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25 May 2012
Polonia / Polish people in Kuwait [5]

I know some Polish people, but unfortunately they are in Qatar and U.A.E...
24 May 2012
Life / Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world! [331]

Ok, this is not true. I was in Poland one week ago and this was the first visit I did since 1997. The country has changed alot thanks to EU, but peoples mentality is exactly the same. My point is that Polish people are helpful, very helpful in all areas. You just need to ask them, and they will assist you in all matters. Polish people are laid back and proud of their country, and mostly if they want something they will work hard for it.Tell me a nationality that is not ignorant. Try speaking English with French people and you will see. Scandinavians have their own way of ignorance. I lived all over the world and some barriers that might be able to improve the ignorance are... 1. You learn the language (in this case Polish) 2. Take the custom & tradition of the country you are visiting or living in.

Koko spoko.... :)