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26 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Have the British become the worst enemy of the Polish? [45]

That means that the 585 anti-Polish hate crimes accounted for 1.6% of all hate crimes. But the 1.1 million Poles in the UK account for 1.7% of the 62.2 million population of the UK

I thought that there were more like 500,000 - 850,000 Polish in the U.K?
26 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Have the British become the worst enemy of the Polish? [45]

585 anti-Polish hate crimes a year.

Even Muslims are getting attacked disproportionately less, even though there are about 1,000 hate crimes against Muslims a year, there are about 4 times more Muslims in the U.K than there are Polish.

So it seems that a Polish person in the U,K, is about twice as likely to be attacked than a Muslim.
26 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Have the British become the worst enemy of the Polish? [45]

Please supply a link to back up your claims.

There is an anti-Polish hate crime in Britain every 14 hours, with 585 targeted by hate crimes.

In other countries anti-Polish hate crimes like these are almost unheard of.
26 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Have the British become the worst enemy of the Polish? [45]

I can't help but to notice that every place on the internet I have been, has had British as the most anti-Polish people, Including on this forum.

With the most anti-Polish hate crimes, and anti-Polish propaganda coming out of Britain today in the world by far.

It seems that Polish - British relations are not really good.

That includes what Britain did after WW2.

Where British sold out Poland to the Soviets in Potsdam, and Yalta conference.

Where British went against Polish marching in victory parades.

Where British basically stole Polish gold, to pay for the Polish armies mantenance.

Where Britain kept the death record of Wladyslaw Sikorski from the Polish people.

Why does Poland need enemies, when it has such lousy friends as Britain?
26 Jun 2014
Life / Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world! [330]

Funny how Poles have contributed far less to academia than Brits and Americans...

There was a time when Poland contributed more to academia than Brits did.

Witelo of the 13th century founder of Optics.

Copernicus of the 15th century founder of modern science with the heliocentric theory backed by science.

Albert Brudzewski of the 15th century was behind the first proper rotation of the moon.

Michal Sedziwoj of the 16th century discovered Oxygen.

Jozef Strus of the 16th century founded modern pulse methods.

Kazimierz Siemienowicz of the 17th century invented the first delta wing multistage rocket.
21 Jun 2014
Life / What is the reason for POLISH jokes ? [486]

Polish people lacking in education is still fairly common

A good Polish joke, is that Poland beat Germany, U.K, France, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Israel, and the U.S.A in overall PISA score performance.
15 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Do Poles and EU Citizens exploit the British welfare state [129]

2.2.million unemployed; 6.8%

The vast majority of people who received unemployment benefits were sick, and disabled, as was outlined in my article.

If you didn't know, the 2.2 million unemployed figure, only includes people who are out of work, and who are looking for work.

Your article, even admits that 30.43 million British were employed, so what happened to the other 30 million or so?
15 Jun 2014
Genealogy / Do you think all Slavs are white? [178]

real racial characteristic of our Slavic kind is ROSE, not the WHITE skin.

Polish, and other Slavs seem to lack rose / reddish colored skin.

It is mostly British, and Irish who have rose / reddish colored skin.

they are the most European along with the Scandinavians and the Dutch

The Dutch aren't the most European by genetics.

Lithuanians always come out as the most European by DNA, in study after study, this is true.

Many DNA studies conclude that Polish are as European, or even more European than Scandinavians.

Maternal DNA suggests that Polish are a mix of Lithuanian, and German.

Paternal DNA suggests that Lithuanians are a mix of Polish, and Finns.
15 Jun 2014
News / Poles most worried about independence in 23 years - poll [8]

Aren't Polish fears of being taken over well justified, looking at Polish history?

Poland was invaded by Germany, Prussia, Teutons, Austrians, Russia,Kievan Rus,,Soviets, Ukrainians (Cossacks) Tatars, Mongols, Ottoman Turks, Sweden, Vikings, Denmark, and Moldovians, ect ect

Jews infilitrating the system is possible, they did under Jakub Berman, Hilary Minc, and Roman Zambrowski.

Jews also planned to make a Judeo-Polonia or Jewish state of Lublin.
15 Jun 2014
Life / Why are Polish so conservative and religious? [245]

Polish are probably so conservative, and religious, because after the partitions of Poland, The Polish who resisted Germanization, and Russification, were most likely to be more conservative, and catholic in beliefs.

Much of the liberal, and atheist Polish most likely didn't see the cultural use in being Polish, so they took the easy path of becoming German, or Russia.
15 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Do Poles and EU Citizens exploit the British welfare state [129]

poor schooling.

What poor schooling in Poland?

Poland scored one of the highest PISA scores in all of Europe, overall beating the U.K, Germany, France, Russia, Norway,Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland ect.

keep on topic please
14 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Do Poles and EU Citizens exploit the British welfare state [129]

Cite your source please.

Working-age out-of-work benefit recipients

5.3 million working-age people were in receipt of an out-of-work benefit in February 2011. Of these, 2.6 million (49%) were sick or disabled, 1.4 million (27%) were unemployed and 0.6 million (12%) were lone parents.

Well it's my country, so even if there was one Pole taking unemployment benefits, it's one too many! Please leave the UK and return to Poland to collect your unemployment benefits in your own country.


These Polish pay taxes into the system, why aren't they entitled to the same rights as British tax payers?

You sound anti-Polish.

I I bet you don't have an issue with Africans, and Pakistanis on benefits, as long as they were born in the U.K?
14 Jun 2014
UK, Ireland / Do Poles and EU Citizens exploit the British welfare state [129]

There are about 14,000 Polish in the U.K on unemployment benefits, while there are about 5 million British born citizens on unemployment benefits.

So, nearly 10% of Brits are on unemployment benefits, while, about 2% of Polish in the U.K are on unemployment benefits.
14 Jun 2014
History / Poland is great Mother of all Slavs from Baltic to Balkan [155]

Well, Poles are Catholic Christians, which make "motherhood" of all Slavs almost impossible. I would like to point out Vatican and its anti-slav policies, which was so obvious during WW2, when Catholic Christian Slavic Croats murdered hundreds of thousands Orthodox Christian Slavic Serbs living in former Austro-Hungarian Empire

The Vatican was officially neutral during WW2., and the Vatican actually saved thousands of Jews during WW2.

Catholics were also targets of Nazi Germany.

Don't forget that Catholic Poland was the first to fight Nazi Germany, while Catholic Czech Republic was the first non- German country to be invaded by Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany killed many Catholic priests, although many were Polish Catholic priests, not all the priests that were killed were Polish, some were even German.

The oldest survivor of Dachau was a Polish Catholic priest Leon Stepniak.

The Catholic church in Germany had stood up to Nazi Germany, due to Nazi Germanys euthanasia policy.
14 Jun 2014
History / Poland must get back Lwow, Wilno and Brest back [82]

As opposed to all the towns and villages in the land Poland stole from Germany which had to be given Polish names because they simply had never had Polish names....

The real Polish government , the Polish government in exile was against ¨stealing¨ these lands.

It was Britain, America, and the Soviet Union who all agreed to move the borders of Poland in Potsdam, and Yalta.

It was a heavily Jewish dominated Polish Soviet government that took over these German lands, with such Soviet Jews as Jakub Berman, Hilary Minc, Roman Zambrowski, and Salomon Morel ect.

they wont give Wilno without a fight and then Pole's will be 1 most hated people in Lithuania

According to the Pew poll in 2009, Lithuanians disliked Polish more than they did Russians.

Wilno was 53% Polish, and 2% Lithuanian in 1916.