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23 Dec 2012
Life / Any good Polish movies that are not drama/ war ?? [21]

I find that a lot of Polish movies are drama/ war/ religion oriented... go figure eh?

I'm in the mood to watch a good Polish movie mostly for to improve my language skills, but I am interested in a comedy/ thriller type. Also I'd prefer if the movie was relatively new and not from the 90s or even before that, maybe post 2000s or even post 2005. Animated films are also ok, as long as they are good, eg. Toy Story was pretty decent.

Thanks for the suggestions.
23 Jul 2012
UK, Ireland / Websites for Poles to benefit from Britain! [210]

if your concerned about parasites I would focus my attention to the blacks and muslims in ur country who don;'t work for ****, just leech out of the social services.
8 Jun 2012
Life / Best Polish production TV show [12]

I am looking to download some Polish tv shows to improve my fluency, just wanting to know what the best series are that are somewhat new, no older than 2002 ish. In america I like shows like

breaking bad
big bang theory etc

thanks for your suggestions,.
4 May 2012
Life / What Are Top Television Shows to Watch in Poland? [20]

Merged: What are some popular Polish TV Shows?

I live in Canada and I want to download some popular tv shows to watch, just wanted a suggestion to see what the best one is. In America my favourite shows include

breaking bad
the office
big gang theory

Mainly I want to download the shows to improve my fluency in Polish, I just don't want to be stuck watching crap while I do it.

thanks for the suggestions.