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7 Apr 2015
Law / Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ? [79]

Unfortunately, I didn't get the visa, I also made an appeal but it was in vain. Though, I am most probably sure that the reason of my rejection was that I didn't have enough reasons to "fully convince" the interviewer that I will get back to my country of residence when the Schengen Tourist Visa is expired. Being married (and your spouse not travelling to Poland with you), having a well-paying job in your country of residence, etc. helps!

Furthermore, I only had $800 in my bank account; later I found out that having €8000-€10000 in the bank account is also another good reason to show that you'll be back and is actually necessary.

Good luck with your application.
P.S: Having an invitation is one of the things that increases your chances of getting the Tourist Visa.
20 Jan 2014
Law / I want to move to Poland, but is it still difficult to obtain a visa for non EU nationals? [8]

Are you sure? Here somebody asked such question:.

Definitely sure! If you have the STUDENT Polish National Visa it makes you eligible to visit any other Schengen country (only as a tourist, You're NOT allowed to work/study there). However I haven't got a single clue about the Work visa.

No embassy is going to grant you a visa to any EU country. Ever. Forget about it.

O tosh little boy! Bugger off todger! If you're not going to help then stop wasting the limited time of your valueless life.
16 Jan 2014
Law / I want to move to Poland, but is it still difficult to obtain a visa for non EU nationals? [8]

I do clearly understand why getting a Polish visa is so tough, Somebody once explained to me that the Schengen Area countries are taking it so hard on Poland to not to let almost anybody in the Schengen area so that can pretty much explain why the Polish visa is hard to get. Well I was wondering if Polish embassy still has a lot of rejections? I have been rejected by the embassy twice (for Tourist Visa) but I don't want to complain cause I didn't have much money in my bank account so that probably was the reason.

However it was about a year and a half ago. So I was wondering how's the visa procedure right now? I'm really amazed by Poland and I definitely want to spend some part of my life, I'm getting my Bachelor of Information Technology very soon and I want to apply for my Masters in Poland but I'm still so worried about the visa,

What things will help me to make a better case for the visa?
How about a CPE (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, The most advanced general English certificate) and/or CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and noticeable knowledge of Polish language? Will that help?

I hope I could have verbalized my problem pretty much well.
5 Jul 2013
Study / Studying "English Language & Literature" thoroughly in English language in Poland [4]

I am interested in studying in Poland (well I've always been interested since 4 years ago but the opportunity never happened) and I've chosen "English Language & Literature" as the field of my studies. Can anyone recommend me some universities in Poland which offer that field being taught completely in English ?
7 Aug 2012
Law / Consul asked me why I want to go to Poland. Would my student visa get refused? [13]

Merged: Studying in Poland (university in Rzeszów)! Visa Problems...

I would like to study in Poland, I am already accepted in a university in Rzeszów. And they have sent me a conditional offer letter and they're waiting for the tuition fee to be transferred to their bank account and then they will send me the official acceptance letter.

But I have been rejected once to get a Polish Schengen Tourist Visa (For a 7-day stay) and I am pretty worried that I might get rejected again. I know that this time I should apply for "Polish National Student Visa" and it is way different than Schengen Tourist Visa but still I am so worried about anything ...

If I get rejected then taking back the tuition fee (2700 euros) will be a mess, I will lose about 100 euros just because of the transferring fee and also 200 euros is the application fee which will not be paid back to me.

Does anyone has any experience to help me about this ?
5 Jun 2012
Law / Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ? [79]

I am sure I have done everything right but for the appeal letter as I see I should do everything more than right to be able to get a visa. But how can I solve these reasons of refusal ?

And nobody told me that should I tell them about my website or it will make them suspicious that I am going to live in Poland ?
4 Jun 2012
Law / Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ? [79]

I live in Armenia. Thanks for your help. But I am a student and they told me "You don't have to bring a Bank statement because you're an student but if you like to bring it then bring, as you want" so I took the bank statement also. I took with me all the documents that I could ... I don't know what else to take with me

in the refusal letter , the reasons of refusal are written ===>

okazało się że informacje złożone na potwierdzenie celów i warunków planowanego pobytu nie są wiarygodne
nie można było stwierdzić, czy faktycznie zamierza Pan/Pani powrócić do państwa pochodzenia przed terminem upływu ważności wizy

Is there anyone to help me ? It is so important for me ...
4 Jun 2012
Law / Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ? [79]

I am going to appeal against my Schengen visa refusal (Polish visa) , I love Poland and I even run a website about it , And Now I really want to visit it as a tourist and also do some photography for my website and also visit the country I like , but they refused my visa , Should I tell them about my love about Poland and about my photography and website ? I did not tell them because I did not want them to see I am so amazed about Poland then they would think I am going to stay there and never come back but I wanna come back before expiry of my visa . So in the appeal letter should I tell them about it ? (About the website and photography)

The reasons written in refusal letter :

1. There's no proof of your intension about leaving Poland and returning to the country of residence before the expiry of the visa
2. It turned out that the information submitted in support of the objectives and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable
3. And also the person who gave me the passport back told me that also the embassy was not convinced what you are going to do in Poland , where you are going to stay, How your stay will be in Poland

For #1 : I showed them a letter from my university that I am studying in my country and I have 4 more years to finish my studies. I also showed them the COMPLETELY PAID flight ticket !! (Departure and RETURN) 100% paid ... I showed them Bank account flow that I have money in bank for the trip and I showed the HOTEL RESERVATION + the hotel sent me an invitation letter which they had written in it that I have paid 50% of the hotel money.

But I don't know why they think the documents are not reliable !!!!! All my documents were correct with stamp and sign...

Also they asked me , do you have any friends in Poland ? I said NO!
I have friends in Poland but I have NEVER met them in REAL , so that is why I said no. Because If I say yes they might want a photo but my friends in photo are my long time Internet penpals , I have never met them , But seems like it was better If I said yes ?

What should I do now ? Make appeal letter and attach the passport of one my friends to this appeal letter ? Will that be good ? And also tell my friends to type a letter to the embassy ?

They asked me what you are going to do in Poland , I said I am going as a Tourist to visit Pomeranian Castles in Poland , and they asked me : How do you know about Pomeranian Castles ? I said from Internet. And that's all the truth.

I just lied once that I said I have no one in Poland , but I don't think it is a lie , I just said NO because I have NEVER met those people I have in Poland in REAL! That is why I said no ....

How can I make an appeal letter ? What should I exactly do to get the visa ? I should go to Poland ... I have reserved the Hotel , paid for it , paid for ticket , paid for insurance ...

Based on those 3 reasons of refusal , What should I do ? What documents should I attach ?

And once again should I tell them about my Website ?

And by the way I have NO TIME to tell my friend to make an OFFICIAL invitation , (Because this invitation will take about 12 days to be made and I have only 6 days til making an appeal) So is it effective that my friend make a non-official invitation and write in it we know each other over internet and he will show me the city and will guarantee my departure from Poland ? and also attach his passport to that letter ? How will it be ?