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10 Aug 2012
Love / Any Polish Muslim girls living in Poland? [103]

let's put an end to it.

All those "islamic" clothes that women wear have origins related to the time and place where the religion arose, so it was around 7th century in city Mekkah, which is now located in Saudi Arabia. The city was in a barren landscape full of sands and ignorant Arab people, their religion were worshiping idols. Women were treated like property of men. Their tradition was to bury the female infants, because men thaught that having a girl was a shame. (However, Mohamad always warned people to treat them equal with men)

The islamic resources other than Quran are great in number, but most of them are not trustworthy, but they have been used so frequent that many people now think that the words in them are originated from Quran. that is another point. many translations of quran takes the clothing advice as a mandatory thing for woman, but it was just for the sake of their security at that time. also, many examples of "Sunnah" (means 'habit' in arabic, in Islam, refers to the prophet's good habits that were not written in quran) and "Hadith" (speeches of the prophet) exist, many of them contradict with each other. we dont know which was a real one, which are just fiction sold to us, but people continue to believe all of them.

people have to understand that holy books almost never narrate things directly. you have to think (at least) twice before getting its real meaning. also, please don't forget that those books were written 1400 or 2000 (or more) years before, by the men who lived then, and primarily for the people of their times. all the prophets in history were sent to tribes which were having serious moral deficiency, and Arabs were just one of them. (I bet they still are, but it becomes off-the-topic)

they didn't have mini skirts that time, did they? we also didn't have it just a century ago. time changes, people change.

(i have to add that i am not a muslim. i am just tired of reading and hearing people telling bulls**t about the subject. sorry for the long post)
10 Aug 2012
Work / Average earnings and cost of living in Warsaw? [42]


well, i'm not currently living in Poland, but i have been there many times, last one was 2 weeks ago. I wonder where you are living (or telling about) before i start to think you are exaggerating a bit :)