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2 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Dodgefan? Is that not an indisputable argument? Is that not the absolutely safest way to ensure none of us ever have any medical problems or illnesses or anything unpleasant as a result of contact with such a thing? Given that your argument for circumcision is that the foreskin causes problems, would not so many more problems be solved by total removal of the entire item??

Hello Natasia,
You're kidding again, right??? This is a canard that doesn't even pass the laugh test. Let's just run down this little trail of fallacious logic, shall we?? Following your logic, if there is one tiny speck of a cavity, then just remove the whole tooth, and if we follow that same logic, if anyone has mastitis or any other issue of the breast, then just cut the entire thing off.

Aside from the fact that cutting off the entire penis would not only eliminate all pleasure to the penis in sex, it would also totally prohibit procreation. The issue here is not the entire penis, and or the testicles. It's not even the issue that many millions of men have no issues of Phimosis or Balanitis, or Urinary tract infections, etc.

You don't really think or believe that cutting off the foot is the logical solution for people with ingrown toenails, plantars warts, or feet rashes. Your argument is disingenuous and dishonest.

The one thing we do agree on is that there are lots of cultural issues that play a part as well. I don't expect that you will change your mind, or that most Poles will change your mind, because it is part of Catholic dogma and tradition, and more than just simply looking at the research.

There's more 'give' when erect, with a foreskin, without which the shaft skin will be taut and motionless like a plastic dildo. Though I'm sure the extra friction may be welcome if you have a small girth.

Witam, Modafinil, Your statement is bogus and a canard, -- wrapped in an ad hominum. First of all, just for everyone keeping score at home, being circumcised or not has nothing whatsoever to do with girth size, but you knew that already, right?? wink wink. So your attempt to suggest circumcised people have smaller penises is juvenile.

Secondly, you can talk about a foreskin, but your statement "There's more 'give' when erect, with a foreskin, without which the shaft skin will be taut and motionless like a plastic dildo" , is vulgar and medically incorrect.

Using profanity and fables or intentionally false statements, all make your arguments weak. Masters and Johnson are the world's leaders in sexual related research and they state that there is no decrease in sexual pleasure and many men who were circumcised as adults report increased sexual pleasure.

What's more, I know it's totally random, but the ad here, for Terrasil is for guys who are uncircumcised and have Balanitis.
Modanifil, this product is 100% guaranteed to stop painful swelling and infection. Circumcised guys don't ever use or need this product. Take care.
1 May 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Do you really think that a healthy foreskin needs removing like a rotten tooth ... blimey. I am sticking with the Polish guys here. In their entirety!

Hello Again, Natasia. No, I never said or implied that foreskins are anything like teeth, healthy or rotten. Maybe you should actually read the full post again. If all the foreskins were all so healthy as you imagine, there would not be Phimosis, or Penile cancer, and there would be tens of thousands fewer cases of balanitis, Urinary tract infections, and cervical cancer.

Furthermore, there would n't be any need for ads for Terrasil to prevent painful inflamation and infection of Balanitis on a Polish site, now would there.

Even if we all get balanitis and die ... we're all going to anyhow, however many preventative medical procedures we have ...

Have as nice a day as one can have, given our mortal circumstances ...

I realize that you are likely being sarcastic here as well, but if you had a son or a nephew or a brother, who had urinary tract infections, you would be saying something different -- Iike the thousands of men each year who willingly get circumcised as adults, and then they realize that the sky didn't fall and all the horror stories they heard were all lies, and the vast majority are pleased with the results, and wonder why they didn't do it much sooner -- like our friend Pawian.

If you had any female friends who suffered from cervical cancer and you knew there were things that could have decreased the chances significantly for a friend of loved one, you would be saying "Do Widzenia" and dropping your Polish friends and their superstitions like a bad habit.

To pretend that you wouldn't have a small common procedure done if it meant you could have better health, or prevent multiple different diseases and symptoms, is disengenuous.

Another example is tubes in a child's ear's . Are there risks?? certainly. Are there documented health and medical benefits ?? Certainly, and after our child had multiple ear infections, the Doctor advised this and the benefits and low risk of complications far outweighed the risk of permanent hearing loss, and now our son is in Music school.

As to my ethnicity?? Not that it makes any difference in this thread -- I am very mixed -- Scots-French-Irish-American. I am not so defensive about my culture. Take care.
30 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Dzien Dobry, Jon,

The most ironic and hilarious thing of all is the ad which "randomly" appears in your post # 300. LOL> A medication to reduce the infection and swelling of Balanitis. --- A painful condition that only uncircumcised men get.

Balanitis Treatment
Terrasil® Stops Inflammation & Infection Fast. 100% Guaranteed.

How funny is that, Jon --- It stops swelling, and Infection fast. Also, it's 100 % guaranteed. Bizarre, when you talk about how those who promote circumcision as compensating for being mutilated.

Circumcised men don't ever get Balanitis, Jon -- or Phimosis, either, and they also don't ever get penile cancer either, as this is connected with the bacteria that grows under the foreskin.

Who is buying all the Terrasil, Jon?? Care to tell us?? It's not a top seller in Israel or USA or South Korea, or the Philippines.

I know the ads are random, but ironic that it shows up on the post of the one who is talking about how barbaric the practice is, and how clean the hospitals are in Africa.

Dodgefan07: no one is trying to force this ... down anyone's throat

I should hope not, especially given the health risks ...

This is really like saying -- we don't fasten our seat belts -- especially given the safety / health risks -- there have been a dozen documented cases in the last ten years where people were hurt and even killed because of the seat-belts.

Of course there are risks for any medical procedure -- root canals or getting your wisdom teeth pulled. More people have complications from root canals than have major complications from circumcision. Most of the so-called complications are minor bleeding.

The point is that the health benefits throughout life, far out weigh the risks. Just think about it Natasia, ... just look at the random ad from Jon's post # 300.

This is one of the many health and hygiene issues that circumcision prevents -- Balanitis -- Painful swelling, inflamation and infection.
Natasia, Circumcised guys DO NOT get Balanitis, or Phimosis, or Penile cancer, -- Who do you think are the ones buying Terrasil?? Think for a minute about why it is even on this site ...

Have a nice day.
29 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Hello Natasia, No one is trying to convince you that Poland is backwards just because of this, and no one is trying to force this idea down anyone's throat. The irony of your post is staggering. We're having a robust and cordial dialogue about the health and medical benefits of circumcision and the many advantages of it, compared to the small number of complications.

You want to make it only for those above 18, with the signature of two (impartial) doctors. LOL. Look who's forcing their views on others, and would those doctors be Catholic Polish by chance??? It's not the end, Natasia, --- you can't prove your side with facts and research -- that's fine. You don't want to engage in the discussion -- that's fine as well. No one is twisting your arm. Have a nice day.

Get over it. Poles are not interested in your snipped foreskin. Please do not try to force this idea down our throats. I am sure there are many other subjects that you are good at, and which will be listen to with pleasure by most of us. But not this one... Boring ...

Witam Boletus -- No one is forcing any views on everyone else. The discussion is interesting on several levels -- medical, cultural, social, religious, hygiene, and other aspects. No one's trolling. The crux of the issue is on the many medical benefits of neo-natal circumcision at all stages of life,from infancy with 10 x lower rates of Urinary tract infections, all the way to adulthood, with lower rates of HIV, NO Phimosis, NO Balanitis, and No penile cancer in elderly life.

When you and a few others refuse to accept the clinical, medical and scientific research and case studies involving tens of thousands of men, they resort to personal attacks and laughable points that make them look not credible and childish --

partly cultural imperialism and partly some individuals working off their own inadequacies about being mutilated.

There are also some allegations that it is a barbaric Jewish and or Muslim religious practice -- which unfortunately also reinforces stereotypes about the racism and anti-semitism in Poland.

The Journal of American Medical Association, and the Center for Disease Control, and MAYO clinic report documented benefits including lower rates of cervical cancer of the female partners of circumcised men, lower rates of HIV and STDs and ten times lower rates of Urinary tract infections.

At the end of the day, you can believe what you want -- but you can't explain the significantly lower number of Urinary tract infections and HIV of circumcised men, and then the fact that the countries with the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world are the exact same countries which routinely practice circumcision. It's not because they don't eat flaki or kaszanka. It is directly related to circumcision.
28 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Dodgefan07: those third-world countries like Canada, USA, Israel, South Korea and Philippines??

Yup, savages the lot of them

Dzien Dobry, Peter,

You have the right to believe anything you like, Peter.
You can believe that it makes bad luck to shake hands over a threshold or that Jews caused the Black plagues in Europe, or that Canada, and USA, and South Korea are savages, LOL. The problem with that, and your position about circumcision, is that you are up against decades of medical history, and mountains of research done in countries around the world.

They're not all Muslim countries or muslim doctors, or muslim websites, Peter.
You can dispute or ignore, dozens and dozens of medical sources or pretend that they all are Jewish or promoting Islam, but the fact of the matter is they aren't.

At the end of the day, you still can't explain why circumcised men have no phimosis, lower rates of HIV, no penile cancer, 10 times fewer Urinary tract infections, and the rates of cervical cancer are lower among the among in places where circumcision is routinely practiced.

You also can't explain why thousands and thousands of adult men are willingly circumcised, and that the vast majority are happy with the result. According to Masters and Johnson, one of the world's leading teams of sex research, there is no difference in sexual pleasure or sensitivity during intercourse among those circumcised vs uncircumcised.
27 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Dodgefan07: those third-world countries like Canada, USA, Israel, South Korea and Philippines??

Yup, savages the lot of them

Dzien Dobry Peter,
Your post doesn't even pass the laugh test. USA, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Savages??? You might be joking, but it makes you look like a racist wieśniak.

If you look on the bottom of your computer, it was probably made in Korea, or mostly Korean parts.

When the black plagues swept through Europe in the middle ages and millions of people died, it bypassed the Jewish colonies and some Poles and other nationalities blamed the Jews. They were practicing hygiene. The practice of circumcision was also instructed and today the mountains of scientific and medical research confirm it --

The lady from your village called and she wants the straw back she loaned to you for your shoes.

Keep it civil, please.
27 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Actually most of the countries where circumcision is routinely or mostly practiced are not Jewish at all -- Canada =about 50%,

your words are not accurate. Perhaps 50% of Canadians are still doing this but of these 50% how many are Jewish or Muslim? I can tell you that the non Jewish and Muslim population is discontinuing the procedure

Hello Pip,
You're kidding right?? You really think South Korea is mostly Jewish or Muslim?? LOL. And Philippines. Laugh again.
USA has approximately 300,000,000 people. You really think most of them are Jewish or Muslim?? LOL. And then there's Canada, -- you have 5 friends there. According to the Canadian census site, 43 % of the total population are Catholic, and 29% are Protestant which makes up a total of 72%.

Besides these, there are multiple countries in Africa which are Christian, where the practice is rapidly growing, due directly to all the case studies of tens of thousands of men in Africa, showing significantly lower rates of HIV among those who were circumcised before puberty.
26 Apr 2012
Life / Recommended ISPs (moving to Gdańsk) [12]

Hi. I'm moving to Gdańsk in a couple of weeks and my first priority will be to get an Internet connection. Are there any ISPs that are particularly good (or bad)? I think the most important factors are connection speed and customer service, especially how quickly the service can be set up.

Hello Ziutek,

I would say which ever firm you choose, try to get one that doesn't require a contract -- the customer service is much better, as they are motivated to actually give you service and fix any problems when they come up. I highly recommend Elpro/ Nitka, but i think it may be just in this region. Great service, they use a radio signal and everything was hooked up in two days. No contract.

The worst of all -- is Neostrada -- the only thing worse than the cruddy connection which goes off and on, for hours or even days at a time, is the non-customer service. It is what nightmares of post-communist Polish red tape are made of. I have honestly seen better service in Russia.

Also, be sure to check if they have synchronous upload and download speed. _ A lot of companies that boast about fast speed only talk about the one speed -- upload, but downloading is much slower.

I was stuck with them for two years and couldn't get out-- like being stuck in a bad relationship with a psychotic stalker.

Best of luck -- Take care.
26 Apr 2012
Life / Scars of Communism on Polish culture. [55]

Some clarification: The opening thread was way too long. I am mixed ethnicity, and the majority is Scots Irish, but small bits of French and Welsch. I was in Ukraine when communism collapsed, and then lived in Russia just after the fall of communism, so i have personally experienced it.

I am living and working in Poland because we sold our house and cars and gave up my own business to come here, leaving family and friends.

We are assimilated in the culture, and most of our friends are Polish Catholics, and we intentionally interact with people from other countries as well.

We have studied the language, and still continue to do so, and our child is in the public Polish school. Many Polish people are suprised that we actually study Polish and speak it.

We love many things about the people, country and culture, and despite saying some of the things I admire, appreciate and respect, some have misunderstood, berated and attacked me.

I hoped for some dialogue from Poles and other foreigners, regarding some of the effects of communism on the culture, and particularly why Poles don't seem willing or able to brainstorm to solve problems, like all the litter and dog poop in the city, or the endless red tape to register a car.

I never said or implied that Australia, or USA or Canada or any other country is without fault, and would probably agree about many "faults", starting with the government.

To any and all who feel I came to troll--- you are wrong. I apologize it didn't come across the way i intended. :-(

I thought simply talking about Things That Annoy You in Poland, [another thread] would be pointless and just complaining without any thoughts or solutions.

Witam, Bieganski,

I agree with you about McCarthy. My thread was too long, and not worded the way i intended. You seem to be really lumping everyone together who has some Scots-Irish ethnicity, and you seem to be really over-reacting and attacking. I never implied any country is perfect or without it's own faults.

Sorry I didn't articulate more clearly, friend -- I don't place the blame or fault on the Polish people -- but on the effects of communism. I can't even fathom that so many people actually even defend it. -- Just check out the other thread above -- What Was Better in Poland Under Communism? and see how many people post things.

As for my other posts -- most of those are on language, grammar, or cultural/ linguistic topics and one thread on circumcision. If you don't agree with those posts, that's fine, but it's a bit disingenuous to attack me here for posts on other threads.

Milego Dnia,

Trzymaj sie.
24 Apr 2012
Life / Scars of Communism on Polish culture. [55]

I am a Scots Irish American, living and working in Poland who loves the country and loves the people, and loves politcs and cultural issues, and the ways they shape and affect each other.

I am amazed at the incredible spirit of the Polish people who have survived centuries of occupation and oppression. I am forever saddened by the ways Communism has permanently damaged and scarred the culture and the people.

It shows up in jokes and anecdotes by Polish people about themselves. It shows up in business and corporate culture, and it shows up in every level of society.

First and foremost, it has destroyed the ability to think out-of-the box to solve challenges. Creative thinking was a threat and punished -- it questioned the system and fostered uprising.

While many Polish people see horrific problems in government and society -- they aren't able to brainstorm together to combine their ideas to solve even the simplest challenges. Brainstorming isn't understood or practiced effectively here.

More Polish people live outside of Poland than inside Poland. Instead of collectively speaking out against corruption or red tape, they remain quiet or leave Poland.

Communism created forever in the Polish culture and people a culture of distrust and suspicion, -- particularly of foreigners, and foreign ideas.
Communism was a system of control and Poland has many of these ludicrous mechanisms of control that are widespread across the country.

In many government and public buildings across Poland, they ration toilet paper, because someone might take more than their fair share. It costs more to pay the lady to sit all day and cut strips of toilet paper, than it would to just put a roll in each stall. Mechanism of control-- suspicion and distrust.

In schools, stores, malls, clubs, churches, and private businesses across the country -- they close and lock most of the doors, but one or maybe two. Even the giant Supermarkets-- They have 45 cashiers, and two ways to get in the store, at the far ends.

Capitalism says lets open up the doors and make lots of easy ways to get in- to buy our goods. When you try to go into the store through one of the forbidden lanes -- they go nuts. You must be trying to steal something -- into the store.

Public stores, libraries, and concert venues, even restaurants all over Poland, in 2012, which still have forced coat checks. Suspicion and distrust -- What maybe someone will steal some bread or fries or salt in their coats and take it out, or maybe someone going to the Symphony will steal a base violin.

There are four or six cashiers at KFC and in other fast food places, and people still get in one communist line. What's up with that.?? If someone takes a risk and gets in that line, then there is a chance Jacek could be served before Agata. That would be capitalist.

If Gary or Bill in US gets a brand new SUV or a nice new van, or boat, then Ken says "What a nice boat, Gary." and he works harder and saves his money and gets a boat too. If Przemek gets a nice new car or SUV, Pawel and Monica and his neighbors all wish it would catch on fire.

Why is this, and what are some solutions??
Why don't Polish people speak out against these attacks on your culture and refuse mandatory coat checks and a single line, or two entrances into a supermarket with 40 cashiers??

I really want your honest thoughts. :-) Miłego Dnia, Serdecznie Pozdrawiam.
24 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

peterweg: Yup, its basically a third world practice. HIV and witchcraft are also common in Africa.

Witam, Peter and Jon !
Yeah, you mean those third-world countries like Canada, USA, Israel, South Korea and Philippines?? You mean those same exact countries that have virtually NO Phimosis, ten times lower rates of Urinary tract infections than European countries where circumcision is not practiced, and much lower rates of cervical cancer and HIV??? You mean those countries, Peter?? wink wink.

Pretty well. The sad thing is that people in villages in some parts of Africa are told it prevents them getting HIV.

Hey Jon, Maybe you are misinformed, or maybe you are intentionally being dishonest?? I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Actually, being circumcised is not a guaranteed prevention against HIV or AIDS, and that's not what they are told.
First of all, multiple case studies involving different countries and tens of thousands of men -- gay and straight, uncircumcised and those circumcised as adults and those circumcised before puberty. The ones in all the countries, who were circumcised as children, had significantly lower rates of AIDs and HIV.

Second, the people were told in the tribes and villages that having sex with a virgin girl would cure them of AIDS, and this is precisely the reason that so many young girls are being raped and infected-- and the disease is spreading in some places at epidemic proportions.

One of the main reasons it is not practiced in Poland is due to the long history of anti-semitism perpetuated by Catholics. Catholics actually banned the practice, even though Peter was circumcised, Mary and Joseph had Jesus circumcised, as were all the disciples and nearly all the early church saints. Americans, and South Koreans, and Philippinos and tens of thousands in different countries in Africa haved looked at all the mountains of research and realize all the benefits.

The Center for Disease Control confirm this, and just one site,, lists more than 60 separate doctors, clinics, and case studies which prove the medical and hygiene benefits.

Actually most of the countries where circumcision is routinely or mostly practiced are not Jewish at all -- Canada =about 50%, USA, Philippines, and South Korea and many Christian, non-Catholic countries in Africa.

I live in Poland, and love the country and the people. Many are very hospitable and intelligent and the literacy rate is higher than the USA. :-)

Poland has the second oldest constitution in the world, and the second oldest University in the world. Thanks to Polish mathemeticians, the allied forces cracked the enigma and defeated the Germans.:-) Sadly, communism has permanently scarred the culture of Poland, and there was a lot of anti-semitism.

If someone from the desert think of a better, faster way to shovel snow, Americans gladly use it, make it better and market the idea. If someone shows Poles a better, faster way to do something, they get defensive and trash the idea, because someone else thought of it. They won't admit all the research shows the benefits, because in their minds, it's still connected with Jews.
24 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Here's a 'tip': Don't open with bullspit or expect anything else you have to say to be questioned.

What??? Bullspit?? I was making the point that she has the right to believe any fantasy she wants?? Did you even read her post, or are you defending that racist notion as well??

She made the absurd statement that there is only one reason for circumcision, which doesn't even pass the laugh test. Then the reason she gave was absolutely ludicrous- which of course she can't back up.

Also, modafini,
Just because one group doesn't recommend routine circumcision, doesn't negate all of the medical and scientific research that shows the benefits. It's like this -- just because the hospital doesn't sell krill oil doesn't mean it's not healthy. wink wink.

You can argue against circumcision all you want and say it's barbaric -- but you are arguing against scores of sources -- doctors and clinics around the world, and multiple case studies in different countries with tens of thousands of men, and the results are well-documented. It really goes back to the anti-semitic Catholic dogma, which so many Poles blindly follow, and which they try to deny, but the history of anti-semitism perpetuated by the Catholic church is dark, long and also well-documented.

Just this one site alone, by Dr Morris, proves the many benefits, and has over 60 scientific and medical doctors, clinics, studies, and various sources confirming the research.

You want to give a reason why the countries with the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world are the exact same countries that routinely practice circumcision, and to the surprise of our lovely British friends, the countries which don't practice circumcision at all, like Poland and Ireland, and UK have higher rates of Cervical cancer. HHhhhmmmm.
24 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Terri, you certainly have the right to believe Darwin's notion that Asians evolved from Oranguatans and Blacks from Gorillas, or any other myth you want, but you don't / [can't provide] any credible scientific evidence or sources to support your position. LOL. One reason only for circumcision?? REally??

Some do it purely for religious reasons -- Muslims for example.
Some do it for cultural reasons -- circumcision is routinely practiced in many places -- the majority of which are non-Jewish. USA, Philippines, South Korea, and many countries in Africa, and half of Canada.

Some do it so that their boys will look like daddy and not be teased for being odd.
Many do it for medical necessity, --- Urinary tract infections, and or phimosis.
And many do it for hygiene and cleanliness reasons.

Multiple studies and case studies in multiple countries with tens of thousands of men show the medical and hygiene benefits, and that men who were circumcised before puberty have significantly lower rates of HIV and other STD's.

Also, thousands of men around the world get this done as adults and there is no decrease in sexual pleasure or sensitivity at all.

Sex not meant for pleasure??? What, Terri?? REally?? Maybe you are thinking of Islam, but the same God who made sex and the clitoris for pleasure also instructed Jews to practice circumcision.

Center for Disease control,
Journal of American Medical Association,
and WebMD all cite multiple health and medical benefits from circumcision.

Terri, the countries with the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world, are also the same countries with the highest rates of routine infant circumcision -- and guess what?? England and Poland are not on the list. Israel, South Korea, Philippines, and USA. It's not because we don't eat Veggimite.
23 Apr 2012
Language / Some Ideas for a band name using the Polish language? [94]

Does Sen Centrum sound "miodopłynny" then...or just silly and cheesy?

Hello Teffle,

DEFINITELY Give up Centrum, dude.
Like it or not, it's a terrible choice -- it is the very widely-known household word for a dietary supplement for old people Centrum Silver. Your band will be stuck with tons of jokes forever about old people, and dementia, and no bladder control, or the DEPENDS, diapers for senior citizens.

If you want to totally kiss good bye any chance of your band making it, then just be sure to put CENTRUM in the title. You might as well use Viagra -- the big pill for erectile dysfunction.

Better would be a name that is a play on words, or a name that has linguistic interference in two languages --same word, same pronounciation, two totally different meanings. they get it only if they know something of both languages -- I like "Twardy Kamien" pronounced TVAR-dy KAHM-yen, and is the literal word for word translation for "Hard Rock",

Another very cool concept is taking a phrase in English like a name of a drink -- Long Island Tea, or High Ball, Bloody Mary, and then use a straight literal translation Wysokakula. Pronounced vee-soka-KOO-la In Polish the accent is always on the next to last syllable, so this way, you combined high and ball and created one word, which sounds exotic, and mysterious.

My total favorite is "Hardball" very edgy sounding concept in English--- as in we don't play soft, we play to win, with two straight literal Polish words combined, into one Twardakula. Tvar-da-KOO-la or Zwevilk. -- Totally Polish sounding and combines two literal words into one -- Badwolf. It sounds cool to people who don't know Polish, and as one word together, every one who knows polish will get it -- but the point is that it is not translated into English --- The band is Zwehvilk. Zweh-VILK. It's creative, edgy and brutally slavic. Great luck,
22 Apr 2012
Language / Too many English words in the Polish language! [709]

Michal, You are way too uptight -- If it makes you feel better, Polish /slavic words have come into English. Kiosk, Kielbasa, pierogi, rondo, Polka and Polock as well as scores of words from other languages and cultures.

English is the language of the world, Michal. Maybe you heard that in your village, maybe not. Besides, all languages change and evolve. Over the last 40 years, "whom" which is itself one of a few remnants of dative case left in English -- has almost become obsolete, and many educated people don't even know when to use whom and when to use who, properly.

I personally think it would be much better to take pride in other things, like not trashing your own country with litter and graffitti and picking up after your dogs -- just for starters.
16 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

Hello Peter,
First of all, I'm not Jewish -- I'm Scots-Irish-American. Religious fixations??? Circumcision is routinely practiced, in the USA, Philippines, South Korea, and many countries in Africa, which are mostly Christian -- or at least, not Jewish.

At least it is honest for you to say that you reject all the mountains of medical and scientific evidence for the benefits of circumcision.

You have to remember, Peter, when millions of people died in Europe in the Black plagues, and it bypassed the Jewish communities, many Poles and other nations blamed the Jews. They were following practices given to them by God.

When you attach anti-Semitic Catholic tradition to your post, it makes your whole post weak, Peter.

Maybe you have heard of the MAYO Clinic?? It is one of the most widely-respected, and highly-advanced clinics in the world, and they cite multiple health benefits of circumcision.

There is a reason, Peter, that the lowest rates of Cervical cancer in the world, are in the same countries where circumcision is routinely practiced -- South Korea, USA, Israel, and Philippines, and it's not because we don't eat Kaszanka, Peter. :-)
16 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

that mutilation is not necessary- there are no proven health risks. It is garbage.

Dzien Dobry, Pip, You have strong opinions about it, we can see, but don't let the mountains of medical research, scores of case studies in multiple countries involving thousands of men, and things like facts stand in your way.

I respect your right to believe shaking hands in the doorway brings bad luck, or that circumcision is mutilation, or any other fairy tales you want.

You have to remember,when millions of people in Europe died from the Black plagues and it bypassed all the Jewish communities, many Poles and other people blamed the Jews. They were following the practice given to them by God.

The facts are that the majority of countries where circumcision is routinely practiced are non-Jewish, and have the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world. South Korea, USA, Phillipines, and Israel has the lowest rate of cervical cancer of any country.

The CDC, Center for Disease Control, and the Journal of American Medical Association, and WebMD, and the MAYO clinic cite multiple health benefits of circumcision.

All the men the Catholic church claims as Early Saints were circumcised.

It sounds better to just say you don't believe all the medical research from around the world, than to say that there are no proven health risks, PIP. wink.

-- This site alone, by a Doctor, lists more than 40 separate sources, case studies involving thousands of men in multiple countries.
16 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]

It's barbaric like in a horror movie, a tradition brought in by the jews. A baby feels this mutilation. Mothers who allow this to be done to their children are either stupid, insensitive or don't love thier child. Besides, it looks ugly.

Hello Ursula, Interesting perspective, You should actually read more medical statistics before you post, and your racist comments make your whole point even weaker.
First of all, most places use local anesthesia, and the majority of countries today where circumcision is practiced are non-Jewish countries and also non-muslim. ;-)

Circumcision has been practiced for thousands of years by people in Egypt before Islam ever existed, by some North American Indian tribes and by many tribes in Africa.

"Mother's who allow this to be done to their children are either stupid, insensitive, or don't love their child." LOL. So what about Mary, the mother of Jesus?? Which one was it for her??

And what about Peter's mother, and all the other apostles the Catholic church claim as saints??
I don't know if your village has access to high speed internet or not, or if you can do a Google search?
The MAYO Clinic is one of the most widely-known and respected clinics in the world, and It is located in the USA. They cite multiple medical benefits of circumcision, including lower rates of cervical cancer for women in countries where circumcision is routinely practiced, and significantly lower rates of HIV among men who are circumcised.

I don't expect you have heard of the Journal of American Medical Association, or the CDC Center for Disease Control, just to name a few.

You have the right to believe that an circumcised penis is ugly -- and anything else you want, but your charge that mothers and fathers who allow this are stupid, or don't love their child, is baseless, and makes you sound like a Wiesniak. It is because they choose to look at the medical benefits and because we love our children, and we care about the future wives of the boys, that we do this.

There is a reason that the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world are the same countries where circumcision is routinely practiced, and it is not because we don't eat kaszanka.
14 Apr 2012
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [691]


Why is it that Poland seems like such a backwards country? It's disgusting that most Polish men are uncircumcised. Medical science has proven the health benefits of circumcision yet Poles refuse to practice it?

You seem to have a question and a statement. It depends on what country you are comparing Poland to, in order to say it is backwards, and it may be more backwards in some areas, and yet more advanced or progressive in others.

This really is a separate issue from the circumcision thing.
In many ways Poland is advanced -- they have the second oldest constitution in the world, after USA.
POland's literacy rate is 99 % -- higher than that of the USA.
Polish mathematicians cracked the enigma code that directly led to the defeat of Hitler and the Nazi regime and the Allied victory in WWII. :-)

On the other hand, they are backwards in some areas -- but this is directly due to communism, not the Polish people. Communism destroyed creative thinking and brainstorming, and created a culture of distrust and suspicion.

As for circumcision, this is directly due to the Catholicism and the long, dark history of anti-semitism. They say Peter was the first pope, and Peter was circumcised, as well Paul, and Jesus, and all the apostles -- whom they call saints. Catholicism banned circumcision, but to show the hypocrisy, they didn't ban ear piercing, or tongue piercing, or eyebrow piercing.

Countries where circumcision is routinely practiced also have the lowest rates of cervical cancer per capita in the world -- Israel, USA, and South Korea. It is much cleaner, and the MAYO clinic states that uncircumcised boys have ten times more urinary tract infections than circumcised boys do.

At least 85 % of American guys are circumcised, and the majority of those who are not are foreign.
Cervical cancer rates are lowest in the world, in countries like South Korea, Israel, and USA, where circumcision is routinely practiced -- plus we don't have issues with phimosis and not nearly as many Urinary tract infections.
14 Apr 2012
Language / It is not possible to translate names into English or Polish! [52]

Hello Bobik,

Give them some slack, :-) Part of the problem is that hundreds of names around the world have equivalents -- due to the fact that in many European Countries, and even in some middle eastern countries, many common names have Biblical roots. Marek =Mark, Jan =John, Piotr = Peter, Lukasz = Luke, Mateusz = Matthew, Marta = Martha, etc etc.

Another factor is that lots of surnames in English were originally names of the occupation, thus Cooper, Smith, Carpenter, Tanner, Baker, etc, etc, and likewise the son of a person = Johnson, Wilson, Anderson.

Also, it is very popular for Polish people with names like Marek, or Dariusz or Michaeł, to use the English Michael, or Mark, or Darek.

Just explain that many names don't have a meaning, and so you don't translate last names as a rule.

Then, there is the added complexity of letters and sounds in POlish that don't exist in English, so recorders at Ellis Island either wrote what the name sounded like, or would substitute an English letter that they thought was close, but actually had totally different sounds. £ in a first name like £ukasz clealy looks like L but as a lower case letter, ł easily gets confused or changed with english t.

Cudziło was transcribed incorrectly as Cudzillo, which sounds more like Spanish. The root of this was "Strange or foreign".

Just explain that some names translate and some don't. :-)