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21 Nov 2012
Real Estate / Looking to purchase a house in Poland - Where / How to look. [10]

Many thanks for that - yes I was going to puchase it and put under the deed name of my Polish G/F - figured more logical, as I don't have a scoobies on local legislation/dos and don't. Am loathe to rent - so figured if am around for couple of years makes sense to buy.
21 Nov 2012
Real Estate / Looking to purchase a house in Poland - Where / How to look. [10]

Hello. Am hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction, I am looking to buy a detached property in Debno (Zachodniopomorskie) ... as I have some work commitments between Berlin and Szczecin, next couple of years ongoing.

Are there any particular property websites people can recommend, or any insight into how rural property sales would be really appreciated, I was driving through and didn't see any estate agents :(
26 Aug 2012
Life / Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world! [331]

Wizard .. I know you are probably suffering from gulf war syndrome .. but please .. put down the crack pipe and start taking your medication !

You offer nothing of any substance and really are just contributing further towards the trending belief and distaste for American ignorance.

You are an embarassment.
23 Aug 2012
UK, Ireland / English courses in London [26]

London is full of over priced scam schools ... drop me a line, to discuss what you are looking for.

Typically something with British Council accreditation is generally above board.
23 Aug 2012
Love / What differences is there among Polish girls and British girls as girlfriends? [102]

Well speaking as an Englishman - I have to say generally British girls are generally, loud, crass, overweight and well irritating .... there are a few exceptions. I have travelled both countries quite extensive. My thoughts in terms of attractiveness.

UK girls (18-30 years) - maybe 5% would consider when moderately drunk, when sober at best 1-2%
Polish girls (18-30 years) - maybe 20% would consider when moderately drunk, when sober at best 5-6%

Only thing I have noticed in Poland, out side of the cities women seem to put on weght very quickly with age.

As GFs - every individual is obviously different, but I would definately lean in favor of Polish girls as they are more staight forward and less prone to playing stupid games and are generally more committed, only slight downside, can be clingy.

Should probably point out here I am quite particular, shamefully superficial and have been somewhat spoiled in this department ;)