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25 Jan 2013
Love / Polish men :( demand forgiveness [35]

Every man has a need to be appreciated maybe you didnt give him a interest which he damanded.
or maybe he is just an ass. i think that you can speak polish fluenty is just a excuse.
24 Jan 2013
Travel / Great places to ski in Poland [16]

Białka Tatrzanska is nice one.
and i think a Zakopane have a great atmosphere!
24 Jan 2013
Travel / Is it safe to travel to Poland? [194]

If you worry about traveling to Poland get a guide!

probably have nice ones.
but I've heard about it, but not much, so i don't know..
24 Jan 2013
Travel / Best places to visit in Poland [87]

If i were you i would go to Wroclaw or Gdansk or Gdynia! I think there are the best places.. Krakow is well know.. everyone travels here.
24 Jan 2013
Travel / Best Polish Travel Agents online? [4]

I recomend you a Neckermann it's well know agency in the world. and they have good services.

also i think ITAKAandRAINBOWTOURS are a good travel agencies.