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5 May 2012
History / Are you proud of Polish colours? [27]

Yes I'm very proud of my national colours and even sometimes I dress on this way... but to say the truth usually my husband first notices it than me cos I don't do it on purpose... I love red and white colour and I do really think that they are one of the most beautiful ones, and look good together. As I am thinking about it now, I believe that it would be a very good idea for all emigrants like me who miss a lot their motherlands to wear sth white and red these days (1st-3rd of May).

I don't know if you know but the 2nd of May is the Day of Polish National Flag from 2004.
5 May 2012
Love / Polish women and foreign men [76]

I don't really believe there are any serious reasons why Polish woman would like a foreigner husband. Anyway even this alone "looking for husband" sounds strange a lot for me. You cannot find it like a product in the shop and the love doesn't really matter if the man is Polish, English... or Hungarian! It happens and thats all!

And one more thing to icecube... Polish women as any other in the word want to live well... everyone would like! And if a man doesn't want to work or study to care about the family's finances, it will be always the case of his individual character but not at all of this that he is Polish.
5 Nov 2012
Life / Halloween or Andrzejki - which is more popular in Poland? [14]

Widely celebrated is Andrzejki occasion, maybe thanks to school education. There are lots of home parties, discos as well. Haloween is becoming more and more popular with every year, but does not have so strong cultural base as Andrzejki. There are lots of pumpkin decoration in restaurants and the menu is suited to the occasion. You can meet with lots of dark Halloween parties at homes and in city pubs.
15 Dec 2012
Food / 'Wigilia', the traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland [77]

I have never heard about other number than 12 traditional dishes at the Christmas Eve in Poland, that's why I'm very surprised with your question.. I think that 12 is everywhere as the symbol of 12 apostoles, but at every home you can meet other 12 dishes. In one region as the main soup they used to serve mushroom soup in another beetroot soup with ears, as at one home you can meet with traditional carp but for example at my house (and many others) we have never had it, because noone likes it.

For sure a wafer cannot be counted as a dish.

Of course 12 dishes are many, and maybe it is too many for smaller families but we prepare very a little but from all what should be this day and "kompot z suszu" we count as one of dishes.

And I used to do "gołąbki" as Marysienka writes only with rise, mushrooms and spices! It just must be this day! :)
2 Feb 2013
Love / Polish Wedding...namely mine. What is the cost? [31]

It really depends on what you look for. If you want to organise it in some better restaurant it is near 150zl/person and more because it is Warsaw ;) (so maybe it is worth to look sth more romatic out of the capital), but it is 1 day wedding party. I don't know costs of longer ones. I just guess it is more popular in smaller towns or even country sides. Usually we count 0,5l of vodka per head but for example on our wedding 1/4part was used only. But better always to have more than not enough this day ;)

According to the conversation above: We had foreigners at our wedding and we got totally dissapointed with them. Of course young couple does
the wedding party to have it paid back and to have sth left for the beginning. Maybe older couples, don't mind about it so much, for them counts fun if they have the money, but young for sure do. As we did, but for our luck Polish "behaved" for what i will be gratefull till the end, thanks to them our start wasn't from the totally zero level. I am only sorry that my husband felt very bad cos of it because of his relatives.... he counted on them, wanted to be proud, wasn't! We got from all of them for organising places to sleep and so on only 5% of our wedding presents. This is one sad moment from our wedding for my husband, when he was counting, now we wouldn't do it this way again. So specially from that time when we go for the wedding, we guess how much is per person plus we add sth for just merried. If we cannot afford, we just don't go.
8 May 2013
Language / Wesołego Alleluja or Wesołych Świąt? [30]

If anyone dosn't like "Wesołego Alleluja!" as a very common way of greeting someone before and at the Easter time in Poland, I would like to add only that I have a family in podkarpackie voievodship and they used to say even more because sth like this at all Easter time: "Chrystus Zmartwychwstał" to what people answer: "Prawdziwie zmartwychwstał", sometimes even they add more but I don't really know all of it....
8 May 2013
Language / Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language [129]

I would also recommend "Hurra po polsku" seria as very first books to start learning Polish, but I'm afraid you need then some help of a teacher to it as opinions of my students are, but it is really worthto try with these books! :)
8 May 2013
Language / Wesołego Alleluja or Wesołych Świąt? [30]

Probably you mean: "Wesołych jajek, jajeczek, baranków, pisanek, zajączków..." and all the rest Easter symbols from little poems which are sometimes sent as wishes before the Easter.