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15 Aug 2013
Study / Any (inexpensive) English Schools in Krakow? [60]

Not going to happen. You might find some schools that offer additional English classes, but the vast majority of schools will still require heavy knowledge of Polish.

It seems absolutely incredible that we stupid English pander to the likes of the Poles when swarms of them turn up with their kids all over the country. Although they are taught in English, many parents complain bitterly that the attention the Polish kids receive because they are so inept with the language holds back local kids education.

If teachers and parents dare to complain they are branded the usual guff about being racist, Nazi or fascist pigs. Why are the British so bloody stupid and stand for this crap? WTF happened to this country to make it the basket case that it has become?
17 Jul 2013
UK, Ireland / Warning by Poland's Government before you go to the UK [53]

The UK is full up. People are hostile towards not just Poles, but all the other degenerates who come to the UK for freebies and handouts. It's absolutley amazing how on the one hand people in the UK are so particular about how they dispense with their trash and careful about recyling all the correct materials yet have allowed their own country to become a human dustbin for all sorts of rubbish.

The UK is a broken country. For the citizens like me wanting to stay in London, get a reasonably paid job in order to travel, the Poles have ensured that those days are gone. They have reduced my bargaining power, raised the rents and lowered the wages. As you may have guessed, I dislike Polish people intensely.
4 Jul 2013
Life / An Englishman wanting to watch TV in Poland [51]

Why not watch the Polish premier league instead of English football? Their football is like their lifestyle and economy....enriching, exciting, pulsating, tantalizing, rewarding.
Yeh you guessed...I'm joking of course. It is the dullest, depressing place. Why else would millions of Poles travel via National Express to settle in the UK? You are an anomaly .
6 Jun 2013
Life / An Englishman wanting to watch TV in Poland [51]

I would dispense with TV altogether as it's now just one giant propaganda machine interrupted by programs that would insult the intelligence of a gnat. Why would anybody with half a brain watch The X Factor or Big Brother for example.

The BBC was a well oiled machine yesterday but now it's nothing more than a sub Marxist voice of the immigrants....(never mind the people). Say a wrong word like 'black, brown or Pole and you will never have your voice heard on the British Broadcasting Corporation for fear of libel.

Ditch all forms of modern media. Look at your own web sites and form your own opinions and then learn to play the violin instead of wasting your time
3 Jun 2013
History / Poland is a Catholic country [177]

Are Poles proud of the fact that it is a supposedly Catholic country? If so, why do so many people from Poland travel across Europe in a National express coach to get to the UK who's head of state is the protestant Queen of England?

Surely your first choice, now that you have been granted freedom of movement by Western Europeans should be Italy so that you can pay frequent homage to the new Pope (the last one having resigned due to the immeasurable amounts of paedophile priests and the massive cover ups at the Vatican). Money is your new God now and by God, you don't half demonstrate that by behaving in such an undignified fashion over the last few years.

Your supporter of the Catholic faith would get on his knees in front of the Queen of England if he or she were granted a few extra coppers in their purse.