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9 May 2013
Love / My little confession hehe - I always thought polish women were ugly [57]

any European or other countries have their share of good looking.
It's all about how they take care of themselves that matters.
I might be considered ugly by some, but I am not the ugliest in Canada and I try to work out, so I can enjoy multiple activities and that so that am liked by people.

If they like my personality, then my looks wont matter all that much and they'll appreciate the person that I am.
We judge too many people by their outer beauty, when average looking people can be quite the catch.
9 May 2013
Travel / Best places to visit in Poland [87]

Merged: Will visit Poland in 2014 - places to go?

I will be staying in Warsaw for sure, because of family.
I might go for 2-4 weeks, depends how life pans out and will be booking Jan 2014 for the summer.

I was considering visiting Krakow, Lublin
and maybe Szczecin (location of my ex, it'll depend on her).

I know I am planning quite early, and wanted to visit this July,
instead I'll be working throughout those weeks and focusing on my studies.

Any other places I should look into ?
9 May 2013
Language / How do Poles feel about foreigners learning their language? [105]

They are happy at the way I speak Polish, because i left when I was 4 and lived in Canada for 23 years, but I haven't stopped using it more then 3 days max and speak it almost every day with family and friends.

I still combine polish with English, but I can use simple words properly, so they understand most of what I want to say.
Like they say, ' If you don't use it, you lose it '
9 May 2013
Travel / Best places to visit in Poland [87]

Thanks for the info, if i have 4 weeks i'll have more options,
but the ones i mentioned i'll surely visit in a 2 weeks span.
I still have over 1 year to plan it all, so it's not like i am in a rush.