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18 Mar 2013
Law / Polish Citizenship for a foreigner whose parents was born in Poland [174]

It depend on case - usually only children older then 18 years require confirmation of Polish citizenship. Sometimes consulates require it if children is younger. It depend on consulate policy.

Furtermore this document is also require if child change name or was born as not legitimate child/adopted as well if exist discrepancies in names of child/parents etc.

Finally I always suggest apply for this document. This is official document.

28 Jan 2013
Law / Dual citizenship (Mother forced to renounce Polish one) [6]

It is not true:) Not each renouncement is/was legally valid.
Most of people who left Poland during 50 and 60 had to renounce Polish citizen.
It doesn't mean that they can not apply for confirmation citizenship now.
27 Jan 2013
Law / German/Polish Citizenship. Is my father German or Pole? [16]

Hi, you can apply for Polish citizenship. Fact that your father was born in Germany do not entitle you for German citizenship (assuming that his parents were not German citizen).

If you want more details let me know.
Best regards,
27 Jan 2013
Genealogy / Motyl - Tracing My Polish Roots for the 1st time [28]

Hi Peter,

Please contact with me on my privite email:
I let you know where you should look for documents as well I can help you in this matter in Poland.

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