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25 Jan 2014
Love / Are Polish men handsome to you? [182]

i find most easteuropean guys "ugly" (sorry guys) those ive seen(not all) are chubby, needs a bath and a shave, NEW CLOTHES , and a haircut.....

but i think most of the polish men have a nice smile for some reason... i think my bf is hot ofcause.. hes only 21 :D so he got some time to turn ugly lol just kidding.. and then theres a few others i know i find attractive. and another theres just WOW :O ******* HOT ohhh weeeeeeeeeeeeee :P

i actually thing that most of the men there would look good if they changed the things i mentioned, thye tend to not care much about them self cept from work work and work. and alcohol :D

beside that, i think that polish women are some of the most beautifull women... i sure envy them :P
25 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

he is very stubborn , says he aint got a problem, saying he doesnt harm anyone so theres no problem.. well he will get smarter some day hopefully, because hes breaking himself down...

well if i found out he felt something for me, ofcause id be happy, but i would be able to keep distance as he has a girl friend, if he left he and was 100% sure that she wasnt the one for him, sure id gie it a try if he wanted, and id leave my bf, for 5 years i havnt even looked at other men , well i have but not like thinking they were hot and so on.. other guys just wasnt interesting. and on scociale networks if guys wrote to me, i never replied, cuz i knew what they wnated and i didnt want any other than my bf. and then that guy came along. and for the first year i knew bout him, he wasnt interesting either.. then just one day. boom, i would have married him on the spot if he asked hehe

at least you get to see him everyday.. wish i could :D so if he decide to leave his gf , will you tell him?
25 Jan 2014
Love / Do Polish men make good husbands? [106]

no im danish and live in denmark.... i do have options too. but first.. hes nice too. hes my kids father, i do love him, in love.. no..... and i havnt really been single since i was 15 :/ and i have never ever lived alone.. first serious relationship was 7 years.. after i had one on 1 year, and now 5 years. so i have no idea how i would manage to live alone with 2 kids and not die lonely very slowly hehe
22 Jan 2014
Love / Do Polish men make good husbands? [106]

in my case i would say no at some points....

im not married but i have been with my polish boyfriend and lived together almost since day 1, been together for 5 years and have 2 kids. hes 21 and im 29..

he helped me out of a violent relationship back in the days and i was hiding at his moms house for 4 months, back then he was very careing, treated me like a princess and respected me..

he never been romantic tho hehe

as things looks like now.... hes is verryyyyy egoistic, he works 2 jobs (both good and bad) he promise me things allll the time and dont keep the promise... he now drink daily after he got new friends at work who drink, and then he started too :/ he never play with his kids, never really make a convo with them, he never change a diper, he dont even know where the shirts or panths in the closet is, he never pick them up from daycare, hes not really there.. he neverrrr helps at home never, not even when im sick. well he take the trash out after i asked him 20 times,, hes old fashion, think we live in the 1940's or so.. in his head its like. women take care of kids women shop women cook and do everything at home.... men work eat sleep and ****... thats his way of life.. its really sad he changed that much...

with both out kids i had c section.. at first 2 months i wasnt allowed to clean and lift and stuff.. he didnt help... i was crawling on the flor washing it while crying from serious pain, and he didnt help..

why didnt i leave may u all think... good question.... i cnat answer it...

like 90% of his polish male friends. have the same point of view , at first they are like the most careing person in the world... and booom back to 1940's

im not saying everyone is like that because i knwo some who aint...

so hard to say if your man will make a good husband.. you cant predict the future...... its a chance you gotta take and learn from mistakes
21 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

well first, im sure he wont leave any girlfriend, well i cant be sure but theres many things that would make a relationship with him difficult.. it could work, but wouldnt be any easy. so thats why i would let him not for MY sake cuz i know i wont be with him, but i would feel peace thats my secret is out, i feel so ****** everyday going around ans miss him, thinkin bout him and so on, its horrible, and i really tried to forget him.

and theres no issues with my kids :) they are doing well as always... and problems with my bf is not easy to solve but im trying, so i ammm dealing with that beside this so no worries.

but yes it would be nice to hear the same from him, but if he felt that, he would most likely say, yes i did feel for you too but i was holding back and i am now in a relationship, or something like that, and i would respect that as i never expected anything from him. he have sent lots of hints during the time, that he could be interested tho....


and in your case, if you knew the guy you like , that his relationship was ****, then why not tell him, if he felt the same, and he at the same time could get away from a bad relationship, and what if he really was your true love, why miss that chance?

if things was like that for me that i would have told..
21 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

my bf is polish as well. and the other guy isnt really religious (cant spell) hehe
if you read my first post ud see that im aware that i wont have a relationship with this guy, this is about me keeping these feelings to myself and its driving me crazy, and i HAVE tried to forget, but i cant, and this guy went back home to poland tonight ,and im just sitting here being really sad to be honest, and its so stupid.. all i want is for him to know, so i can get this heavy stone of my chest by him just knowing. im not asking for anything at all..

She and her bf already have issues. Maybe some couples counseling would help? There's a growing lack of intimacy here.

yea we have issues, he drink a little to much, he doesnt take time to his kids or me for that sake, all he do is drink **** eat and work. and sleep. ,, and no lack of sex tho. we gets what he needs ;)

come on! just go for it! make yourself happy and see where you are after this. if you think that he is the man, then go for him, if not, go back with your little boy!

if hes the man.. if he lived here, and i was isngle and he was, trust me i would have told him ages ago.... i just have to think about that i now have a man and he is in a new relationship.

and i dont want no drama going on, and im no cheater either.. if he wanted me i would leave my bf first..... but i wrote him a letter about all this, im just 2 scared to send it.. :/
20 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

well, best thing is- have fun with the friend. If you like 3some, then speak to your bf! you might get love from both sides! and you wont lose any of them

i wouldnt cheat on my bf like that, if i wanted to be with someone else i would leave him first. so no 3some lol

Who are you trying to convince here?

im not lying to myself first of all.

you say theres no reason to tell... how would you know if he really was interested , but is holding back during respect to his friend and my kids, and he dont wanna lose his friend ?

and you may be right. it might cause drama, if he told my bf i wrote a letter to him telling, or if he was interested and i left my bf for him.

but lets say i told him in a letter, and he said it was cute but hes not interested, then i would 100% accept it. and in that letter i wouldnt even ask him to be mine, its just a letter with my feelings. no offers!. and if he rejected me, it maybe would help me to move on , .. if he said he have been thinking the same, it was a completely different reaction than i would expect. and i would be ina big mess, but then i would be glad i wrote to him, cause what if i never did if he felt the same. now that would suck to know someday...

this guy is in his 30's so i doubt he would be the type to start a big drama.

time ago I saw a movie, I can't remember the title, about a woman and a man who never spoke to each other and were only meeting to make love. I always find it fascinating - that connection between people that is beyond words, words always separate. One can't have a serious relationship without words though

hehe sounds crazy, love without words is possible..i know.. i wouldnt want him just to bang bang with him tho,.
im sure if i ended up with him we would be able to speak somehow. as we now have been writing a little in polish. so im not worried about that :)
20 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

yea you might be right. he didnt tell me tho.. he told my bf and then my bf he told me. , and to get me of his bakc? he dont even know im into him hehe..

also i dont wanna mess up his new "relationship" im not into become his girlfriend, all i mean by this is really just to get rid of this secret for my own sake, by telling him, and also make clear im not into messing anythin up for him, i just need to move forward, and i cant as long as i keep this to myself all the time.

im at that point with my bf that im only with him because of the kids. all the stupid things he have done, you all would just be like WTF if i wrote it. and think im stupid for staying.. but its easier said than done
20 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

No, he's got a girlfriend. Leave him at it. You're just obsessing over someone you don't know very well. Your relationship with your current boyfriend is a totally different situation and you have to see if you want to stay with him or not.

im not obsessed :) i just have normal feelings for this guy hehe.. but i understand you, but i was thinking now he got a gf , would be a good time to tell as hes is with her and not would welcome my feelings and at that point i wouldnt mess everything up..

She just wants to find out what he would do if she told him. It is all reliant on how he feels about this girlfriend. Might as well tell him and see. If he is in love with his girlfriend, he won't be interested in your advances. If he doesn't love her, he will welcome them.

yea exactly, i just need to get this thoughts out, its not like i can tell people about this, because my bf would know then, so in all those months i have been hiding this to my self, and thats pretty hard, and cause many sleepless nights, if this guy really liked me and wanted to fight for this, then i would leave my bf for him.. no doubt about that. even tho i dont know him well, its a chance i gotta take.. what if he was the love of my life? then i let him go by...
20 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

its not that im bored, well a little.. but ive had the chance to get a crush on very hot guys, but thing is im not like that , bored or not.. but its different with this guy, and of cause i will keep contact with him if i leave or he does. we have kids together, so im kinda forced hehe.

and its not like i expect or really want to have a relationship with the other guy.. i just want him to know how i feel for my own sake so i dont have to keep this secret to myself for good, because its driving me crazy to think about everyday and not being able to talk or do anything.
20 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

thing is he doesnt speak danish, i dont speak polish. and he doesn't speak english.. soo i will have to get someone to translate a letter for me..

but what would he think, if he got it??? would he think im an idiot . what if he also felt for me? what is he told my bf.. im scared. but i so wanna let him know..
20 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

yea, to be honest im only with him because of the kids.. and ofcause i do love him, but i found out i can feel for others, and that makes me think. andthis other guy is the only thing ive been thinkin bout since summer :(
20 Jan 2014
Love / I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed ) [33]

Hello everyone

this might be pretty long and complicated

i need some advice really, and plz dont say stupid and mean things.

i have a boyfriend , meet him when he was 16 and i was 24 , its a very long story, bout me being in a relationship with a violent guy and he kinda helped me away with his family. so things took a step to another. and today we been together for 5 years and have to children.

our relationship isnt really good. hes now 21 and he drink like everyday so we argue alot.

anyways last year his polish friend came to our country(not poland) to try work and stay here, after 6 months or so he went home to poland, and then he came back this last summer..

i have never thought about him as anything more than my bf's friend.. but then all of a sudden, he came more around and visit and so on and something just happend and i got my eye up for him, he doesnt speak my language, maybe very few words, and no english either, and i doesnt speak polish but i understand alot tho.

well as the time flew by i thought more and more about this guy, i noticed him looking at me and looked away wehn i saw it, we gave me some looks and started to be loud and laugh alot around friend, and then look at me like did you notice meee.. oh well. there was this one time i sent him sms in polish because he was helping with something he had to make for our home., he sent me ;) smileys like that, saying i was a good lady, but thats it..

theres many more things i analyzed for him to be interrested, but he seems shy and i think if he was interrested he wouldnt say duing respect to my bf and kids..

now its been 8 months since i started to think about him allll the time.. dream about him.. its really bad.. and i feel bad to my bf for thinking like that, as i never would cheat on him tho..

i would leave if i ever wanted to cheat...i wrote him a letter telling him how i feel and that im not asking to be with him because i know it would be complicated but if he would then i wouldnt say no. but that i only wrote this letter to get this thought of my chest as i cant talk to anyone about it,

well my bf's drinking problem got worse, to i mailed this guy asking for his help to talk to him, because i know he respect him , he mailed me back that he knew about this and he already mentioned it to him many times. and he promised that when he came on visit he would try talk to him again, and he came today :P

so he came to our house this evening. i was shakeing so much i had to put down my coffee :/ couldnt barely look at him , and at same time i felt like just jump over to him hehe.

after he left my bf tells me that he found a gf with a little baby.. and i was like :'(

i dont know if its true or not, but yea sucks. even tho i want him to be happy. when he went out he looked me in the eyes like. we were talking but still not saying a word.. hard to explain.. like he knew all this..

now im thinking. should i tell him how i feel... now he got a gf. and would reject my feelings, then i maybe could move on and try forget him, and feel good that i know he now knows.. or let it be and feel sad everyday .. i would give my arm away for jus get a tiiiiny hug from him. thats how bad i feel.. i dont even know why.. and i never ever felt for someone like this and specially not while im ina relationship---

so yea guys.. what do you thing.. he got something for me? but holds back

should i tell him??

what... im so lost