, & Russians have always been superior, and they did it without the help of a majority of Jews.