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20 Jan 2017
Love / Should I follow her? I met a beautiful Polish woman who has been working in the UK [62]

Ok OP,

I'm a Brit living in very rural Poland (Southern Poland in the mountains). I met a Polish Woman, we got married and we have 3 kids. Her father died and then the bombshell hit......We were basically made to move to Poland to look after mother in law and house.

Things were great in Ireland (Where we were living when we met), then when we moved to Poland over 3 years ago she changed so much.

All of a sudden she became extremely religious, acquiring all these new rules and traditions that I'd never seen before from her.

Our marriage hit rock bottom.

I found it very hard to get on with anybody for the first 6 months, then after a year I wanted out.

Luckily I found work by accident and I have become very successful, mainly because I live in a very rural area of Poland (Beskidi mountains). I now speak quite good Polish and have made many friends.

Life in Poland is extremely hard, in all aspects. This winter is extremely tough going, Money soon goes and my marriage is no where near perfect.

But, There are a lot of positives.....The people, the summer weather, the culture, the countryside, the food, school education and lots more.

So if you do make a move, Life will be very tough to start and it will not be a bed of roses. Ride the storm out and you'll do Ok.

Also my savings have dwindled as we had to do so much work on the house when we moved over (We still have a lot to do as well), but saying that if you have some savings, don't tell your woman how much you have and play it cool. Savings go a long long way here.

I live in a superb place in a very large house with an awful amount of land, the kind of place you dream of.

So after 3.5 years i am very happy here.

Oh on the note about wages, I remember getting my first weeks pay here and I was so depressed, it was the same as a days pay in Ireland, but ive worked hard and now earn very good money, you soon adjust to the changes in income.
23 May 2016
Law / Just got my permanent resident permit to live in Poland :) [46]

Just reading a few of these threads with interest as I'm thinking of applying for PR now. My situation is that I'm married to a Polish national (5 years), we have 3 children all of which are Polish and I have lived in Poland for 3 years now, working for about 2 of them.

The reason why I'm asking is that currently my British passport is about to run out and i need some form of identification.

So my first question is, can the PR identity card be used to travel within the EU (Ryan air etc)?

I was told at my local gmina office that the ID card is the same as the national ID card, but it states I am a British citizen on it.

Is this correct as I'm dubious about it.
18 Apr 2016
Life / New EU roaming rules, still seems expensive to roam in EU with Polish provider [2]

As the new rules kick in for EU roaming (From 1st April 2016, then fully in April 2017), Personally I cant see any changes, infact it seems more expensive?

I'm with Orange Na Karte and currently for me to roam in EU its 1mb for 2zl, unless i buy a stupid package for like 2mb a day for 1.50zl? It seems a call will cost 95gr/min and an sms 30gr.

The data is ridiculous.

The new EU rules say your at home allowances can be used within the EU, which will be brought in between April 2016-2017.
15 Dec 2014
Law / Registration of right hand drive cars in Poland - possible? [82]

Seems from 1st of January it may happen.......

Basically, According to this project, from 1st January 2015, RHD car will be allowed for registration.
However lights will need to be changed for original LHD lights (that applies to front lights + rear fog light).
Left mirror must give enough vision (there is diagram in the project) - so f.e. cars with smaller left mirror might need to have this changed.

And speedometer will need to show in km/h (or both mph or km/h).

Project is currently under public consultation, If everything goes well, by 1st January, you'll finally be able to register your car.
13 May 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

Did you try any major garages?

Yes ive tried a few test centers and main dealers in and around southern Malapolska (Tried 5 places). They take one look at the steering wheel and say its an instant fail due to steering wheel!

Where abouts are you Forfour44? I could try Krakow??

Just wondering whats the story with headlights as well, Ive had no problems with mine (People flashing me), And according to Citroen my headlights are OK for driving both sides of the road?

And now all this business has gone on in the European court regarding RHD cars, I wonder if anyone has succesfully registered a RHD car yet here?

Locally I know of a few UK reg cars here (In the country) Nice cars too, 1 a Jag and the other a Golf GTI.
14 Apr 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

What kind of document do you get from them when its been tested?

Yes you can, You need to take your V5 with you and they will check it give you the print out and all for 99zl. I even took an invoice for my school. :)
I went to the local Ford garage. They were very helpful.

Ok ive tried many places to get my car tested, All which said the RHD was an instant fail??

Its strange that forfor44 has been able to get his car tested, ive just hit a brick wall.
14 Apr 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

I have my Irish reg car here. I went to local test center and they said no they wouldn't/couldn't test it? I assume a v5 is a regestration document?
14 Apr 2014
Life / Car test..The Polish equivalent of the MOT [36]

Someone on another thread said they were able to get their uk registered car tested here in poland? I asked at my local test center and they laughed at me?
4 Apr 2014
Law / Bringing a brand new car from UK to Poland [22]

The do not require you to get an MOT or tax from UK. Just a safety check in Poland.

Am i understanding you correctly you have a UK reg car here and are able to get a Polish safety check done on it??
18 Dec 2013
News / Why is Amazon not present in Poland? [57]

Also amazon don't accept a lot of payment cards from polish banks as they don't use the CCC number on the back of the card. My pko visa cannot be used. Its a real pain.
18 Dec 2013
Law / Registration of right hand drive cars in Poland - possible? [82]

Well I've driven my rhd car all over Europe. I feel safe driving it and never had a problem with steering wheel being on wrong side (apart from toll booths). I can't see how rhd cars can have the excuse. Of "being a danger to road safety" when the standard of driving here in LHD cars is shocking. I've seen overtaking on blind bends, overtaking on a grass verge, speeding, and no care taken on icy roads (yesterday I witnessed 2 crashes on ice, even though people had put up signs to tell people of bad ice on a corner). I have my car brought from ireland and I hope to get it registered here as its not worth the hassle of taking it back!

Any idea how the judgement went in Brussels today regarding the EU commission v poland allowing rhd cars to be registered here? Today was the delivery of the judgement?
24 Oct 2013
Life / Electrical wiring in Poland - color codes [23]

OK, thanks for the replies. What I have done is to give me some protection is just change the UK 3 pin plugs on my UK 4 way adaptors, so that it plugs into the wall socket with the standard Polish plug socket and then it goes to a UK 4 way adaptor where I can plug in my devices that still have the UK fused plugs on them. So far so good.
21 Oct 2013
Life / Electrical wiring in Poland - color codes [23]

Merged: Wiring a plug in Poland

Ok, im fairly competent with electrics but a little confused about wiring a mains plug in Poland. I can see the obvious place for the Earth wire (yellow & green), but the live and neutral wires are not marked. Also i notice you can put a non earthed plug any way around in a socket??

Any pointers would be appreciated.
7 Oct 2013
Law / Need advice and help for obtaining a PESEL [8]

Ok, been in Poland for about a month now. Been to the local offices in Bystra (Malapolska) where we have registered our marriage (From Ireland), but I cant seem to get any help or advice from this office where I go to get my pesel. They have taken my original birth cert and the translation, so i dont have that anymore. Need to start looking for work soon or I will crack up, but cant do anything with out a pesel!!

Do I need to go to Krakow? Dont fancy going all the way there for a wasted journey.
20 Sep 2013
Law / Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations. [299]

Merged:opening a bank account without id card or pesel

I'm desperate to open a polish bank account to get my funds over here. I have no pesel (currently awaiting for my registration at my address), but cannot find any bank (high street or internet) that will open an account for me. Anyone had any success with this? Internet would be best, as im out in the country.
9 Sep 2013
Law / Opening a bank account and buying a car in Poland (account in Euros, car tax, insurance) [22]

I have a similar problem, I want to import a car from UK and trying to see how much importing and registering would cost.

As far as I know You cant register a RHD car in Poland. Its strange as its part of the EU, but this seems to be the rule. I am moving this week, bringing my trusty Citroen diesel over (RHD), its fully taxed, insured and tested here in Ireland), so it will be interesting to see how i get on.

Im also going to go with PKOBP bank when i arrive, as luckily there is a local branch where im moving to.
13 Aug 2013
Life / What do I need to do when I arrive in Poland ? [13]

Yep, Its a small world. Hopefully I'll be out there in a few weeks time. I'll keep you in mind if I get stuck in any ways. I think we had an invitation for a wedding next week to, but i doubt it was the same one!
11 Aug 2013
Life / What do I need to do when I arrive in Poland ? [13]

You're not far,The offices are on the main high street on the left hand side (that's if you come in from Makow Podhalanski side of town)

Will be coming from near Jordanow (Sidzina to be exact)
31 Jul 2013
Law / Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations. [299]

PS: Ah, I can see the Sync account but the page and forms are not in English, so it's not easy for a non Pole

I emailed alior sync about setting up an account, They told me that non nationals cannot, its only open to Polish nationals. Thought that was a bit harsh. I tried opening up an account and you cant change the nationality from Polish to anything else.
27 Jul 2013
Life / What do I need to do when I arrive in Poland ? [13]

Thats a great help and makes things a little clearer. I don't think i'm far from the government buildings that deal with these things (Sucha Beskidzka, malopolska).

What documents would I need for the pesel? Birth cert, Passport etc etc?

And would my Irish tax documents be any good/use there?
27 Jul 2013
Life / What do I need to do when I arrive in Poland ? [13]

Ok, so its around the corner now before my move to Poland in September. What's the list of things to do when I arrive? I already have a house, so thats that done. Do I apply for a pesel number first (So I can open bank account etc). Seems to be so many stories floating around and even my Polish family are a little confused to what i need to do.

Do i need a resident permit, even though im from the EU and my wife is Polish? Ive lived in other EU countries before and had no major problems, but this move to Poland seems a little more complicated.