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23 Jun 2013
News / Poland's Nationalists hold congress [132]

They are plain nazis

You're an uneducated idiot or a bare-footed troll. Comparing polish nationalist party to people who gassed an equivalent of a small nation measured in women and children is tasteless and plain wrong.
23 Jun 2013
News / Poland's Nationalists hold congress [132]

I daresay both parties are to blame and Nationalists are veeeery happy that police provoked them, now they can trumpet it all over their circles.
23 Jun 2013
History / Kaczynski's Legacy [88]

I must agree with Kaczyński on RAŚ, they're indeed pro-germanic going as far as praising the Nazis, while i disagree with Kaczyński a lot here he was spot on.
23 Jun 2013
News / Poland's Nationalists hold congress [132]

If they were a serious force, why was Jaroslaw Kaczynski very careful to not support them last time round?

Because the National Movement aims for the same electorate that Law and Justice does, if National Movement gets support it will come from parts of L&J electorate.

That said there is an interesting social operation enacted by government affiliated media such as TVN, TVP and Onet. They put quite a bit of attention to the Nationalist Movement in hopes that it will weaken PiS come elections, this is done due to the fact that Civic Platform is losing a lot of support in the nation due to corruption and general mismanagement of the country.

There are two main issues with RN (Nationalists) - one is they have no real concept of what do to or how to act after they grab power, the other is that they're speaking in a voice that's at least 20 years too late, their rhetoric does not reach the general populace nor the younger people despite their bombastic claims, they're an old idea attempting a comeback and being very late for the party indeed.
3 May 2013
History / How different would WW2 turned out if Poland accepted Hitler's offer [215]

Anyone who has studied the War (especially in the 1930's) realize that France and England weren't prepared for war.

Yes they were, France could mobilise and equip a 2 milion strong force, Britain could muster a 100 thousand mobile army, what you mean is that neither France nor England mobilised for war in time but thats again due to their willingness to sacrifice Poland.

They not only weren't prepared they simply didn't want to fight

That much is true, neither France nor UK were willing to honor the letter of their agreement with Poland and limited themselves to token aid, both financial and military.

Poland didn't go through WWI like the French and English.

No, Poland actually went through WWI much worse than French and English, Poland was the frontline of the german-russian war and then russian-polish war, the combined military and civilian losses mount to around a milion people and the loss of 90% of its economy. That means that Poland lost about as much as France (France lost approximately 1.5 milion but was larger) and its economic losses were several times bigger and yet Poles were both ready and willing to fight.

Poland could have done better against Germany and Russia especially after the War,

After the war Poland was occupied by over a milion russian troops and could not decide about anything by itself.

after-all they were offered the Marshall Plan, but refused.

See above. They were made to refuse by Russians, there's even specific letters from Moscow which underline that "there is no need nor requirement for the capitalist aid".

Poland doesn't have a history of good governance.

So are you a biased idiot or just a troll? Poland ruled as a sole power of central and eastern Europe for over 200 years but it doesnt have a history of good governance?

a significant number of Poles after the War believed in Communism. That's a fact.

Approximately a milion, out of more than 30 milion people, that means that approximately 3% of Poles believed in communism, hardly a significant number. Poland was communist because it was sold, betrayed and forgotten by the western allies and then occupied by Russia, that's a fact.
3 May 2013
History / Poland's Roads in the 17th Century [19]

Commonwealth (a conglomerate of todays Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus) had several types of road.

Dirt roads - cross country roads, these were your typical dirt roads, maintained locally by the villages.
Beaten roads - gravel roads leading between larger towns, these were again maintained by towns.
Cobblestone roads - leading up to larger cities, maintained by them, Warsaw saw the cobblestone road some 30 miles out of the city, Kraków some 10 miles.

Roads were built by the state, local magnates and cities, the deeper country had no regular roads but rather paths along the intervillage lanes of transport, the real traffic was on the rivers.
3 May 2013
History / How different would WW2 turned out if Poland accepted Hitler's offer [215]

At the time of Hitler's offer, Poland faced 3 options

Poland was never offered an option of joining Germany so the basis of your entire thread is pointless.

would have joining Hitler been any worse?

Probably yes, Germans had specific plans concerning Poles, these plans included gassing some 20 milion people, germanising 2-3 milion more and resettling the rest to Syberia. The few milion survivors would be used as human cattle/slave labor. If Germany won the war there was nothing to guarantee it would honor any sort of agreement.

A German - Poland alliance would have taken over Russia

No it would not. Poland added 1.5 milion soldiers to the mix but their armament was subpar, Poles would make a difference in the sense that they would prolong the war by perhaps half a year, maybe a year but Russia would still conquer central and eastern Europe.

As usual I'll now ask you to go into detail as to what Britain could have done in September 1939 which it did not do.

Giving Poland a much more significant wartime credit would be a start. France which was much more exposed than Britain offered Poland a significant credit which resulted in among other things 100 extra tanks for Poland.

Its worth to note that both France and England were late to grant Poland any credit, that alone revealed their intentions to use Poland as a time-buying scapegoat. Abbeville simply confirmed that.