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11 Jul 2013
Life / What the idea of a black person is to Polish people? [14]

Hello everyone

Brief Intro: I am a fine black 24 year old guy and i visited Poland recently for 2 weeks.

Honestly speaking, I have many fine things to say about my experience, Obviously scared before I went there but I soon realised how friendly and very very very helpful some people were to me. I say this based on personal experience of course and might vary from persons to persons.

I only witnessed light racism which i think happens everywhere [Fact: Everyone can't like you, even if we are all purple, we just can't always accept others].

I was in Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow and Poznan during my visit, I had a fantastic time, fell in love with Polish pierogi and cheap beer, krakow was my favourite. The women were beautiful as well i need to say.

Anyway one thing I couldn't understand and still have mixed feelings about is why I was stared at every time and everywhere I went to. I've never ever been that conscious of my self before, it did make me feel uncomfortable though. People in groups especially girls always stare, speak in Polish and giggle and I just feel even more unease with the surrounding.

I'm just curious to find out what the idea of a black person is to Polish people.

P.s. I have a few decent Polish friends in England as well.