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25 Nov 2013
Work / Polish private pension - is it obligatory to join? [13]


I will soon start working in Poland and so far everything seemed to be clear except one thing. Can someone tell me if it's obligatory to join a private pension fund or is it optional? I've heard there was a change in the regulation recently.

1 Sep 2013
Law / PESEL & NIP in Częstochowa? [10]

Yeah, I know, he doesn't want to pay taxes.

Where can I get PESEL and NIP? I've heard that it's only possible in regional centres only: is it true? So, do I need to go to Katowice for this or is it possible in Częstochowa as well?
1 Sep 2013
Law / PESEL & NIP in Częstochowa? [10]

Hey there,

I recently moved to Wrocław from Estonia and I wanted to obtain PESEL, however my landloard does not want me to register at his place, so I and my gf were thinking about registering myself to Czwa, to her parent's house.

Do you know if I'll have any problem if my zameldowanie is in a different region than my workplace? If it's not a problem, do you guys know where can I get PESEL and NIP in Częstochowa?

Many thanks